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Par tinabo
Saké tasting
Mars 2012
15 semaines
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Publié le 18 avril 2019

Daimon brewery : during a week immersed (a little bit more in water than in saké) in the sake brewing, we can taste... and taste again... and again this sakés :

Our Favorite : Yama Kaze ... and "35" is very elegant and aromatic.

Tasting in Osaka (Asano Nihonshuten Sake shop Umeda) with Daimon San, nice experience to share a tasting with an expert :

a few examples amond the tasting  (the "five" blue is a good souvenir)
a tasting with the Daimon Team  (Kubota, Tentaka let us a good memory)
• • •

We spend an evening in Nara with a tasting at Naraizumi Yusai (なら泉勇斎). A very simple place, with a good choice of Saké and a warm atmosphere among young Japanese connoisseurs. A little hard but fun to exchange without a shared langage. Everybody want to advice his "coup de coeur".

We retain 3 Sakes from the Nara area :

1. Inada Junmai : Dry and umami

2. this Junmai Ginjo : Delicate with fruity flavor. We can't remenber or read the name (maybe Yutyo, Chiyo or Imanishi).3. A "coup de coeur" of our neighbours : We don't really like sparkling Saké, but this one, after aeration, reveals a round and interesting taste.

• • •

A "touristic" brewery in nara :

• • •

After Nara and a few days walking in the beautiful mountains of Iya valley, we taste some more Sakés in TosaShu bar (土佐酒バル) in Kochi.

Here too, the beginning was hard with langage. The barman speaks as well English than we speak Japanese. 😊. But after our first choices, he really want to try to advice us, and was glad when we appreciate his preferred one.

Our choice among about ten :1. Bijofu Junmai Dai Ginjo Nama, 2. Minami Junmai Nama, 3. Kikusui Junmai

And we buyed some in a small but well supplied shop nearby. 
• • •

At the end of the trip, in Osaka,

The last evening, we enter a small Isakaya in a old-fashionned galery in Shinsekai. Here the barman speak English enough to notice our interest for saké. After our 2 first choices we discuss a little bit with him and explain that we want to finish our few Yens left to discover saké. So he proposes to make a selection for us. Clearly his desire to share good sakés is more important than the money we have : Our favorite is the last one (we finaly found his name : kisuisen by 30). Harmonious and warm flavor. We found the last 4 very interesting. The n°6 is curious in the first taste but become better and better after a few moments.It was our first try of dasai 50, nice, clear but a little too light in front of "Daimon taste". Now back in Brussels... The experience in the brewery fill our memory...