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Juin 2019
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For women who love beauty, every part of their body needs to be beautiful. Leg is an important part of a woman's body. It is every woman's dream to have slender and graceful legs. But the fact is that many women's legs are very thick, which makes the whole person look very ugly. So what pants do people with thick legs wear to look slimmer?

1. Wide-leg pants

To say that girls with thick legs wear what pants look good and show thin, the first push must be a wide leg pants, wide legs easily hide no matter how thick legs.

But for a super chic look, wide-leg pants should not be wide at the waist to contrast with the bottom and avoid widening out across the road. Or opt for nines, sevens and eights that show off slender ankles for a slimming effect.

Modern school uniform pants small thick legs wear up is not bad, pants lines and coat color echo to bring visual extension effect, more show high.

2. Bell bottoms

This year's popular bell bottoms are also very suitable for girls with thick legs, especially the girls with thick legs, and the legs of the trousers are easily covered.

Styles that show the ankle at a seven, eight or nine point point will make the legs slimmer.

Enough gas field can also come to a star favorite ultra long bell bottoms, stuffed with a pair of high-heeled shoes, the most beautiful is you.

However, if you go out on the street, stick with a pair of minimalist jeans with a narrow cropped leg. They look beautiful and stylish with small chunky legs.

Whether worn with a sweater, a shirt or a coat, skinny jeans can easily hide chunky legs. Black jeans work best, and are popular with chunky bloggers anyway.

3. Taper pants

Taper pants are also very suitable for girls with thick legs, especially those with thick thighs. In contrast to slacks, tapered or radish slacks are looser at the thighs and tighter at the calves. If you just have a thin calf, you can also show a good calf, giving a person the overall feeling is very thin.

Is still nine points show the ankle of the design the most tall thin.

The same color as the top makes it look taller, and for women with thick legs, a well-fitting pair of pants will keep you comfortable without looking fat.

Dark pantsuits, in particular, are more likely to hide imperfections than tight-fitting ones.

4. Tight pants

In addition to the loosest wide-leg pants, trendy slabs and fitted tapered pants, girls with thick legs are fine with tight pants if they want to. Black is the first choice, followed by dark blue, blue and other lighter colors.

When wearing leggings, you can choose a style with a bit of a hole for more air, but be careful not to pull out any flesh. Also can choose collocation in long money coat, cover the meat of thigh two sides, also have the effect that shows thin.

Match with shoes of the same color for longer legs.

Slits at the bottom of your trousers are stylish and distracting, making your chunky legs look obvious.

You can also use a mid-length top to cover your butt.

5, leather pants

How can autumn and winter get less leather pants, of course, this does not refer to the leather pants of Wang Feng, but a matte minimalist pants, is to make the thin more thin, fat is thin single product.

Matte leather pants shrink the eye and pair with a light-colored top to distract you, perfect if you happen to have a skinny top.

Wear sweaters and coats in winter.Read more at: |


It doesn't matter whether the speaker didn't intend it or the listener intended it. It doesn't matter if you are a modern Cangyang Jiatso. "You are drunk or not, thin and high picky are all there, neither increasing nor decreasing; You love, or not, the dress is still flowing, never stop."

01 no matter it is eye-catching, or stand in the point of view of science, red of summer is the best choice, although summer does not need to let eyeball feel too hot, but in the heart is to be satisfied with, and deep V is not only about sexy temptation, as long as there is drill in, that is the enchanting god class legend at all.

02 look at this pure color, wide sleeve low chest, it is certain and certain that this is an absolute holiday travel box money, just imagine a holiday early morning, in the moment of opening the window, as if to feel the refreshing with the sea breeze, close your eyes quietly enjoy the carefree barefoot, with the long legs half naked charm and lazy.

03 about how the romantic connotation of poetry rendering, which one do you like, is the profusion of heavy ink and heavy color gorgeous, or ink rendering elegant shade, although all so extreme eye-catching, but intellectual introverted or low-key light luxury more focused on the original ecological connotation outline, cleansing the deep heart of the lake and mountains.

04 invested to love once, won the call without regret, lost but youth, praise, young really good, full of frank taste, T-shirt cowboy called fashion, Taogongliulu can also be firmly called personality, deep V collar provoking emotion, but it is because of the red and green freehand pure and true.

05 quality source, because of what grade and the end, fashion can not give the conclusion, silk or can relieve the urgent, because light and escape, not only from the wind, swaying since the flower, because soft and tough, scarce and especially rare, perfect like a dream, has no beyond the limit.

06 see the print echo of shoulder neck and skirt foot, can't help can cause unique only beautiful tactile feeling, resemble the integral effect of a kind of style, in narrate some kind of amorous feelings, colour and brushwork are best so much, much one minute is too thick, little one minute can show a little more than enough.

07 personality how many can be placed at the top of the novel, in another way of saying is widely divergent with popular fashion, just like the tassel waves here, extremely Bohemian fashion, splicing black vest and print long skirt, cool and handsome besides add mysterious color, spatiotemporal displacement is wearing exotic romance.

08 exquisite is to be able to let a person emotional in casual, looking for flowers and leaves plate wrong, did not find the classic trace of paisley pattern, can be far from the near view is to make you feel that it has been in, creative let the connotation of colorful, such as mythology generally declare the root of romance.Read more at:navy blue formal dress | long evening dresses australia


For every bride, on the wedding day can wear a beautiful wedding dress, into the hall of marriage is a wonderful thing, the choice of wedding dress, you can choose the right wedding dress according to their own figure. Next for you to introduce the fish tail wedding dress for what shape and fish tail wedding dress for how many jins of people wear.

Fish tail wedding dress for what shape

1, the fishtail wedding dress is more suitable for waist thin, slim brides, because the fishtail wedding dress is waist.

2, wear fishtail wedding buttocks can not be too plump, too plump will not highlight the curvaceous body.

3, the body is high, slim bride suitable for fishtail wedding dress, so that more can show the temperament of the bride.

Fish tail wedding dress suits the person of how many jins to wear

1, the best figure is tall and thin

Fish tail wedding dress is used to fit the curve of the human body cutting, after putting on the overall effect is very good, so more suitable for tall slim bride, if petite easy to drown in such a shape.

2, the body should not be too plump

Fish tail wedding dress on the body requirements are relatively high, if you want to wear a perfect S shape figure, for the full figure of the bride is more difficult, in addition to the figure, hair collocation is also very important, fish tail wedding dress is suitable for matching hair slightly longer bride.

3, in fact, as long as there is no lower belly to wear the fishtail wedding dress is beautiful, this kind of wedding dress can be very good to repair the role, give a person a charming, noble feeling, put on will have unimaginable effect.Read more at:long evening dresses australia |


Flared trousers are timeless clothes that have found their adherents in every era. In particular, the white bell-bottom pants are the favorite of many hipsters. Put on the white bell bottoms the whole person's figure will turn tall, and the whole person's temperament will appear to mention other clean. But white bell-bottoms are best worn with the right top. So what kind of top should you wear with white bell-bottom pants?

1, white bell bottoms + leather clothes

This year qiu dong is most popular long money leather garment, the temperature that gives attention to both things you and grace, powerful gas field is blocked also cannot be blocked, pardonable show lens rate is extremely high. Pair it with a skirt, and it will detract from the look, so most streetwalkers will opt for pants, but a pair of white bell-bottom pants will give you a retro feel.

In recent years, wide-leg pants have been replaced by bell-bottom pants. Short leather coats are paired with white bell-bottom pants, which instantly elongate the leg proportion and show the perfect figure.

2. White bell-bottom pants + woolen coat

How can autumn winter season get woolen coat less, this "men and women eat all" coat, keep warm for you not only keep cold, still won't let you look overworked! Make temperament while, tie-in a white bell bottoms, let the scenery of your leg also cannot hide.

The woolen coat of short money, although do not have long money to have gas field so, but much a few minutes nifty smell, still can make perfect figure for you, put on a pair of high-heeled shoes, demeanor does not lose to long money woolen coat a bit.

3. White bell bottoms and fur

When it comes to winter coats that keep you warm and slim, there's another one that's even worse than the peacoat. That is -- a fur body, with the cold effect of fur, and the perfect outline of the coat, and with handsome style. Pair it with white bell-bottom pants for a modern look.

4. White bell-bottom pants + suit

Do you remember the velvet suit that I introduced earlier? Many suits this year have chosen bell-bottom pants! That's because, in addition to being stylish, bell-bottoms can break the seriousness and formality of a suit, allowing you to be in the workplace and still be in style!

5. White bell-bottom pants and shirt

Pair a shirt with white bell-bottom pants, both on the outside and as a pair of interior, can help you increase the stylish index! In addition, the shirt on the upper body is tied in the pants, and the high waist is worn to create long legs for you, so the powerful woman air field. If the shirt is down, and can create this year's most popular casual style oh.Read more at: |

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I hope that the beginning of the United States can harvest a happy ending, like the first encounter, anytime and anywhere to think of is a flower of the memory, the feeling is like feeling in a skirt up in the wind - elegant. Whether it is immortal, or fresh charming, can be uncontrolled to freeze into a unique sweet honey.

01 color is shallow, but perfect almost can't see the mandala blooms period Ai Ai, suddenly born out of love even can't help it, fashion leads sweet, but not the simple classic used by big brands, lotus small shoulder, connotation fresh enough to challenge Wen Wan and sexy.

02 pink and blue construction of the sweet, the original intention is not a full luxury picture, even through the blues color set off by the silly, but also can provoke a bit of rural romance, but the high waist long place has so swaying domainly, especially the folds of the waist fluffy magnificent, beautiful ground gas, simply can not love the heart to avoid.

03 dew is not called sexy, dew is just good to call taste, a lot of modern hollow out, shoulder dew waist is too common, just really want to show the back good-looking and won't be named with exposure crazy name, in addition to please tie to bring help, who can also possess valuable and enchanting at the same time, eye-catching detonate heartbeat.

Fresh but not sticking to the green, quietly adhere to the heart of the childlike, this is perhaps the most irresistible ultimate secret of literature and art and small pure and fresh, in the bustling do the most true yourself, cotton linen cloth to comfort as the premise, loose and frank and unguarded, easily into the eye into the heart.

05 stand collar shoulder printing splice, a moment let a person very confused, this completely mixed taste exactly belongs to what kind of style, saying that when the personality meets the new fashion, so half of the pure feeling static good, half of the huan Jiao Qiao is graceful, is not the true portrayal of the ancient and strange and net Wan proud as you.

06 dew and not through, not sexy is melodramatic, can play fashion must dare to challenge novel, can enjoy the sense of surprise on camera and turn a head, can be complacent confidence second praise good figure, even if the front of a turn literary jiao pity is lost to the slim and graceful sex appeal, also enough to overpower screen feeling is outstanding.

07 red ribbon swaying, the feeling is not around a graceful, but another slender willow waist swaying, although the front of the ancient ways row of buckles is different from the waist of the European middle ages, but the graceful and charming is the same theme, the sling belt wipe the chest long skirt and ankle, good or not to give attention to the beautiful and colorful.

08 when jiao qiao sexy encounter sweet wen wan, is almost impossible to transcend the perfect first sight, as if less to white lace base of green, no chiffon clear blurred, poetic tiancheng, no need for light and shadow deliberately carved, can be comparable to the vivid, refreshing little woman style.Read more at:navy blue formal dress | Formaldressau

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Every girl has dreamed of a princess, attend the party of high society, wine and champagne and prince like handsome boy dance a waltz, as elegant as a swan. But the reality is not like this, we work nine to five, almost no chance to go to the party in the dream, but imagine if Cinderella didn't have the dress that her mother gave her, how the witch can help her to create the amazing dress.

01 Girls we should have a little dress of our own. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. When that dream opportunity comes along and you miss it because you don't have clothes for the event, it's not good. The delicacy of the little dress lies not only in the ability to wear it to the party, but also in the beautiful dream it brings out.

02 Delicate but not grand, is the temperament of small dress. As ordinary people, we participate in the need to wear formal dress activities are generally not particularly grand, in order to avoid overexertion, it is very important to pick a suitable dress, like this delicate in the lively dress is very good.

If you want to reflect their sweet and lovely temperament, the pink dress is essential, pink color has a very good aging effect, easy to wear a good color. But if you're 30+, don't try it. There are other styles that are more suitable for you.

04 to most girl, attend nuptials is the occasion that often needs to wear formal dress most, no matter it is the bride or the maid of honor, a formal dress that does not have intention is absolutely outstanding the sharp weapon that gives color, gold silk embroider line highlights showily simple sense, bright red background color highlights festival flavor.

05 wipe the chest dress is the most common style of dress, because it is the most easy to reflect the charm of women, easily can shape a perfect chest line, coupled with a very rich sense of design of the puffy skirt, pure white full of artless and innocent feeling, as pure as the beautiful Snow White.

06 small formal dress also can have daily money, be like this elegant sleeveless dress, walk between formal dress and daily skirt outfit, the fabric material that glances slightly is qualitative, let it have formal dress low-key and luxurious characteristic, and concise and agile clipping, the pure color with no exaggeration lets it also can be worn daily.

07 delicate is the invariable requirement of small dress, no matter whether it is expensive, it will be half of the success with good details, delicate lace stitching, luxurious pearl ornaments pile up the grade of this skirt. The bouffant skirt of the hem is designed, energetic and full is the best decoration that belongs to youth.

08 need not small make up say, the light ripe taste of this dress dear friends should also smell out, low-key color in the decoration of embroidery more luxurious, slim buttocks version is full of feminine taste, small fish tail hem is in the walk between let you swaying appearance.Read more at:pink formal dresses | purple formal dresses australia


Summer skirt style is various, suspender skirt is no doubt the sharp instrument that allows not to neglect to highlight feminine taste. Two fine shoulder belt gives exclusive at the woman is like water tender feeling, giving a person relaxed experience while delivering the aesthetic feeling that moves the people's heart. If the sheet that does not have so super high popularity is tasted, summer will be less a lot of beautiful much appearance scenery line.

01 chiffon pleated skirt touched the princess complex hidden in the hearts of all girls, even today's female man in power, no matter how tough the heart will bow down in such a soft and elegant suspender skirt. The flus edge of cascade before the chest covered up the inadequateness of a figure, such thin MM also can put on condole belt skirt boldly, before short hind long irregular skirt is placed let whole skirt be in charming in also do not forget make public individual character.

02 if you have a condole to take some drab, too light that it has a unique wave collar dress will surely meet your requirements, it looked like the dew of the place the skirt with shoulder-straps of slightly less than normal, actually can highlight another more sexy little shyness, and also can attend formal occasions, no redundant design, pure and generous temperament is.

03 a lot of people can take the condole belt skirt with the flowery dazzling like rainbow to the place of the beach and so on for a holiday, actually wear it at ordinary times is not exaggerated, take a decent small coat outside on the line, the color of bright profuse color can make the mood of a whole day become beautiful.

04 Of course, if you are more conservative, or want to wear suspenders but not sure whether their figure can hold, you can choose the improved version of the suspenders skirt, this skirt in a show of your hands and feet still can show your white skin and charming curves, but more subtle.

05 sending out the ancient ancient decorative pattern of literary breath combined with slender sling to shape a sensible clever you, the skirt length over the knee appears sedate and dignified, the elastic belt between the waist makes the figure proportion more ideal at the same time also increased the sense of layers of the skirt, the white short T added a casual taste.

6 also can slink the line with gentleness and taciteness, let condole belt and bull-boy partner, wear the youth that gives vitality to feel feeling, match to go up a T-shirt to be able to show a person with nifty and lively image following one's inclinatory ground, the effect that reduces age is to compliment really, the design that wrap buttock also can highlight figure curve.

07 still need A medium in the moment lightsome quietly elegant girt skirt, concise one word collar, moderate length, modify the figure of A model, the single wear is very fresh, when the bottom skirt is worn very versatile, can be worn for leisure vacation, can also be matched with A variety of coat ornaments worn at work.Read more at:formal dresses online | red formal dresses


Now that the weather is getting warmer and warmer, it is natural that we can't sleep with coral velvet as usual. For comfort's sake, it's time to get out your fresher pajamas. If you don't have any, don't be idle. Get one right away before you wake up in the middle of the night.

01 word get condel belt pajamas, it is the design that every woman can dream of for long and long almost, no matter for the time being other, it is sexy do not break little lovely do a group enough to use to conquer the heart that loves the United States simply, what's more, still have the add of broken flower and lace hold, simply do not want too dreamy.

02, of course, is not to say that simple style is not possible, for the pursuit of the maximum comfort of women, too fancy will have a sense of abandon the essentials, rather square, just like the cotton striped cardigan pajamas, the surface is nothing special, but the essence is emitting a unique taste.

03 This kind of taste has nothing to do with style or type, or even, without any reason, it has its own attraction inexplicably, which is very consistent with the appearance of sitting quietly in the sun to enjoy. In this realm, probably is the legend of the non-personal experience can not feel the same peace and ease.

04 dull a winter, for a long time have not met the wave point, actually ran to get mixed up with pajamas, commendable is, is clearly a pair of indifferent enemies, it happened that the combination of no sense of harmony, perhaps, this is a mianmianzhong doomed fate, is worth to cherish.

05 May be the reason for buying habits, may also be lazy, women buy pajamas when usually a set of a set of buy, convenient and easy to wear, among them, especially to a number of popular, want to also, with even the hair band are solved the suit, why not.

Arrived certain age, want to try sexy style beyond blame, take the advantage of flesh still and fresh tender, must not be polite to him, have alluring deep V extremely, have no problem prepare, be to cheery oneself, also should not hesitate. You know, good sleep is more important than anything else.

07 is full of yearning for all the little couple do not deliberately follow, have lived together, why every day to get each other blood spurts, good eye. Fresh and lovely letter print pajamas, one person a set, minutes to create a warm atmosphere, the so-called happiness, but also so.Read more at:formal evening dresses | long evening dresses


See more sunny, blue sky and white clouds wedding dress according to whether you have visual fatigue? Do you feel that you do not want to settle for mediocrity, do not want to be the same as the ordinary wedding photos, the same mountains, rivers, sunshine and beaches? Still suffering from the lack of a suitable style of wedding photos? Then hurry to a set of night scene wedding photos! The dark night of cool dazzle is setting, little starlight is an ornament, dim light will not have dim feeling not only, give a person a kind of what elegant temperament instead. Nightview wedding photos how to take the tall?

Decoration of wedding photos at night

The most important thing for wedding photos at night is the control of lighting, which can neither be too dark to cause insufficient light, nor too bright to cause excessive exposure. Brightness and beauty of both props on the following a few! First is the fireworks, fireworks nature needless to say, is absolutely the best combination of dream and romance; Next is the sky, the dark night stars, and you are the brightest stars in the night sky! If the night sky is not so powerful, you might as well try the later P map, often better than the scene to oh!

Light control for wedding photos at night

In fact, the control of light is the most important when shooting wedding photos at night. For example, when the light is very close, it will be very bright, and when the light is far away, it will be dim, that is to say, the light will become dim with the elongation of the distance. At this time, it is necessary to use auxiliary light for lighting. At the same time, it should be noted that the light of the auxiliary lamp should be consistent with the direction of the original light.

The filling light way of night scene wedding dress

No matter what kind of photos are taken, the following principles must be followed when filling the light: ensure that the characters are eye-catching and the skin color is normal, pay attention to balance the contrast between the characters and the environment, and ensure the reasonable interpretation of the atmosphere. The light of night wedding photos varies greatly, so if you want to make the picture have good visual effects, you should consider the exposure respectively. The usual practice is to control the rendering effect of the environment through the internal parameters of the camera, and control the details of the light and the environment with the external shooting and filling equipment.

Exposure Settings for night view wedding dress

Night light is darker, the contrast of scenery is larger, so need to grasp good exposure. If you want to capture a soft night, you don't want the sky to be too bright, and the romantic feeling of the night will be lost, so the camera is usually set to multiple exposures. Among them, the second exposure is the most commonly used setting. When taking wedding photos at night, first of all, according to the brightness exposure degree of the ground scene, the scene under the moonlight is taken. After leaving the position of the moon on the top of the picture, the negative is exposed for the second time.Read more at: |