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Août 2016
7 jours
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During my summer holidays, I went to the world entertainment capital: Los Angeles ! I travelled with my parents and my brother. I stayed in an hotel for one week, and I'm going to talk about my trip.

I landed at LAX at 10 A.M.

I ate in a famous fast food in the U.S.A called In-N-Out. It was delicious !

After this I started to visit Los Angeles. I rode on Sunset Boulevard by car. It's the longest street in L.A with its 40 kilometres. I walked on the Melrose Avenue, one of the most famous streets of the city. There are a lot of drawings on the walls and a lot of colours. This first day was very cool !

Sunset Boulevard
Melrose Avenue

The second day, I went to Universal Studios Hollywood. It's an amusement park and the production studio of NBC Universal. I spent the day there and it was amazing! There were Harry Potter's, Jurassic Park's, Simpson's themes. I did a lot of great attractions. I think it's a thing to do when you go on the West Coast.

Universal Studios
Universal Studios

I walked a lot. I went hiking to the Hollywood's letters. I t was very impressive to see it in real because we all saw it at least one time.

I walked on the Walk of Fame.. I saw a lot of celebrities' stars like John Lennon, Michael Jackson, John Green, Marilyn Monroe, Eminem, Jennifer Lopez, Daniel Radcliffe...

I walked on the Hollywood Boulevard.

It was a very good day because we saw a lot of thing that we saw in the television.

Walk of Fame

The fourth day was a beach day. I spent the day Venice Beach. I sunbathed, I played volley-ball, I surfed and I swam. It was a cool day and we could rest before walk a lot the next days.

Venice Beach

In the morning, I went to Olvera Street. It's one of the oldest street of Los Angeles. It's a very beautiful street. There are a lot of little shops and restaurants. I could taste a lot of Mexican specialities.

In the afternoon, I walked in Bervely Hills. It's a famous city next to Los Angeles where a lot of celebrities live. It was beautiful.

Beverly Hills (left) and Olvera Street (right)

I spent the day in Santa Monica, I saw the Santa Monica pier, I did shopping, I did some attractions and I walked a lot. I went back to Melrose Avenue to do some shopping before come back to France and buy some American specialities.

Santa Monica

I didn't do anything because I had to take the plane at 10 A.M. I just had the time to take my last pictures for the memories... I think it was one of my best travels because I discovered a new city, a new way of life, I went in the United States of America for the first time, I met new people, I ate a lot of American specialities like apple pie, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos... It was a great experience and I would go back there as soon as possible !