Hello everyone if I write this today is to present to you my travel diary of when I'm going to Australia
Avril 2019
3 semaines
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It was in the end the big day we were on April 16th and I took my luggage and I set off towards the airport

I had to cross all of America to join Australia In all this was 16 hours of flight without stopovers

The flight will last for 13 hours in all I was anxious to arrive

Once I arrived I was still asleep and when I opened my eyes through the ublot I saw a beautiful landscape

I was finally arriving

Once I left the plane I went to the address of my hotel and I had to go through the beautiful city of Sydney the scenery was so beautiful

i find myself currently in the red dot

Arriving at the hotel people was very friendly with me as I was a tourist and the hotel was simply beautiful to see

I went to rest because the next day I was expecting
Arriving on site the place was beautiful to see and I saw several diver observing the fence

I woke up I went straight to the rendezvous of my tour guide and he announced to me that we were going to visit the coral reef. With 2 300 kilometers (1 430 miles) the great barrier reef is the longest coral reef in the world. You can snorkel, scuba dive, and swim with living wonders.After It hosts several maritime species different from liabilities as dangerous

Below we have the sea turtle as cute as innofance and on the side we have the white shark do not venture to cross its path otherwi...

Then 9 days later we went to see the Uluru Ayers Rock ( 31april th)

The most famous site is probably Uluru, a true emblem of Australia, the largest monolith in the world rising to 348 m in the middle of the desert and whose colour changes according to its exposure to the Sun. The place has a profound cultural significance for the Anangu aborigines.Uluru would then be the oldest mountain in the world, much older than Mount Everest.

Sunrise and sunset on the shimmering monolith will be a highlight of your trip. The ascent or the Tower of the base of the rock at...

The Uluru-Kata Tjuta region is home to one of the world's most spectacular desert faunas. Rare species such as marsupial mole, bur...

In werklikheid, hierdie gebied is die tuiste van meer as 700 spesies van plante en 'n gevarieerde fauna wat daar bly elke keer as dit reën.

Die Molog of thorous Duiwel het acclimated aan die streek van Mount Uluru.


It is off Adelaide in South Australia that Kangaroo Island is a small corner of paradise. It is the island nature par excellence, one of the few places in Australia where you can observe in freedom: kangaroos, penguins, opossums, wallabies, riots, koalas and Platypus. You can also dive and watch and swim with the seals and discover the whales in season.The island of kangaroo was preserved from sailors and pests until the 19th century, thanks to its cliffs and its isolation from the Mainland. It is undoubtedly what is worth to the island to have always preserved an exceptional fauna and flora.There are few places in the world where the emotional shock is also intense. Kangaroo Island, these are no less than 18 natural parks and some essential wonders... to discover in organized circuit or in turn at the wheel of your vehicle.I had to take the boat and cross the water for 2 hours to reach this island

The island of Kangaroo Island is a veritable "natural Zoo" that houses ago the largest variety animal species in Australia. Of the 700 species present, three are distinguished by their popularity: the Kangaroo, the koala and the sea lion

After there is plenty of other species such as Penguin of the pelicans of the Bandicoot

He is a Bandicoot

Seal BayLocated on the South coast of the island, the Bay hosts more than 500 Australian sea lions who are bashing on sand and dunes. Access to the beach is allowed under the supervision of the guards of the reserve, a guided tour allows to close closely these extraordinary giants of the seas.

Kelly Hill conservation ParkThis veritable underground labyrinth of caves and siphons in limestone showcases splendid formations of stalagmites, stalactites and helictites.


This trip to Australia was great is my permit to decouvirir lots of beautiful scenery and a lot of espece but all good thing has an end and I must return to my country but I would come back one day in this beautiful country called Australia You know all about my trip