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Sidney: 6 months English School at Byron Bay. Victoria: 3 months English School a Hawaii + 3 monts English School at Byron Bay. Travel together New-Zeland-Australia-Thailand
Novembre 2017
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Publié le 22 décembre 2017

Finally I've decided to change my plan to continue my school in Byron Bay to join Sidney.

Flights: Honolulu-Auckland Auckland-Brisbane. Departing at : 07:35am Thursday the 23rd of nov. Arriving at : 10:20pm the Friday 24th of nov. 12.40 hours flight. Jet Lag : +21H

First night I slept at the Airport in Brisbane. Then I took a shuttle to Byron Bay. When I arrived there Sidney was waiting for me at the Bus station. We were so happy to see each other. At this moment it's the last weekend of Sidney's friends. A lot of them did the Cambridge Exam so they had to leave soon. I met those friends and we said goodbye to them !

New experience to begin for us in Australia!
Publié le 22 décembre 2017

We have been studying at BBELS School! Re good school! It organises a lot of activities and parties! Beautiful Spirit! Students from all countries are welcome to study in Byron Bay. Most students come from Europe, Asia or South America. We've made so many friends from different nationalities and we are learning about various cultures.

BBELS 5/1 Carlyle St. Byron Bay NSW 248 Australia

Our class Intermediate 

The school organizes a party every two Fridays. Some students play guitar and sing! We also have a cooking class in which students cook a traditional meal from their country. Then we share all the food and eat together. Sometimes we go in excursions to discover a new town, beach or visite an animal park ...

Full of different cultures 
Australian Christmas party with school 
Publié le 22 décembre 2017

With some classmates we decided to go to Whian-Whian falls. You have to go there. It is an amazing place! The first waterfall is large and big. After 2 minutes walking, the second one is smaller but very relaxant. Like a spa. We had a really good time! Thank you everyone!

Let's go! Opposite driving!  
The first one 
Broccolis forest 
Free massages!
Publié le 22 décembre 2017

This lake close to the beach has a special colors. Sometimes is orange, red, pink or purple. It is those color because the water infuse the Tea Tree. It is also called Ainsworth.

The lake is an unrivalled source of fresh water but also a great natural playground. On fort it was the Aborigines who used the Tea Tree plant for medical reasons. Today, we use Trea Tree oil to treat cold sores, acne and many more ailments.

Location: Only 20min by bicycle from Byron Bay.

Yoga Time!

My roomate, Yakaka, would be a Yoga teacher. So we practice yoga together and show me the postures.

And finally  
Publié le 22 décembre 2017

Little walk with a wonderful view. It's a naturel Park. We can learn aboriginal cultural heritage, botanical and wildlife. We found some picnic areas and at the end we found a paradisiacal beach.

You can find the magic wherever you look. Relax and all you need is the ocean  
Publié le 31 décembre 2017


It's amazing to celebrate Christmas in Summer! We can believe it Christmas, without snow and with 28°! The city has a lot of decoration. We visite 3 days Melbourne with Laura who is a "old" friend from Switzerland 😀

Street art

One of the best attraction of Melbourne it’s colorful murals and walls of street art. We found in Union Lane, Hosier Lane, AC/DC, Charcoal Lane and more.

Federation square

Federation Square is like a meeting point. The architecture is great here! You can eat, take a coffee, sit, relax at this place. Here you’ll get a completely different view of the city at night.


Within the leafy city limits there are beautiful botanical gardens and public parks. Like the Royal botanical gardens Victoria, Fitzroy, kings domain (where we take a nape) Albert Park with a lake ...

Take a walk all long the Yarra river. You should go the day and the night it’s very different but stay beautiful.

Brighton beach boxes

Near Melbourne. Built well over a century ago, there are 82 distinctive bathing boxes. A row of uniformly proportioned wooden structures lining the foreshore at Brighton Beach. This is a idea of morality and seaside bathing, the bathing boxes remain almost unchanged. These house are artistic and colourful embellishments.

St Kilda

Just before the sunset, around 8:00pm, we saw some pingouins go out to the sea and hide behind the rock. This Christmas Eve we doesn’t wait the santa claus but the penguins! 🐧

Before that we've eaten Chinese food.

Publié le 1er janvier 2018

For Christmas holidays we make a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide. We across the great ocean road.

Let’s go the 25th of December! After a skype with our family we begin our trip!

Our cat 🚗 = house

Before - After ...(totally dirty) 

Day 1 : Queenscliff - Torquay (Start of Great Ocean Road and surf town) - Lorne - Jamison Creek Bush Campground

Day 2 : Lorne - Great Otway National Park : Erskine Falls - Koalas spotting walk - Stevenson Falls Camping (very good)

Day 3 : Appollo Bay - Castles Cove - Gibson Steps - Twelve Apostle - Loch Ard Gorge (swimming time) - Arc - London bridge - Warrnambool - Tower Hill Reserve (walk) - Free camping

Day 4 : Port Fairy (End of Gread Ocean Road) - Grampians National Park : Wannon Crossing picnic area - Burrong Falls - Bellfield Lake -Balconies lookout - Mackenlis Falls - Schulzes Beach Camp Area near Lake Hindmarsh

Day 5 : On first we pick up a man who make hitchhiking. Then we stop at Salt Creek where we see two pink lakes and a Tea tree crossing. And we sleep at Langhorne Creek Camping

Day 6 : Let’s go to Adelaide. We sleep in the YHA backpacker. Very clean and good location. Then we eat at the Adelaide Central Market with fresh food. And we visit the Museum of aboriginal artifacts and so much.

Publié le 26 janvier 2018

New year

Pretty amazing new year we had!

We went to another town that call it Lennox at like 20km from Byron. Some people have organised a party at the lookout. The party was until 8:00am at the 1st January.

The day after it’s my birthday !

I have 20years! :)

We go to art factory and then make a barbecue with some friends

Publié le 12 janvier 2018

We go camping to Mount Warning. We sleep in the camping situated 3km down the beginning to the walk. We get up at 3:00am and then start the hike to see the sunrise at the top of Mt Warning. In this place, you could be the first in Australia to see the sunrise. Amazing view! 😍

The 8.8 km walk through the rainforest. The return we decide to run all the path! It’s was very funny.

It’s was a very nice walk.

Publié le 20 janvier 2018

Let's go to the Killen Waterfalls with the new Xavier's car. The Falls is 10m with a swimming hole surrounded by rainforest, rugged cliff edges and caves. There are a platform that overlooks the waterfall

Publié le 20 janvier 2018

Let's go to Mullumbimby. This town has excellent restaurants, a relaxed subtropical ambience, and a normality which is far removed from the overpopulated energy of Byron Bay or the self-conscious hippiedom of Nimbi. "Mullum", as many of the locals call it is a place worth exploring with excellent subtropical bushwalks and a genuine ambience of peace and tranquility.

Community Garden

"Grow to Share, Share to Grow"

They are a not-for-profit volunteer based charity which aims to build a respectful, supportive and resilient community with interactive activities based around sustainability and environmental awareness. Them projects include the Mullumbimby and Shara Community Gardens where we grow organic produce in our ‘Food for All’ gardens to share with people in need. These is just one of the many positive ways we support our community.

Publié le 26 janvier 2018

Natural pool! Just Amazing! A jump of 10m.

Publié le 26 janvier 2018


Captain James Cook found a safe anchorage and named Cape Byron after John Byron, who had circumnavigated the world. This town was significant sea port white slaughter of whales until 1963 and a lot of industrial ( dairy factory, abattoirs). Despite this success, Byron struggled to become a viable community, and was always a poor working town. After all the factories closed, SURFERS discovered the wonderful breaks at The Pass, Wategos, Cosy Corner, The Wreck. The longboardees arrived in the 1960s. This was the beginning of Byron Bay as a tourist destination, by the Aquarius Festival in 1973 in Nimbi (hippy town)

In our cases, we have bought a bicycle and we can go everywhere surfing after school. It's pretty fun !

Let's go! 
The Wrek 
The Pass and Clark Beach 
The Pass
Tallow Beach 

Shark attack!

One morning we went to Tallow beach seeing the sunrise and surfing. After 1.5 hour a holicopter arrived and out of a alarm. It’s mean there are sharks !Every surfers went out to the ocean. In fact some sharks are connected. In Byron there aren’t protection nets for sharks, like in Sydney. I was very surprised to see that!

With a application on the phone we can know which kind of shark was it. At this moment it was a tiger shark🦈

In 2015 the NSW Government announced the NSW Shark Management Strategy, a program designed to complement the existing Shark Meshing Bather Protection Program. The strategy is

Surveillance, detection and deterrents; Ongoing aerial surveillance providing more patrols along the NSW coastline. 21 Satellite linked (VR4G) shark listening stations, to provide real-time tracking data of tagged sharks. These listening stations have been deployed at Kingscliff, Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Lighthouse Beach and Sharpes Beach, Ballina ...

Publié le 26 janvier 2018

The lighthouse was built in 1901 at the MOST EASTERLY point on the Australian mainland. Accessible by car or by the Cape Byron walking trail, which across the Cape Byron. There are a spectacular view and amazing for the sunrise and sunset. We saw some turtles, sharks, dolphins and humpback whales. We learn more about this iconic white tower and find out about shipwrecks and stories from the sea in the Maritime Museum below accompanied the school.

We went there a several times.

Cape Byron 
Publié le 26 janvier 2018

Multiple walls are painting all in the town.

Publié le 3 février 2018

The Byron Bay region is home to a fantastic range of restaurants, cafes and takeaway food outlets. This town don’t have fast-food like Macdonald, KFC ... because the people take the time for eating. Besides the supermarkets, there are a Woolworth and a Aldi. However a lot of organic stores.

Restaurants we have try : 1 LANEWAY CAFE. The cafe at school. Make some breakfast and also delicious lunch. They are foccus on fresh, quality food and damn fine coffee. 2 RAILWAY FRIENDLY BAR. Amazing place for drink or eat. The Rails Bar is a live music venue in Byron Bay, set just back from the main road on Jonson Street. We can see local and touring bands playing everything from roots, reggae and blues to funk, folk and rock. It's an open beer garden, choose from over 20 brews on tap and we can enjoy a long, lazy lunch or dinner with live music as your soundtrack. We eat there a Kangaroo Burger! 3 BALCONY. Every Wednesday between 5-6pm, you can eat some Oysters for 1$ each. Soo delicious!

The Markets of Byron is receive very 1st Sunday. It's famous for their range of produce, new age funkiness and great atmosphere. Ingenious art and craftworks fill the markets. Beautiful things made by local people using unusual natural materials sit side-by-side with colourful imports from Africa and Asia. At the place Butler Street reserve. Moreover, The Artisan Market, every Saturday at Railway Park Byron Bay and the Beachside Markets three held annually Jan, Easter & the Sep/Oct long weekend. And the weekly Farmers Markets, every Thursday to 8-11am. To support local growers and feed the townsfolk, refreshed and updated to include the innovative alongside the traditional. Byron's produce includes both tropical and temperate fruit and vegetables, as well as meat, eggs, coffee and a whole range of gourmet items. Usually we go with the school. It's pretty cool.

Byron a place to let go of those inhibitions and enjoy a great night out! It has a vibrant and colourful nightlife and hosts a number of iconic events throughout the year. There are at one or more of the fantastic pubs. Like; The Beach Hotel, with a beautiful sea views. We can drink and relax. Surfers, locals and travelers go there. Every Monday it's the Regga party with amazing DJ’s and live bands. Woody’s Surf Shack is the place to be for surfers, backpackers and locals. It’s a bar will love the rocking vintage surf vibe. There is also a dance floor where you can dance. The Great Northern is an old style hotel with a grand old pub where you can see live music. The Sticky Wicket and the Cheeky Monkeys. ( Not our style)

Lifestyle in Byron. At the Main beach usually the evening some people play music. All kind guitar folk, singer, piano... And in the night it's possible to see some juggling shows with fire or diabolo etc... They are also a van which one send some headphones. Very cool to listen to some sweet beats and dance near the ocean. With 3 channels, just like at the festivals! At the drum circle some guys play tam-tam for the sunset! Chill

Publié le 3 février 2018

Let’s go to Gold Coast! Xavier borrow us his car. We accros every little town close to the beach for go there, like : tweed head(beautiful beach)-Bilinga-Currumbin-Palm Beach-Miami(good beach)-Burleigh(good spot)-Surfer Paradise. Buildings and beach.

Then we find some outlet shops at Molendinar.

National bridge

We start a short one kilometre subtropical circuit clockwise and descend through ancient Gondwana rainforest to the Natural Bridge rock arch. Unfortunately it's rainy but still beautiful. We see some luciols.

Publié le 6 février 2018

To go to Sunrise we took the Byron Bay Railroad Company Ltd. It's the world’s first truly solar train. Only 3$ one way. Byron Bay Railroad Company has restored an out of action heritage train, has fully repaired three kilometers of railway line. And then 3km after, the Arts & Industry Estate is home to Byron's ever-growing community of creative businesses. We have checked the website before and grab the Industry Trail map available from the tourist office or your accommodation. It's soo cool to find so much that is new and inspiring in high standard of work created by locals artisans from Byron, many whom have gone on to national and international recognition There are too much to see! We have explored artist in their studios, master furniture craftsmen, wood turners, painters, potters and we've discovered its many homewares, vintage, fashion, jewelry and gourmet businesses. We find also a Circus school. Suitable for beginners through to professional performers, children & adults, the space offers an indoor climbing wall, gym, a range of exciting circus classes and flying trapeze!

Publié le 15 février 2018

Arts Factory Lodge is a Backpacker in Byron Bay. The Arts Factory Lodge, budget accommodation in Byron Bay, was originally created in the 70’s by hippies and local and international artists.

More History

The Arts Factory Lodge has now been in operation for 23 years as a backpacker hostel, hosting tens of thousands of wide eyed travellers looking for an experience that might change their life. Originally the site was a piggery, hence where the famous music venue gets its name. Then it was a concrete factory, later still a bus depot, all of which closed down. In the 1970’s the Byron Bay region was discovered by alternative life-stylers, who would become known as hippies. The Aquarius festival held in Nimbin in 1973 was a counter-cultural arts and music festival that led to many communes and a creative think tank in the region. The Arts Factory was founded by a man named Dan Doepel from California, he was a surfer who loved rock music. Him and his mates tried to put on a gig, that’s how the very first gig happened at The Buddha Bar now Byron Bay Premium Brewery. He called it The Piggery to commemorate the original site. The venue went on to experience incredible success. In fact it was the venue that originated and hosted the first few Blue’s Fest gigs. The Piggery outgrew its own success, by the mid 1990’s, so once Dan had handed it over The Piggery became the Lowry’s. The new custodians for the Arts Factory. They were keen surfers that had been coming to Byron Bay for many years. This family to look at this amazing property with a view to creating a backpacker hostel. So was born, the Arts Factory Backpackers Lodge. The Lowry’s were inspired by the local alternative community and travellers. They wanted to add their family spirit and creative genius. So they did, to develop and foster the creative living space we still know today

Many people were there to help develop this amazing new space and create a campground that has become the most iconic part of this property. The Jungle has become a rite of passage the world over where young travellers have been coming to find or lose themselves, check in for a week but stay a year and connect to a family that will last forever.

They have many Workshops include Didgeridoo Making, African Drumming and Yoga. Playing a game of table tennis or volleyball. Making jewelry sessions. Jump in the pool. Swing in the hammocks and soak up the friendly atmosphere. They also have them own sustainable vegetable garden, where people can volunteer in exchange for fruit and veg. We also had a South American veggie garden about 15 years ago in the front car park area. In the evening enjoy DJ’s, Bands, Live Performances at the Byron Bay Brewery or the Zany Talent Show every Tuesday Night

We have once of our friend, who was at school whit Sidney, live there. It's a really good friend so we like to visit him and have a really good time over there .

Publié le 23 février 2018

Earth Frequency Festival is a music, arts, lifestyle and environmental festival. It based in South-East, Queensland under an hour from Brisbane.

"Earth Frequency Festival is a music, arts, lifestyle and environmental festival. based in South-East Queensland, Australia, with a strong focus on arts, education, healing and community spirit, While drawing from many cultural niches such as transformational festival, tribal gathering, doof and boutique festival, the aim of Earth Frequency Festival is to go beyond these traditional tags and to exist as a multi-faceted gathering focused broadly on creativity, community, connection, intention and inspiration. From it’s origins as a small landcare party in 2005, Earth Frequency has now become one of Australia's foremost transformational gatherings. At Earth Frequency, you can always expect an amazing mixture of live and electronic music, performance, visionary art, workshops and lectures, a family and kids space, and a fantastic food and markets area, and of course a positive community vibe. Our aim is to create nothing short of a life changing, transformative experience! We aim to provide a meeting place - people from many different backgrounds, ages and walks of life come together with the shared interests of music, nature, technology, culture, community and peace. "

We went there with Enguerrand, Thibault & Deborah. They are 3 friends we met at school. We have a really good time together for our last weekend in Byron Bay.

La Troupe! 
Festival Photos by The Nomadic Daughter Photography
Photos by Psymon Photography 
Publié le 22 février 2018

This place is a little colourful village of hippie.

In the town you can find some shops, a skatepark, a camping place with a swimming pool free. The golden words here are peace, tranquility and enjoy. Great and peaceful atmosphere.

Natural art 


In May 1973 the Aquarius festival which had a optimistic and reformist mood attracted thousands of festival participants were drawn tighter by shared idealism ans desire to forge a new age. The festival was an exploration of the counter-culture and a reaction to consumerism. There was a vibrant exchange of ideas different ways to achieve creative expression as well as harmony whit nature and spirituality. This place was chosen for the valley natural and its relative isolation from authorities. The festival organizers committed to recycle and invigorate the village. Many people left the festival and made lifestyle changes and decided to stay. In the following years bought up farming properties and established alternative lifestyle communities.

Mardi Grass

Usually calm, Nimbin is invaded during one weekend by travelers, students and australians from all over Australia to celebrate Mardi Grass. This annual event is held to protest the drug laws, educate people on the various uses of cannabis (medicinal, industrial, recreational & spiritual) and to celebrate the culture that has grown here over the last 40 years. that includes such as comedy, music, product presentations, forums, politics, movies, art and much more. Key features include Protest Parade, March and Rally, Kombi Konvoy, various music venues, stand up comedy, MardiGrass Mind Candy Forums, pot art and pot poetry, Ganja Faeries, Harvest Ball, Pickers Ball, hemp rope tug of war, and Indigenous events.

Event posters
On the way we found...  
Publié le 22 mars 2018

Throughout our travel we've met many artists and we would show some of them.

Photographer : ARTERIUM. - From Byron Bay Web: Instagram :


Band Musician : OKA - From Australia Genre: Electric, dreamtime, progressive roots-From Australia- Web:

Earth Frequency Festival 

Hang musician : Daich Minamoto - From Japan Genre: hang Web:


Musician : Jay Hoad-From Australia Play: didgeridoo, acoustic & electric bass, Weissenborn lap steel, various guitars, dulcimer, ocarina, cigar box guitar, percussion, vocals - Genre; Indie, Rock, Roots Web:


Painting art : Leigh Arnold. Australia Three dimensional paintings which viewed through 3D glasses. Webs:


Jongler : Terry The great Juggler

Illustrator : Hamaco Artist paintings in Byron Street from Japan Web:

Ceramics Art : The Vaisselle Easy. Handmade ceramics from arts and industry estate. Web :

Jewelry Art : IINA from Australia Website : Instagram

Artist painting : Indigo wise from Golden Bay NZ Website :

Outstanding Art : Monza from Golden Bay NZ Website :

Organic mechanic Artist : Blair Somerville from Owaka NZ. He is the creator of The Lost Gypsy Gallery ($5 entry ). Let’s go have a look in his video!It’s so cool! Website :

Steampunk Artist Chris Meder. From Otago NZ

He had a diploma of Fine Art majoring in photography and sculptures. Then he starts to produce sculpture in his workshop and expresses streampunk. He created many exhibitions and became. Sadly he lost his battle with a cancer in his 39 years old. His creative spirit keep our intentions : « I believe (like I suspected a lot of artists do) creating is about being connected with a direction. For me this involves old worn-out broken-down machines combines with good recycled energy and vibes. I reconstruct history and age old texture into new forms. By concentrating on expression and posture I try to make my creations react to the viewers. Most of many satisfaction comes from the way people react to my work.»

Musée à Oamaru 
Publié le 22 mars 2018

The annual Byron Bay Surf is a long weekend from Thursday to Sunday of Surfing, Sun, high vibes and good times. It present and maintain the culture of surfing, as an expression, art and lifestyle. Ensure that the festival reflects the values and creative culture of the Byron Bay region and communit.

Many events are present like sunset cinema, concerts, yoga session, surf art market, free surf, freestyle and stoke surf sessions, art show, conference and more.

Sidney would surf until the last moment. So he had to sell his board during the last night in Byron Bay in the street and the surf festival! And also our bicycle.

Surf à vendre! Surf à vendre! 
Publié le 23 mars 2018

After our last great party in the Byron street, we woke up early to catch a bus to Brisbane.

Bye Byron Bay, it’s time for us to start our trip!

Golden ocean

We’ve arrived around 12pm and went to the Roland’s house. It was our first experience with Couchsurfing ! We’ve met two lovely people!

Roland, Australia guys, is from Byron bay. His job is carpenter. And Claire who is his girlfriend is born in France. Her father was speaking to her in English when she was child. She is scientific in brain of human. They met each other in Sydney, 7years ago when she used to study there. Now they live together in a cute house in Brisbane. They both like traveling and share good time with new people. We were happy to meet these friendly and interesting people! They offered us a delicious and fresh lunch.

After that, we took a walk in Brisbane center. We found a beautiful path following the river with plants, a free swimming pool with sand, children areas, BBQ places, bars, restaurants...

The evening was very nice! We went on the north shore from Brisbane to celebrate the birthday from one of their friend. Crazy place with so many food trucks! We have had a wonderful time! Thank you for everything ! We hope to see you again around the world!


Long time no news! We are in New Zealand for a road trip! At the Australian Aeroport we had had a problem with Sidney’s visa. At Auckland he needed to let know the Ambassador in Switzerland and his parents.

Auckland is a major city in the north of New Zealand’s North Island. It has two large harbours. In the centre, the famous Sky Tower has views of Viaduct Harbour, which is full of superyachts and lined with bars and cafes.

Backpacker : Fat Camel Hostel. It’s located in the downtown. The hostel was pretty dirty and a smelt awful. There were no windows and no airflow in the kitchen/dining, the bathrooms weren't clean and what's more there wasn’t a chillout area. The package; It was only a free little bowl of spaghetti every night. Or for 5$ meal and beer. There are a Camel Bar with many cheap drinks. But during the night it's loudly. We couldn’t sleep well. It's not safe, someone stole us our money during the night. The mood of this hostel is go out and drink. We weren’t in this kind of thinking. It’s an incomfortable place to stay. We didn’t have a good time in this hostel. Fortunately it was only for two nights.

Wicked Camper!

L'aventure commence! 

After all we get finally our van! 🚌 It's the best way to discover and explore the diverse land of New Zealand by travelling on the road. We decided to book a Wicked Campervan. Fancy and flashy exteriors could be pretty exciting, but definitely not for everyone. We like it and we are young so it’s a good time to drive once. Wicked Campers market their product towards younger drivers and backpackers. Each van features a spray painted design, often featuring pop culture references and slogans, which are often rude and offensive. In fact, maybe it could be a bad affect the young and local people. So we saw same «Escape» Campervan with great graffiti on the vehicle. Maybe more appropriate for the local person.

Including in our van : Seats & Sleeps 2 Adults, a bed 1.45m W x 1.85m L, a rear Kitchenette, a ice Cooler & Gas Cooker, some plates, cups & bowls, a internal table and lounge, a saucepan + fry Pan

Wake up Jeff! 

Day 1 : Let's go !

First stop with our van was at Piha. It's a beach with black sand.

Campground : For our first night in a free camping we made a stop at Kaiaua Bost club, a nice place close to the beach.

Petit DéJ' comme on aime!

Day 2 : Coromandel peninsula, we drove all the coast, the road was awesome!

Colines & océan 

The famous Cathedral Cove (scenery in the movie Narnia) which is a beautiful beach but with too many people. It is in fact one of the “must visit” sites on The Coromandel. Accessible only by foot, boat or kayak. The scenic easy walking track is 2.5km, 1h30 return.

Hot water beach is popular for a patch of thermal water bubbling just beneath the surface of the sand at low tide, Hot Water Beach has achieved cult-like status as a worldwide wonder.

Campground : Shelly bay. Suitable only for self-contained vehicles.

Day 3: Rotorua is a ‘Must Do’. Discover Maori culture or the geothermal wonders. Taking a dip in one of a hot springs for free. The reasons to stay is the huge activities you can do. Lakes, forest and mountains provide endless free things to do.

Et maintenant, on fait quoi et on va où? 

Mud pool (free) Lady gnocchi geyser (free) Wai-O-Tapu terminal wonderland ($35). Amazing natural things to see.

Euh mais c'est dingue! 

Kerosene Creek is a hot spring in a free river. 😍Amazing and quiet place to have a good time. But the water smell the sulfur.

C'est l'heure de l'apéro!  

Campground : Reid’s Farm- Hipapatua Recreation Reserve. Good but very popular. It’s located close to the Waikato river. We met our Gruyerien friends; Alain and Jenny who they are travelling also in New Zealand.

Day 4 : Huka Falls. There is an incredible sight, over 220’000 litres of water flow through the rock face per second.

Ca y va! 

Craters of the Moon. ($8) It’s a geothermal walk with spring. Incredible!

Green Moon 

Hot & cold🔥❄Otumuheke Stream is one river (too hot!!) goes in the Waikato river (cold). At the corner it’s a perfect place to stay and relax. Funny experience!

Bien mieux que les bain de Charmey, tié!

Lake Taupo. We really liked this regions with many hot free water spots. This region is also famous for the many activities on offer on. We ate in front of the crystal blue Lake Taupō.

Lake and Street art 

Campground : Waikoko Raod Campsite is a nice campground with a little hut to eat and close to the river. We passed the evening with Jenny & Alain.

Day 5 : Tangarino Alpine Crossing 🌋 20km. We woke up at 5am to take a shuttle ($35) to the start of the path. The track climbs the Mangatepopo Valley to the saddle between Tangarino and Ngauruhoe, through south Crater before climbing again to the Red Crater which is the highest point on the crossing at 1’886m. Great trek across a volcanic alpine landscape of dramatic contrast, streaming vents, glacial valleys, old lava flows, alpine vegetation and blue lakes. We shared this walk with Alain and Jenny and we were walking during 5h. We have had a great time!

Lunch at the Totoaira Lake.

Glowworm Cave Okupata. We drove around 10km on the gravel road, that shake a lot! But once inside the cave it was Amazing, we saw many Glowworms! We went by ourself so we had to be careful.

Campground : Whanganui River at Pipiriki. Village famous for kayaking and cruising in the river. In fact the campsite isn't close to the river so we didn't find it before the next morning. 🏞

A table!!! 

Day 6 : Goal of the day : Book the ferry! ⛴ So we drove on the River Road. One stop at Whanganui river where we found a free wifi spot.

Sur le chemin; des arbres, des vaches, des moutons et encore des moutons.

Campground : Waimea Beach is a beautiful place to stay with a eyesight on the ocean. It's a Carpark for only self-contenaided vehicle. There are some clean toilets and a cold shower outside. We saw the sunset on the Kapitii Island. 🌅

Kapitii Island 

Day 7 : We took the ferry at 8am during 3.3 hours. We arrived at Picton where is a very little town. Objectif at Nelson : washing our clothes and do shopping. After that we had the dinner at Motueka where we found a « Salt water pool» in the sea. At the high tide the waves break at the edges of the pool.

Déjà là, on voit que c'est bien différent du Nord 

Campground : In the forest. Olala totally in illegality ! 😬🚫

Day 8 : The road to go in Golden Bay is open only between 7am and 8am because there are roadworks very important 🚧 We passed the Abel Tasman National Park where there is a beautiful walk to do during several days. We didn’t have the time for that but maybe a other time.

On se croirait presque chez nous, tié!  

We arrived at Takaka, a little and pretty town with an hippie atmosphere, the people are in a good mood. We really like this town, cool and chill.


Pups springs, We took a short walk there, Te Waikoropupū Springs are the largest freshwater springs in NZ, clearest water and with a magistral color.


We have travelled all the Golden Bay from Farewell Spit where is a inner beach with dune to Tata beach. It's a goodly beach with a amazing view to see the sunset.

La plage, des moutons et encore la plage.

Campground : Waitapu River Bridge, it’s a great campsite with a pretty eyesight to a refreshing river.

Day 9. Sidney drove 300km to go to the Cape Foulwind West port. There are a seal colony. Super cut!

Around 50 seals and baby seals 

Then the Panakaiki; Pancakes Rocks. These ancient formations are a true wonder of nature and they really look like pancakes.🥞 We saw the road totally destroy due to a natural disaster.

Campground : We decided to pass the night at Greymouth in the carpark of the Ocean Road. Be careful it’s not allowed to sleep there with a rental vehicle. We received a fine 😓. But it's a pleasant area with a lookout of the ocean and the surfers. There are also two very clean toilets and a cold shower outside.

Day 10 : Franz Glacier and Fox Glacier Walk. Many tracks are recently closed, so we created our own path. The view was impressive ! There is only in NZ and in Argentina where you can find some glacier at such a low attitude.

Ah ça fais du bien de revoir un petit peu de neige, tié! 

Walk at "Blue Pool" (30min return only). We walked through forest to a swing bridge over the Makarora River and we continued on a boardwalk to the seconde swing bridge where you can jump. We didn’t jumps, despite the fact that the water was so magical, it was glacial!

Campground : Lake Paring ($13/ night) lovely place but we just had our lunch. Boundary Creek, we only stopped there for a little moment, but super spot at the head of the Lake Wanaka ($8 per night). Then we slept at Kidds Bush Reserve Campsite ($8 per night). It was one of our favorite campsite on the shore of the Lake Hawea. A gorgeous views of the lake and mountains. Moreover, when the night came we saw the Milky Way. 🌌

Accompagné par nos copines les vaches! 

Day 11 : Rocks peak walk, 16km return. The summit is rewarded with breathtaking views over Lake Wanaka. Mount Aspring Tititea and surrounding peaks. We walked from the lake level through farmland then up to the top. (1’578m)

Then we found a peaceful area in front of the Lake Wanaka for our lunch and shower.

Campground :Bendigo, a great spot. Landscape over Lake Dunstane and mountains. Good place on the way to Queenstown.

Day 12 : We woke up at 6am because we were really FREEZING!!! Only 5° during the night, we don't have an equipment for this kind of temperature! ❄

So, iced but awake, we went to Queenstown. Surround by majestic mountains and chestled on the shores of crystal clear lake Wakatipu, it’s know for a breathtaking scenery, cosmopolitan vibes and friendly local. It’s possible to do every activity. Good for swimming (summer), skiing (winter), bungy jumping, skydiving, rafting, ziplining, paragliding, climbing, fishing, walking, riding horses or bike ... And the Central Otago is the most southerly wine producing region. You can explore the wineries and cellar doors around the region for tasting and a bite to eat.

After we began the Southern Scenic Route to Kingston.

Campground : At Lumsden, where there is an old gare station converted into a parking/camping. Good mood, many people, Free wifi, tables and place to wash the dishes. We were very surprise to see the number of campers! The park had been totally full.

Day 13 : Visit to Te Anau. It’s the gateway to Fiordland National Park and the closest town to Milford Sound. You can spend few days in this incredible grandeur of Milford Sound/ Piopiothahi / Doubtful Sound. Taking short walks or multi day hiking trails. There are the key attractions to the region. With over 600km of formed tracks. The international reputation as walking capital. Unfortunately for us it’s a cloudy and rainy days. 🌧

Campground : Manowai Campsite is a nice area in the forest close to the lake. But a lot a sandfly !! We didn't talk about the sandfly until now. The sandfly is a small creature, half gnat, half mosquito. It's full of them all the west coast of the South Island. A horror, when you think to find a nice corner, they are present. I don't tell you the number of stings we had had. Sure, you're gonna meet them if you travel here.

Day 14 : Milford SoundCruise and Road. We explored the Milford Sound, with Go Orange boat cruises. They introduced us in the beauty and serenity a world heritage area.

Dolphins, seals, waterfalls, mountains, sea... Everything is here ! 

Campground : Monkey Island Reserve. View of the ocean.

Day 15 : Coffee/restaurant Zookeepers Cafe at Invercargill which is the southernmost city. Crazy decor. Food look very good and friendly waitress. Sid needed to write and sent some documents for his visa. Perfect because it was a rainy day.

Campground : Weir Beach Reserve, close to Slope Point; the southern most point in NZ.

Notre bu-bus! 

Day 16 : Cafe/ restaurant very typical.

Lost Gypsy Gallery (let's go point 25 for more informations)

Créations en recyclage et avec du mouvement

We saw a couple of Lion Seal at Surat Bay. It was named after the sailing ship the Surat that shipwrecked here.

Bonne sieste les potes! 

Lake Waihola. Fresh spot to relax and play in the playground. Toilets, cold shower outside and drink water.

Shoes Road, why? Cool for one picture. 

Second spot to see lion seals at Sandfly beach. Usually you can see some yellow-eyed penguins but unfortunately we didn’t see any of them. The pass across the farm land full of sheeps to sand dunes.

We crossed Dunedin. Historic Dunedin is renowned for its abundance of Victorian and Edwardian architecture, as well as it's proximity to rare wildlife. The Railway Station, the first Church, Otago University are some examples of the fascinating early history of the city. The city stretches around a harbour sheltered by the Otoga Peninsula. There are colony of the Royal Albatross, sea lions and the rarest yellow penguins. This city look like very cool.

Coucou les copins! 

Campground : Warrington Reserve is a parking completely crowded.

Day 17 : Moeraki Boulders are geological marvels, exposed by erosion of sedimentary rocks laid down from 65 to 13 million years ago. They are formed by the gradual precipitation of calcite in mudstone over 4 million years.

Streampunk (more information about the artist in the point 25 ; Artists Discovered) is a subgenera of science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th century industrial steam-powers machinery.

Elephant Rocks (scenery in the movie Narnia) are some special rock formation, it was the ground of the ocean a long time ago.

Campground : Ahuriri Bridge Campsite. It's a nice spot close to the river and view of the mountains with a lot of place.

Day 18 : Clay Cliffs, It’s a unusual geographical formation, where we feel like inside a giant sandcastle.

High Country Salmon fishing. You can purchase the salmon, feed the fish, eat it or buy. Interesting.

Lake Ruataniwha is famous for rowing.

Ce lac siiiii bleu! 

Campground : Lake Pukaki Reserve is normally only for self- contented. One of the most incredible sight we've seen! Lake, mountains and the Mount Cook.🌄

Alors, tu le vois ce Mont Cook? 

Day 19 : Mount cook National Park is a home to a breathtaking environnement of glaciers, terminal lakes, rivers, fauna and flora. The Aoraki/Mt Cook stands at 3724m, It's the highest pick in NZ. 40% of the Park is made up of glaciers, including the Tasman glacier, the longuest in New Zealand.

Route jusqu'au Mont Cook 

The Tasman Lake trail is a easy walk 2.9km with a beautiful eyesight of the Tasman glacier and lake. Some information indicates how the glacier retreats each year... This makes us think, we are even more aware of the problem of global warming.

From the same Carpark there is the Blue Lakes track (2.3km), three very small lakes with rather a green color than blue.

Prendre une bouffée d'air ! 

Hooker Valley track to Hooker lake. 12km. This nice trail leads through the sacred Topuni area of the Hooker Valley which has special significance and values towards Aoraki/Mt Cook. There are tree swing bridges. From the first a view over Lake Mueller. At the end of the track we have an amazing view over the iceberg-speckled Hooker Lake and the majestic Mount Cook with his glacier.

Magnifique marche 

Campground : Lake Pukaki Reserve same place.

Day 20 : The village of Lake Tekapo. We saw the Church of the Good Sherphed, built in 1935 as a memorial to the pionneers of Mackenzie Country, with a bronze coolie dog statue, a tribute to the hardy sheep dogs. To go there we crossed a footbridge. In winter time it’s a good ski area.

La petite ville 
Un petit peu plus loins au bord du  lac 

The road 66. Little but cool USA feeling.

Bonjour l'Amerique! 

At the evening we booked an expedition at the Cowan's Observatory. We explored the astronomy with two guides, we learnt so many things, what is more we could have a look through a big telescope. We saw the Milky Way, two other galaxies, the planet Jupiter, the astronomy Orion and Ram. It was the new moon ( we can’t see the moon) so the starts were very light and it was so wonderful! 🌠 A very good experience ! We recommend it !

Photos croix du Sud et Orion (de mon appareil photo) Image du prospectus. 

Campground : Te Moana Gorge Camp. Nothing special in the middle of nowhere. The toilet are disgusting!

Day 21 : Christchurch is a city with a strange mixte between European style and Maori history.

In 2010/2011 the city was hit by a series of seismic which has the result they’re building for changing face of the city. It's very special to see the churches middle demolished. There are some Street art and a great new playground for the family. We saw also the famous Cardboard Cathedral which’s designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban in 2013. It’s a symbol of innovation. In our point, we didn’t like the architect style. The new Regent Street with the traditional tram. (Look like a street in Europapark). The central city shopping... Pretty empty. In our opinion, we found this town very sad and strange. Too many different kinds of architect and history.

Campground : Coes Ford, a big campsite and chill, It's Close to a river. The toilets are clean, place to wash the dish and bin.

Day 22 : Kaikoura, It’s the most northern district within the Canterbury region. This little town has rich history and culture Maori. It’s a place to connect with a natural environment of sea, mountains and sky what is pretty cool. We say: the mountains meet the ocean! 😍⛰🌊In winter you can go skiing and surfing in one day. The deep trench that lies just off the coast, creates ad year round playground for all kinds of marine life like sperm whales, dusky dolphins, seals. We saw soo many dolphins playing and jumping in the ocean! In 2011 Kaikoura became the first destination in the world gain an Earthcheck Gold Community certification due to it's commitment to community sustainability through reducing its environmental impact and pressure on resource use.

Campground : Meat works, Only for vehicle self-contained. Site just north of Kaikoura town, located on the beach. No flush toilet and far. Pretty nice view and good spot to see the sunrise.

Day 23 : Cafe at Kaikoura for booking our hotel in Christchurch and Sidney wrote some letters again for his visa during this time I was writing the blog. Then we came back by the same road.

Campground : Chamberlains Ford Reserve, big campsite area, is close to the river with barbecue, toilets, rubbish and picnic tables.

Day 24 : Washing van day! Youhou!

Tranquille, y'a pas trop de merdier... 

Campground :Coes Ford. Our last night in our van... very sad. Jenny and Alain jointed us for our last evening! See you soon! In Switzerland or again around the world! Before sleeping we had to do the mosquito hunt a hundred of them came back in our bus all clean !!

Day 25 : Last day, we drop off our move house! Bay Jeff! 😢 Then we went to a Park holiday at Christchurch. Washing our clothes, enjoy the swimming pool, taking a hot shower and we slept in a real BED! 😍 But unfortunately not a long time because we were waiting a answer from the embassy for Sidney's Visa and we had to be at the Airport at 5am. ✈


Food shop

New Zealand has many good reasons for traveling in backpacker or camping country but, unfortunately, the food prices is not one of them. Despite having a huge dairy and horticulture industry in New Zealand, much of it is exported, keeping the domestic prices pretty high. Of course the supermarkets are the way to go for your larger grocery shopping list. Not only do they sell all kinds of edible goods, they have variety. This is ideal for us with a small budget. We can choose cheap brands such as Pams and Woolworths. The main supermarket chains of New Zealand are: New World, Countdown (Woolworth in Australia), Four Square, Fresh Choice and PAKn’SAVE (the cheapest one but look like a ikea for food). We also liked buy our vegetables and fruits at the farmers we find on the road, 🥑 for supporting local business and tasting fresh food. In fact is generally cheaper at the farmers market than at the supermarket. We could buy beer and wine in supermarkets or in liquor stores. We needed our passport for buying Alcohol.

Freedoms camping

The dream : driving a van and parking up among the stunning scenery of New Zealand! Well... that isn’t really like that. The camper van trip, in reality, is you can’t exactly park anywhere for the night. In order to keep New Zealand beautiful, there are restrictions on where you can camp for free, more commonly known as freedom camping. So if you want to be able to freedom camp as often as possible in New Zealand, then you will need to get or rent a self-contained vehicle. Otherwise, you be prepared to add the cost of campsites, holiday parks and also fine to your budget. We had no idea about this before. But we’ve learn! With our campervan without a self-contained certificate, we normally need to stay in designated sites that allow freedom camping with no self-contained vehicle. These can be free campsites or parking areas with a toilet block nearby. A self-contained vehicle is a vehicle that meets the Caravan Self Contained Certificate standard. The vehicle must have a Self containment certification and the appropriate blue sticker to show this. The standard for a self-contained vehicle must include: toilet, fresh water storage, waste water storage for at least three days and a rubbish bin with a lid. But the surprise is we’ve seen some car with this blue sticker. Our question is : how they can have toilet inside? Is totally impossible ?!

Sticker Self contained 

The Department of Conservation (DOC) they are the government agency charged with conserving New Zealand’s natural and historic heritage .Their vision means ensuring that New Zealanders gain a wide range of benefits from healthy functioning ecosystems, recreation opportunities, and through living our history. They have a really useful website with every information about campsite, walks, great place, maps etc...

The penalties for freedom camping

The penalties arrive if you camp or prepare to camp where you are not allowed (like camp in a vehicle or tent without a toilet/water supply that only allows self-contained vehicles), you damage an area where you are camping in, you dump any waste or rubbish . The council officers and DOC rangers patrol areas that a prone to illegal freedom camping, especially in the high season and during the mornings and evenings. If the officers or rangers tell you to move on, you could be given an instant $200 fine. 💸

Where we can sleep without problem?

The DOC manages also around 200 campsites in New Zealand. ⛺ There are 5 degrees where there is a no camping sign. In addition the dogs are not allowed in all Campsite. 1. Basic, no charge (free) : Simple toilet, water from may be tank, stream or lake. 2. Backcountry, $6 adulte & $3 child : With toilets and water supply. Picnic tables, cooking shelters and maybe fireplace. 3. Standard, $6 adulte & $3 child : With toilets and water supply. Picnic tables, cooking shelters wood BBQs and fireplaces, cold shower and rubbish. 4. Scenic, $13 adulte & $6.50 child : There are in high use location and have more limited range. With toilets and water supply, vehicles and boat access, picnic tables, cooking shelters and maybe fireplace. 5. Serviced, $18 adulte & $9 child : With a wide range or facilities services; flush toilets, tap water, picnic tables, kitchen/ cooking bench, cookers, BBQs, fireplaces, rubbish and laundry facilities.

Brochures Iles Nord & Sud 

There are also many Holiday parks. We didn’t try with our van but for our last day in Christchurch we took a room in one of them.

With a self-contained car, there are some areas and cities offer free-of-charge designated areas where camping is allowed. You can check in a i-site (tourist office) or in the website of the DOC or

With a rental camper van, some local companies created several app on the phone. 📱Like Spaceships , which we use in AUS and NZ (, Jucy Rentals ( or Escape ( There are plenty of informations out there on where you can camp, where you can find toilets, shower, things to do...

Sometimes we were very angry or sad that we couldn't camp where we wished, but it’s a law and we can understand. Due to the actions of some stupid freedom campers around New Zealand over the last decade the country decided to pass the Freedom Camping act in 2011. The people leaving rubbish and used toilet paper on beaches, roadsides, forest where over. We are a little disappointed do not freecamp where we want everywhere but we totally understand that the local people were totally boring about that! Even with those laws, we saw many used toilet papers... 😓 To talk about us, we try to be some fun camper, easygoing. Anywhere we are traveling or living it’s our responsibility to treat, protect the environment with kindness and respect. We are thinking a good camper leave no trace after his camp time.

Leave no trace! 😉✌🏽


Van/Bus/Camper are part of the scenery in NW we crossed them by thousand on the road that paces the country. Of all the colors, all the forms, all kind of arrangements... What give us ideas for a future project!

Our best :

On the north Island : - Lake Rotorua and region. With them wonderful geothermal things and many secret hot water spots. - Tangariro walk track around the volcano

On the South Island : - The lake Hawea and the lake Wanaka without no trace of human - The Milford Sound cruising with the dramatic landscape and the dolphins swimming very close to our boat. 🐬 - Discovery of our space. At the Lake Tekapo. With Earth&sky observatory tours. ✨🌚



One more time Auckland ! Awesome 😓 Normally we should have taken a plane to Perth. But without the Sidney’s visa we couldn't take it. Shit! We hadn't enough slept and we were totally destroyed. So... It was a very fucking day. What's more, every hostels were full because there was a Ed Sheeran's concert in the town. Difficult situation for both of us... We don't know how many time we will stay here... if we can return in Australia... Despite this, we tried to stay positive.💪🏽

We stayed at the airports and discovering them. ( Domestic & International).

Description of the airport :

Free Wifi : Auckland Airport : only 45min/day. Lobby wireless : In front the Novotel hotel. Quantas Free-Wifi : level 1. At the center of the KFC, Macdonal and espresso bar.

Toilets : Many toilets and clean.

Showers : Free hot showers located at the left of the International arrival.

Where sleeping :

  1. Before the entrance to international departure :Spot 1 is juste in front of the entrance to international departure, level 1. The floor is in tissus so pretty confortable and soft. But between 2-3am a man use a vacuum cleaner. And at 7am you have to leave the place. Spot 2 Level G, close to the MacDonald, juste behind the toilets and shower. There is a square quiet room, with a bench. You can recharge your phone, camera or computer. It’s pretty cool but the floor hard.
  2. In the entrance to international departure ; Spot 3. The best spot level 1 in front the China office. You can find armrest free seater bench.
  3. In a hostel close to the airport : There are many hotels that are within walking distances. The cheapest one is the Ibis hostel; 1 night / 2 people = $150. And there is a hotel adjacent the International Terminal.
  4. Airbnb close to the airport : 1 night / 2 people = $40-80
  5. Writte on a cardboard : "We've missed our flight, we're looking for a room"
  6. The hospitality of the inhabitants : Sidney had a great idea to write a little text about our situation on internet. Very surprise, many people answered us very quickly.

Food 🍟🍔 : There are many Macdonald, KFC, Chinese food, Coffe... At 1km there are a Countdown markets. Which is accessible with a charriot baggage and there are also a Warehouse market. Nearby also a Macdonald open 24/24 with free wifi unlimited.

Free food : We helped Buddhist monks to make a great photo, to thank us, they gave us Thai dried apples. We catched a free Macdo that someone forget. Moreover during we were watching a movie a friendly man donated us several beers!

What you can do?

  1. At 2.6km there are a lookout airport. We went a sunny Sunday and there were many local people there. Interesting to see the planes take off or land. For us is a good spot to breath fresh air and the sun in the green place.
  2. Race charriot
  3. Learn skateboard
  4. Seat down in the floor and look the people
  5. Play society games
  6. Drafting 🖍
  7. Looking the flight and dream about a destination
  8. Watching movies 🎥
  9. Play diabolo and find some little friends🤹🏼‍♂️

Green Path between the two airports. ( international & domestic). Around 10min by walk. We made this way 5 times.

Night 1 at the airport, spot 1 :

  1. 21pm : Change airport -> Domestic to the international
  2. 22pm : sleeping or drawing
  3. 00am : wake up by a band of India
  4. 02am : hungry 02-03am : vacuum cleaner
  5. 04am : Chinese walked on us
  6. 05am : have to change the place
  7. 07am : wake up by a worker
  8. 08am : No more answer for the visa

Night 2 at the airport,spot 2 :

  1. 23pm : Find the spot
  2. 00am : Sleep
  3. 03am : Back painful
  4. 04am : Someone pray just in front us
  5. 06am : Baby crying
  6. 09-10am : Awake

Night 3 at the airport,spot 2 :

  1. 23pm : Finish looking movies
  2. 00am : Sleep 🌙
  3. 03am : Back painful
  4. 04am : Girls band
  5. 06am : Chinese group very loudy
  6. 09-10am : Awake
Spot 2  

It was a funny experience to stay and sleep at the airport, maybe because we were together, even if we would have preferred to take our flight on time. Nevertheless the airport is much better than the Camel Fat Backpack where we were sleeping at the beginning of our trip.

However after 3 nights and still no answer for the visa, it's time to find another solution that to be homeless people in the airport. We wrote a text about our situation on a page Facebook, many people offered us their hospitality (we were so surprise) ! After only a couple of hours someone pick-up us at the airport. We arrived in a lovely family so kind and generous ! (Sophie, Letia and their daughter Sammi) They gave us a room (with a real bed 😍 Finally !) and prepared a delicious meal ! After the dinner we went to the beach where the girl learned to ride with her bike, and we played with her. A good evening that makes us forget our worries. The seconde day we enjoyed to sleep all the morning, then we cooked some "macaroni de Chalet" 🇨🇭 to thank them. The second day we enjoyed the house and the garden. At the evening we went to the night market! Very cheap food trucks and staffs. Eastern! On Friday is holiday! We met the Sammi’s grandparents. They jointed us for the lunch and then we went at the beach! For the evening we were to the Royal Easter show 🐣. New Zealand’s largest family show is held every Easter break at the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane, Auckland. With a massive line-up of entertainment, circus acts, rides and exhibits, plus an A&P Show that has been running for more than 160 years, the Royal Easter Show has a special place in the hearts and minds of many New Zealanders. We had a really great time there with them!

Thank you so so much for your hospitality! We never forget all time we had in our family! 💚

During the night between Thursday to Friday we got finally an answer! We can go to Australia! Youyou! On Saturday morning, Sophia & Letia drove us to the Airport, then we took our plane.✈🌏

The adventure continues ! 

We’ve arrived at Perth on Friday and went to take our van. The company rented our car. So we didn’t have any vehicle. The receptionist was very angry and surprised, but she was very nice and she organized for us a really good hotel and it was offered by them. We’ve stayed 2 nights in Perth. We slept at the Novotel hotel is located in Perth's city centre within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions. It features the award winning Senses Restaurant and Wine Bar, and a traditional Irish pub, Fenians. Sauna, spa and gymnasium facilities with spectacular views over the Swan River enhance leisure time. We had also a big and delicious breakfast buffet.


Perth is the largest town and capital of West Australia. Located where the Swan River meets the southwest coast. For nearly 40'000 years the area on which Perth now stands was occupied by groups of the Nyoongar people and their ancestors. The river is a sacred place for Noongar people and they preserved many stories of the Wagyl, a water-serpent understood to be responsible for the creation and maintenance of the river and most of the water features around Perth. The Noongar moved with the seasons, travelling inland in winter then returning in late spring near the ocean. The Aboriginal had contact with various seafaring visitors including the Dutch and the French before the arrival of Captain James Stirling who colonised the region for the British in 1829. Relations between the settlers and the Aboriginals were not always harmonious as the latter were dispossessed of their land and subjected to sometimes harsh and unsympathetic colonial rule. The whites imprisoned Aboriginal resistance on Rottnest Island. In 2009, the State Government signed a framework agreement with the representative body, the South West Aboriginal and Land and Sea Council.

Art Gallery 

Now Perth is a modern and vibrant place city, boasting a desirable lifestyle, great geographic location and attractive investment opportunities. It has ranked consistently among the Top 10 most liveable cities in the world.

The City 

Monday! Our van wait us!

Le van de nos rêves 

Day 1 : We’ve done shopping, deposited our staff and cleaned the van.

Voilà le réel van 

Day 2 : Road trip in the India Ocean Road. We've been to the Pinnacles Desert Discovery which is rising mysteriously from the dune sands are thousands of limestone pillars. There are a drive and walk. ($13) It’s in the Nambing Nation Park.

After that we've driven on the Sandy Cape road. A gravel road during 2.5km. We've found some lookouts. It’s a beautiful beach protected from the south easterly winds by a large sand dune. The beaches are fantastic for swimming, fishing and snorkeling. The camping cost $20/night (2adults and 2children). It’s famous for a 4WD trip. Before that we'd gone to Jurien Bay take some advice and we've touched a snack!! 🐍

Sandy Cape

Campground : We've had wonderful view over the ocean at cliff head north rest. 🌒

La vie en van, c'est cool ! 

Day 3 : We woke up very early and went to Geraldton. Little town but cute. Offering beautiful beaches it’s one of Australia’s top destination for water sport enthusiasts, like surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, jet ski and diving. Then we took a couple of pictures at the Pink Lake at hutt Lagoon at Port Gregory. This color is created by the algue bloom producing bets-carotene.

On voit la vie en rose! 

Kalbarri is encircled by two different landscapes. East of the town are the rust-red inland river gorges with rock formations to the west are towering ocean cliffs.

At The Coastal cliff site we've stopped at Natural bridge Island Rock; short walk from car park after the Rust rocks of red bluff. Red bluff beach is a popular location for swimming, fishing and surfing and just before we'd walked at the Mushroom Rock. We've made a «ploof » in the ocean and then we've entered in the Kalbarri Nation Park. The most iconic attraction of the park is "the nature’s window". We've seen the sunset over there! It was beautiful and the sun gave us a wonderful color over the rock!

Campground : Gelena Bridge Rest Area. Juste after the end of the National Park and big park area. With picnic tables, toilets, BBQ and rubbish.

Day 4 : Let’s go to Shark bay !🦈 This region has white sand beaches, turquoise waters, rust-red sand dune and abundant wildlife. Shark bay became Western Australia’s first Word Heritage listed are in 1991.

We've driven to Hamelin Pool. We would say that which hosts diverse and abundant examples of stromatolites. It’s the world’s oldest living fossils.

Then we swam at the special Shell Beach. 🐚 It's special because the beach is made up from just one type of animal, making it truly unique. The animal whose shells are so readily seen. Shell Beach formed from billion of tiny shells is one of only a handful of places on earth where shells replace beach sand in such dramatic and picturesque way. The beach stretches for 120 km with shells up to 10 metres deep.

At Eagle Bluff we saw many sharks , rays and maybe two dugongs but we weren’t sure, from the boardwalk. From here, you can see spot marine life such as dolphins, turtle and fishes. The road to go there is in sand/gravel.

We took some information at Denham, the main town of Shark Bay. The shallow water alongside the Main Street is safe for swimming. Unfortunately is not the best spot to snorkeling but I swam for the first time with a little ray and Sid caught his first little fish! 🐡 ( he return it in the ocean )

Then we drove a 4WD road in the Francois Peron National Park where the desert meet the ocean. We went inside until Peron Heritage Precint à historic site with picnic area, BBQ and hot tub in artesian water around 40 degrees. Unfortunately we couldn’t go anymore deep in the National Park because we really needed a 4WD.

We've looked the sunset at Denham Park and made some vegetables BBQ! Delicious!

Campground : We slept at Eagle Bluff Area. We woke up for the sunrise! 🌅😍

Day 5 : Monkey Mia is a famous places for dolphins interaction in the world. The Natural Park Passes does not apply to Monkey Mia Reserve and this cost $12/ person. We went at 7:46 to feed some dolphins ! 🐬 It was very touristic but the dolphins were very close to us and lucky me, I could give a fish to feeding Kiya. The bottlenose dolphins are wild and make their daily ritual of swimming to shore to interact with humans. That started over 45 years ago. Their numbers and time of visit vary however they often visit the shore between 7:45am to 12pm. Monkey Mia dolphins are protected by Parks and Wildlife’s management program. There are many rules to must follow them there.

We did a "ploof" at Nanga Bay in a turquoise water and pretty hot. Then Sidney'd driven! We were into the desert it was so hot ! ☀

After this long road we've looked the Blowholes. They form a natural spectacle as the ocean is forced throughout sea caves before exploding out through holes in the rock. The spray can be very high like 20m! 🌊💨 And located one kilometer south, Point Quobba is a pristine beach protected by a coral reef. It’s called « the aquarium ». Ideal for snorkeling Sidney enjoyed it! (Unfortunately there wasn’t any shower I couldn’t go in the water because it’s too salty for my sensitive skin.)

Paradis, dehors et dans l'eau ! 

Day 6 : Ningaloo Region is the largest fringing reef system, stretched 300km from Red Bluffs to the Muiron Island. The Ningaloo Marine Park is paradise due to the coral garden. You can see manta rays, turtles, whales sharks and humpback wales.

We went snorkeling at Coral Bay, a little pretty town. It’s a good family holiday destinations. The white sand beaches were amazing, calm and protected, making them ideal family swimming location with many colorful coral formations right off the beach. We had looking for a whale shark Tours but it was too expensive ($400 each). Then we couldn’t go to Ningaloo Point Cloates famous place to see whale shark and snorkeling with little sharks because the road was 32km and only for 4WD.

Exmouth is a little town situated at the nortern gateway of Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area. I bought a new pink « mask and tuba » 😍. The tourist center have 30min free WiFi and we took some informations before enter to the Cape Range National Park. We had to book online our campground at the Milyering Discovery Center (I). Into the NP wildlife such as emus, red and grey kangaroos and dingoes are sighted. What is more, we did snorkeling at Lakeside! We saw many many fishes and wonderful corals. 🐠

Campground : North Mandu like every campsites in the National Park we paid $11/ per. We've arrived in this small area and some Kangourous came to us to say hello! So cool & cut! We've looked the sunset 🌅

Coucou les copains Kangourous! 

Day 7 : Snorkeling at Oyster Bay. This site offers great views of marine life. We were very close to the corals because the water wasn’t deep. It was difficult and we had to be careful entering in the water as the oyster shells and rocks can be sharp. We really have had a good time there! We saw many corals fishes, rays, and a shark! 🦈 Second snorkeling spot at Turquoise Bay. It’s a beautiful white sand beach with a turquoise water. We’ve had a fantastic snorkeling experience and we saw 2 sharks, many fishes and corals. But the currents was stronger that the other places.

Coucou les copains poissons! 

Campground : Mesa Camp. We've looked the sunset at the top of a sand dune. 🌅

Day 8 : We've taken the breakfast at North West Cape in front of the Wrek of SS Mildura. We made some shopping at Exmouth. Suddenly we've had some WiFi and my brother had sent me a text 3 day ago about the Magic Pass!! Fortunately we could order until 12pm today ! So we've booked our Magic Ski Pass before to go into the desert! Sidney has driven until Tom Price = 700km. It was too hot outside! But the road was very cool in the desert. We've seen many big cow 🐮 This day it was raining and we have seen a sand tornado 🌪!

Campground : On the road before Tom Price, next to a railway where we saw the biggest train that we never seen. Tshou Tshou !

Day 9 : We've taken our breakfast and some information at the little town Tom Price. Then we've entered in the Karijini National Park. This NP is one of the most spectacular sights in the Pilbara region. We've taken some walk trails lead deep into breathtaking gorges with crystal clear rock pools and sometimes some waterfalls. 😍💦 Like at Oxer lookout (class 2) and Hancock Gorge (1.5 km class 5). To go there Sidney'd driven a 4WD road (which the woman at the information center inadvisables us to go but Sidney is a really good driver). Wahoo! AMAZING !

Then Knox Gorge (2km class 5) and finals at Joffre Falls. (3 km class 5) We've followed the path into the bottom of the gorge to the fist pool downstream of the waterfall. The best saison for see a beautiful waterfall is April to November.There are 5 class of walk. 1 easy - 5 difficult with narrow walk and sometimes climbing. We really recommend this NP, it was one of our best spot!

Campground : Dales camping area in the National Park $11/pers

Day 10 :We've woke up early because it was too hot and went eat our breakfast at circular pools. A fantastic place where we could swim at the end of a short walk. From here we walked in beautiful path ( if you don’t look the spiders there are sooo many ! 😱🕷) until Fortescue Falls.

We’ve driven all the afternoon and arrived at Port Hedland. OMG! This town is the town of work export and import. We’ve seen many long long trains 🚂 ( Sid counts 143 wagons) many trucks, salt piles and petroleum. We would have gone in the water with this hot temperatures. We’ve asked at the information « Where there are a beach around here? » The woman have answered with a low voice « You can’t swim in the ocean here, there are plenty of sharks, crocodiles and box jellyfishes (the most dangerous). So ok, we forget the ploof 😅✌🏽. We’ve took the lunch-diner close to the beach ( but only views of the beach) looked the sunset over the big boats of harbor and have a look for our next stops. Oh and this day we’ve seen a forest fire!

Sur la route 

Campground :Rest Area on the road

Day 11 : We've taken a road long of 600km. We would have swum at Eighty Mile Beach beautiful beach but we've just seen a shark swimming in the sea, like 1.5m in front of us. So we've only picked some shells and went back in the van. We've arrived at Broome and finally we could go swimming! But there were many stingers (jellyfishes), they stung us and during the night we've had our skin completely itchy.

Eighty Mile Beach avec le requin! 

Campground :Roebuck Plains Parking Area

Day 12 : We couldn't sleep well because it was too too hot and our skins were totally itchy. We’ve walked in the China Town. Then we’ve been to the lighthouse take the breakfast and tried to see dinosaurs prints and also some snubbie dolphins. After that it was very too hot we’ve stay in the library take some informations for the north and send some texte at our family and friends. Then we’ve taken the lunch at the park and seen many aboriginals. We’ve been to Cable beach which is 22km long to look the sunset🌅 There were too many mosquitoes.

Cable Beach 

Day 13 : We’ve visited the Baobab Prison Tree. This tree believes to be 1’500 years old and is 14m in circumference. It was used as a staging point for prisoners being walked into Derby in the early days. The prison tree is a registered Aboriginal Site.

Baobab Prison et exemple de fruits décoré du baobab 

At Derby we’ve a look at the Saturday market which offers local produce, craft, art, food and before have taken some advices at the information center. Next we’ve walked at the Derby Wharf which was the first wharf of a wooden T-shaped structure located at the northern. We were interested about the Norval Gallery; crafts, aboriginal arts etc.. And during all the afternoon we’ve stayed in the Memorial swimming pool. Soo cool fresh water and shadow! 💦 A local man told us: here is a family town, every one say hello! 👋🏾 We’ve looked the sunset at One Mile Camper where there are some baobab trees. Beautiful view!

Résumé de notre journée à Derby 

Boab Trees 🌳 There are many fine examples Boab around Derby, ranging from the very young to very old. Because the tree is a protected species in our Shire.

Baobab tree au couché du soleil 

Campground : In the town at the same place where we’ve stayed during the evening.

Day 14 : Let’s go to Fitzroy Crossing. The "Getho Town". At 250km from Derby this town is very particular. The information center is only open on the week and unfortunately we were a little bit too early for the tourist season, it's from May. Many roads and parks were close. We’ve gone tho Fitzroy River. A man told us : Oh here there are only freshwater crocodile! ✌🏽 Ok thanks for this advice but probably we are not going in the water 😅

Then we’ve stopped at Ngumban Cliff (rest area), Mary pool (nice rest area with BBQ, shadow and «fresh» air) and Halls Creeks which is a nice little town who live aboriginal peoples. The town has many art gallery, a big swimming pool and supermarkets. There is a place where is a natural vein of sub-vertical white quartz rising up to 6m. The English name is China Wall (because it’s somewhat reminiscent of the Great Wall of China) and the Jura language as Burruluba. We couldn't visit The Purnulu National Park because unfortunately it’s only for 4WD. 😔

China Wall 

Campground :Spring Creek just in front the NP. We’ve had a nice sleep not too hot!

Day 15 : At Kununurra we’ve taken some informations know about the road open for 2WD and have gone to many Springs, nice little swimming hole with waterfall in the Ngamooealem Conservation Park. After that, The Grotto a magnificent gorge and a wonderful safe swimming spot. There are 2 Tarzan rope, to go there around 150 stairs. The 3rd spot : El Questro Emma Gorge with a big waterfall. We swam in the refreshing water after 2km of Walk. There were some frogs in the toilets and showers! 🐸 It was a beautiful day with some our preferred spot!

Les 3 spots 

Campground : Cockburn Rest Area

Day 16 : Breakfast and swimming time at the Kununurra Lake where there are only freshwater crocodiles. Later the Argyle Lake. It’s a vast freshwater lake formed by the damming of Ord River. We’ve had a lunch and relax at the Resort where is a spectacular swimming pool infinity before inter in the Northern Territory.

Point de vu du lac 
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Day 16 : We’ve across the border and arrived in the Northern Territory. The time change it’s 1h30 later! Cool! The sunset will not be at 5:30 pm but 7pm! 🌅

Campground : Saddle rest area. Hamac, wine, relaxing song perfect evening!

Pour bien commencer la journée 

Day 17 :Top End we are here! We’ve stopped at Timber Creek. Every road on the Gregory Nation Park is accessible only with a 4WD. We could only see the Gregory Trees. This large boab tree stands at the Campsite of the early explorer. We’ve driven along the Victoria River where estuarine (saltwater) crocodiles inhabit inside! Afterward we’ve taken some new maps and information at Katherine. Then we’ve swam in the Katherine Hot Springs. There are located just five Minutes driving from the center. Cool spot and not really hot but nice!

Katherine hot springs 

Campground : King Rest Area. Oh that speak French around us!

Day 18 : We’ve gone to Mataranka the town is known as the “ Capital of the Never Nerver”. Jeannie Gunn write a famous book which is part of Australia’s folklore. 2km before Mataranka we’ve stopped at Bitter Springs a tropical spring-fed and mineral-rich thermal pool. We’ve seen two little turtles and some fishes. We’ve met the frenchs guys there. Then a short walk has brought us together at the Termal pool. This sandy bottom Pool surrounded by palms is 34 degres. The two spots are in the Elsey National Park (free).

After that we’ve taken a short walk which offers fantastic views over the waterfalls and the Edith River Upper pool and we’ve swam in the Upper Pool. And adjacent to the car park at the base of Edith falls there is a large pool. There was not allowed yet to swim there because there were some crocodiles. The park offers a variety of walking tracks, there are a picnic area and in campground near the base of the falls.

Drôle de luminosité... Orageux ? 

Campground : Truck Rest Area

Day 19 : Pine Creek and then the Kakadu National Park. The World Heritage-listed coveting almost 20’000km2 is a place of contrasting landscapes and Dover habitats. There are 6 main landforms; 1.Woodland 2. Monsoon rainforest 3 Hills and broken ridge lines 4.cliffs and dominant sandstone 5. Tidak flats, mangroves and coastline 6. Rivers, billabongs, floodplains.


A numb and of Aboriginal clams still reside within the park. It’s home to one of the largest concentrations of Aboriginal rock art with galleries like Ubir where we couldn’t go there because the road was under the water 😓 (floodway) and Warradjan.

In our opinion we’ve learned a lot about the aboriginal cultures but many roads were closed and we’ve been a little disappointed to pay $25/pers for that.

Campground : Manton Dam Rest Area

Day 20 : We’ve entered in the Litchfield National Park. Stop 1 : Termite Mounds found on the floodplains, standing up to five metres in height. Stop 2 : The lookout to view of these dramatic Tolmer Falls. There is no access to the gorge below. Stop 3 : Cascade is a year-round waterhole suitable for swimming, is 3.5 kilometre return walk. Stop 4: Wangi Falls is the most popular because it’s easy access. There are BBQ in the picnic areas and waterfalls surrounding a swimming hole (unfortunately closed -> crocodiles). A cafe/restaurant and a information are provided near the car park. Stop 5 : Bulet Rockhole is a series of small waterfalls and rockholes that provide a perfect site to simply cool and relax, many locals come here drink some beers. 🍻 Stop 6 : Florence Falls is a spectacular double waterfall set admidst monsoon rainforest. There are a lookout and many stairs to get to the base where we’ve swam.

Day 21 : We’ve woke up early and walked until the Robin Falls. Then we’ve looked for the crocodiles farm which is probably close now so we didn’t find it and we’ve gone at Botter Springs, beautiful natural pools for swimming usually, but in this time some crocodiles inhabit inside 😓

Avec un arc-en-ciel 

Day 22 : Darwin! Last step! We’ve driven around the town, found a camping and prepare our bags! We’ve had across Fannie Bay and the harbour to the city skyline on the afternoon and stayed to enjoy the sunset there.

Campground : Discovery Holiday Park $38 with powered

Day 23 : We've dropped off the van and went to the YHA hostel located in the center of Darwin. There are a floor sundeck for chilling and 2 swimming pools, a little waterfalls spa & a pool bar. A range of air-conditioned rooms to suit all budgets, including 4-6 beds dorms with or without ensuite, private twin/double rooms and a girls floor only. The property also features free off street parking, free wifi, a lift to all floor, communicate kitchen and 24 hour reception. We've taken the diner in the Bar&Grill Shenannigans and we've eaten only regional specialities; Kangaroos, crocodiles & buffalo meat skewers with sweet potatoes&corns. Soo delicious!

At the end Sidney has driven 7'930km & Victoria has driven 2km = 7'932km

On the road again... 

And we've seen : 5 snakes, 1 frogs colony on the toilets, 3 dingoes, 2 sand tornadoes, 8 floodways, 6 sharks, 18 National Parks, more than 1'000 spiders ( Victoria a vraiment aimé!), many kangaroos&wallabies (dead&alive), some cows&buffaloes and too many wood fires.

And every things with 20litres of wines and 3kg of cheese.

En route pour la prochaine étape! 
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We’ve been to Darwin Airport by hitchhiking. We’ve slept at the airport. Many people take a rest here because there are some flies at any hours.

Day 1 : We’ve arrived to Alice Spring around 10am. To go to the town (15km) we’ve tried hitchhiking and after 5min a man paid for us a shuttle ! Nice man! Then we’ve picked up our wicked car! Soo cool we have had a big Jurassic Park car ! We’ve driven until the Uluru. From Alice Spring is 450km. Surprisingly the sky was totally grey, I had to put a pant what is more it was raining during a little moment. Then we entered in the park to see the sunset go down over the Uluru.

Sur les routes du Red Center 
Uluru 1er soir

Camping : Ayers Rock ressort. Camping just at the exit of the park.

Day 2 : We looked the sunrise at the lookout and then we joined the free ranger-guided Mala walk at 8am. It was very interesting to learn more about Anangu culture and the significance of Uluru. Then we’ve continued the base walk. The Mala Walk is 2km (return) and Base Walk 11km around the rock. We’ve had a little cold at the beginning of the walk and Victoria walked all the path wearing a pant! Next we’ve gained more information of Anangu culture at the Culture Center. We’ve enjoyed the picnic area to taking the lunch. During the days we were been here, the Tjungu festival was organized in the town. This is a Australia Indigenous culture event. After this hot day, we chilled at the swimming pool in the camping before going again in the NP for the sunset.

Lever du soleil sur Uluru 
Mala Walk and Base Walk 
Couché du soleil sur Uluru 

Camping :Ayers Rock ressort

Day 3 : We’ve been at Kata Tjuta Dune to watch the sunrise and took the breakfast because there are a great place for picnic there. You can see Uluru further and just in front Kata Tjuta. After that we walked the Walls Gorge 2.6km. The Kata Tjuta means "many heads" in the local language. This area is secured under Tjukurpa (aboriginal law) and Anangu people. We’ve returned driven all around the Uluru. Before to return direction Alice Spring we’ve taken a rest at the camping’s swimming pool and eaten there. In the way, we got stuck of fuel. Fortunately after 30min we could continue!

Kata Tjuta 

Camping : Last rest area before Alice spring ; Mt Polhill. Ok for vehicles but anyplace for the tentes.

Ce chemin infini ... ! 

Day 4 :We entered in the MacDonnell National Park which is very close to Alice Spring. We'd beginned to take the breakfast at Ormiston Gorge. And we finished our day-trip at Ellery Creek big hole. Beautiful "beach" but the water was extremely cold!

Campground: Tropic of Capricorn Rest Area. Only 20min in the north from Alice Spring.

About the Uluru : Climb or not climb? For the Aboriginal people is a real important rock and you shouldn’t climb. And over 35 people have died attempting it, so next year it will be prohibit to go up. In our opinion we think it’s a good idea to stop this hike.

For more history ; On 1985, title deeds to Uluru&Kata Tjuta were handed back to Anangu (the aboriginal people who lives there) traditional owners who then leased the land to the federal government for 99 years. Since then, Anangu have been working together with the Director of National Parks to jointly manage this place.

About the park passe is $25 for 3 days per adult.