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2 months of internship in Mauritius with friends

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Publié le 10 mai 2019

D-day, we met at 12pm at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, all as excited as the others about our great trip. 15:20, we take off from Paris a little late. No problem, as long as we get to Mauritius in one piece, we're delighted. Without lying, the trip was nevertheless very long, quite tiring (except for some who were able to lie down in their 4 seats, without saying who of course...). After 14 hours of flight, a lot of crying because of "a star is born" that was diffused in the plane and of course after good gastronomic meals cooked by great French chefs, we landed.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mauritius Airport. Local time is 7:47 and the temperature is 28 degrees. For your safety and comfort, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the Captain turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign. This will indicate that we have parked at the gate and that it is safe for you to move about. Please check around your seat for any personal belongings you may have brought on board with you and please use caution when opening the overhead bins, as heavy articles may have shifted around during the flight. We wish you a very good stay in Mauritius and we hope to see you again very soon"

A driver is waiting for us at the exit of the airport with a small sign "aynaud". First shock coming out of the airport: the stifling heat falls on our shoulders. We, who left Paris with sweaters and pants, arrive in Mauritius with only one idea in mind: refresh ourselves. After an hour and a half of travel in our mini-bus, overcrowded with our tons of suitcases, we arrive at our destination: Coastal road, tip to the cannoniers, Grand bay, Mauritius. We are welcomed like kings by Cecile, Alexandre and nougat. We discover the house, thrilled. We got our bearings quickly and immediately went to freshen up in the pool. Still exhausted by this long journey, we decided to go to the beach, to rest on the soft white sand. The second big shock: the beauty of the water. A turquoise and transparent sea, with sand so fine that you can barely feel it and so white that you could mistake it for snow.A morning that totally exceeds the heights of our hopes for this stunning island. Alexandre comes quickly to get us, just in time before our skin, so white that we can see through it, turns scarlet red. The amazement continues when we arrive at home and discover a great barbecue waiting for our bellies emptied by the flight. After that, in the afternoon, we test our patience by going to buy sim cards, we discover "la croisette", and we go home to rest. After a superb dinner, we fall asleep full of images in the head, all excited by the next day.

Publié le 10 mai 2019

First morning in Mauritius.

The alarm rings at 6:30. the first shower in the morning is clearly essential, we had really hot last night. We wake up to the singing of the birds, which makes us in a cheerful mood in the morning. A tasty breakfast is waiting for us under the varangue.

Today is our first day as an intern at foredeck consulting. we arrived in Mauritius the day before in the morning, so we are a little tired from the trip but this fatigue is hidden behind the excitement of our arriving at work. We arrive at "the junction" which is a kind of incubator for small businesses. The place is really very pleasant and recent. There is a cafeteria, tables for lunch around the palm trees, lots of vegetation...

We arrived, and were particularly well introduced to all the team, very nice people. We are 10 in an open space coworking space. From my office, I can see the Pieter Both, it is the second highest peak on the island, with a head-shaped rock at the top. It's very pretty. After the presentations, we discussed with the managing director of the company who explained more precisely what they were doing, how they were forcing them and who their customers were. So we then discovered all their customers by wandering around their sites, to better know who we will be working with. We did an analysis of each company that you can find in the appendix. We came home in the evening with one of our colleagues on the bus.

Two hours after leaving the office, we finally get home after many adventures. We walked 20 minutes instead of 5 with Lisa, our colleague because we chatted, so we missed our bus and waited for the next one for an hour and fifteen minutes, once we got on the bus we rode at full speed, slaloming between the cars on the road so much traffic is...... special. Lisa is very nice to us. She tells us about her beloved island, gives us good plans and things that we absolutely need to visit and teaches us a few words in Creole. Once we arrive at destination, we find everyone else and we debrief our first day. To our great disappointment, not everyone has an internship as exciting as for Louis and me, but it's to be arranged, I'm sure of that. Alex is very happy, his internship is very nice, he sets up and programs websites, prepares events for the French tech and makes presentations for his company. Juju works at the Victoria. To our great surprise she returns home delighted with her day, she has been doing sport all day, animating the aquagym and playing with the children. So she was happy but exhausted. Mathou did her internship in Mauricia, she is a little disappointed with her day, she didn't have much responsibility, people weren't very nice and were laughing at her... bad pick, it will be better tomorrow. And fannou for the moment, REALLY no luck. she ends up making the rooms with obnoxious people. despite some disappointments, we remain overall super happy with our day, and we think that it's only the first day and that things will get better. We have supper and go to the beach to watch the stars. Despite being attacked by stray dogs, it was absolutely incredible!

We go home to bed, exhausted by this first rather tiring day.

Demain nou zouene (see you tomorrow)

Publié le 10 mai 2019


3rd day in Mauritius, what a dream life! We start to get used to the rhythm. Wake up 6:30, shower, juju shouting "don't turn on the light!!!!!" breakfast with the singing of the birds, nougat saying hello, in short, everything is going well.

Today is our second day at foredeck consulting. We had at 11am a conference call with Isabelle Dupond, our internship manager who is unfortunately in France at the moment. She explained in detail our internship assignment to which she had already introduced us before.

We have three main missions.

- Test a new client of Foredeck, which is doing home furniture

- Find an adapted software of workflow management for the company

- Find French companies who needs foredeck’s services, having between 5 to 30 points of sails.

We then spent some time with jason, the managing dirrector, who explained the main lines of the client mistere process, with whom we were not very familiar. It is really very pleasant to work with him, Isabelle and the whole team. They give us confidence and give us real responsibility to have a constructive and enriching internship. So we followed this discussion with a better understanding of how a mystery shopper test works. In the afternoon we started working on a software that could meet the expectations of our mission. We need to find something easy and intuitive to use that allows us to bring added value to the company, so it's not obvious because we don't know much about software.

Around 4:00 p. m., Cecile came to pick us up at work to see Juliette riding. I let you imagine how delighted I was!

We arrived at her stable, it's brand new and beautiful, right in the middle of the sugar cane fields. We managed to find her in the career after a while, even if, and my parents are the first to know this, finding someone in a career is not something easy. She was in class on a cute little grey pony. She had a jumping class, it was really very funny to see horses even in Mauritius. There was also a small farm, with a big boomer of Louis who succeeded brilliantly in communicating with the goats. We went back to LA CAS (my creole level is increasing day by day) and drank phenix thinking that we were still very lucky to live what we were living.

Publié le 10 mai 2019

third day at the office, day four in Mauritius. It's not as hot as the previous day, it's nice.

we woke up and arrived at 7:45, like every morning at work. It's a little early but it allows us to start working earlier and therefore to leave earlier to enjoy our late afternoon. We had in the morning an interview with the "tester team " as we call them, which takes care of everything before the test, and in the afternoon with the "report team " which takes care of the part after the test.

We wrote the company's process, with each step in detail, from the signing of the contract to the presentation of the results.

We wrote it with paragraphs but also in the form of a Gantt table, because we have learned in class how to make one. We had in the afternoon to continue our software investigation, which is progressing little by little. We hitchhiked to the bus to get back, the sunset was just amazing.

When we got home we went swimming and nougats was completely crazy. I had to play with him for an hour until I got tired of it and rest on a deckchair, and even then he came to chew my hand off. damn nougat.

Publié le 10 mai 2019

TGIF!!!!! After this long week, it's finally Friday. Well, it's true that this week has been absolutely incredible but we are so tired! the 9 am coffee break when the cafeteria opens becomes unavoidable!

Nice early morning, we worked on the process that we finished by the way. I hope it will please Isabelle because we really put a lot of effort into it.

For lunch, Cecile let us prepare lunch boxes with the rest of the evening meal. A gratin with a kind of Mauritian squash whose name I can't remember. It was really good.

We started working again around 1 pm, we started writing our internship reports and at 2 pm we had a meeting with Elvin, the office manager of foredeck. We have therefore finished interviewing all the members of the team to better understand their roles in the company.

At the end of the afternoon, like a good real Friday, we didn't work much. Neither does the team. We gathered around a table to discuss everything and nothing. It was really nice. We are very fortunate to work with such kind and pleasant people. It's very motivating.

To get home, delphine dropped us off halfway and we took a brown taxi with Lisa. Fortunately, she was there otherwise he would probably have ripped us off but thanks to her, taking a taxi is cheaper than taking the bus. So cool!

We arrived home at around 5:00 p. m., and we found our little fannou with a smile all over her face, finally! She managed to change hotel, so she's thrilled to leave the 20 drgree sud, our little blonde's hell.

Tonight, Alexandre's parents are not having dinner with us, and after fanny's good news it was euphoria at home. We danced, sang our heads off to celebrate this good news.

The friends arrived from work gradually and we had dinner together, juliette louis alex fanny and I, it was really nice.

Once our belly had been filled, we went to get mathou at the Mauricia and we went to celebrate the weekend on the beach. After being attacked by a pack of herding dogs, we finally rested our feet in the soft sand.

We had a great evening, under the starry sky. But the tiredness quickly caught up with us and we collapsed very quickly.

Publié le 13 mai 2019

The first weekend in Mauritius.

We wanted to do a lot of activities but the tiredness quickly calmed us down by nailing ourselves to the bed until 10 am. We still got up after a while, it would be a shame to waste our first weekend...

However, not everyone was of the same opinion, juju and mathou stayed a few more hours to sleep.

So we went to four of us, louis fanou, alex and me to the Pamplemousse garden to calebasse. It is a sumptuous tropical botanical garden that has revealed its many species from all over the world, which have amazed us with their bewitching essences and sumptuous colours.

We didn't take a guide because of a lack of budget, but it was a pity in the end because we didn't have any explanations on the species.

Once our little excursion is over, we pick up the girls at home to have lunch with Alex's friend Philippine.

We went to a little restaurant on the beach, L'orizon. It was absolutely gorgeous. Well don't ask me what I ate, from the moment a steak tartare comes before me, I can't refuse his call.

After filling our bellies with good things in front of a beautiful landscape, we went to rest on the beach. Unfortunately, there were a few clouds which made us stay only one hour.

Once we got home to rinse and get dressed, we went for a mcdo. 30 € for 7 people, record to beat.

In the evening we organized a party on the beach. Everything was there. Small arch of a circle of napkins, palm branches for totem poles, campfires, music, rhum, we were at our best.

We had a superb evening under the Mauritian stars.

But the fact that we were late Saturday night made us wake up (in a charming way) around 12pm on the afternoon the next day. We went shopping for the week, then went back to the beach. This time, the sun was there to spend a great afternoon. We sunbathed on our towels, played in the sand, swam with masks, walked along the sea... this day was very pleasant.

Publié le 16 mai 2019

Monday Morning, beginning of the first full week in Mauritius.

This morning we made some preparations for our afternoon visits. We had to go to two interior design stores and enrich the mystery shopper's survey on this.

so we studied the questioner and we tried to get a first idea of the missing points and excess questions.

In the afternoon we went to visit the two stores, one in Port Louis and the other in Grand Bay. It was very interesting to see how the team worked in the field, what types of questions they were asking and how they were reacting.

Alexandre picked us up in Grand Bay after our last visit and we went home.

On Tuesday we debriefed with the test team of our store visits. We tried to improve the questionnaire compared to the things we had noticed in the stores.

In the afternoon, we followed Delphine on a Mystery Shopper briefing. He had to spend a night at the hotel with the all-inclusive package. He had to test all kinds of things like spa for example. Lucky him!

At noon, the whole team took us for lunch in a kind of typical fast food. Well, fortunately, there is no health test because the establishment would not last long but it was really good. Very spicy but very good.

We are starting to get very tired. Even if the work rhythm is not very high, we are no longer used to a total work rhythm with big days every day.

Wednesday we made progress on our work. We redesigned the process in a more visual form and created a typical mission in the form of a gantt diagram.

Cecile is not here at the moment so we are having dinner with Alex's father and Juliet. It's really nice to get to know each other better, and the fact that juliette is riding is very cool.

We'll probably go for a horseback ride at the end of the month with the girls. I can't wait!

Thursday we had Isabelle, our internship manager, on the phone. Thanks to this, we were able to progress in our work and we started developing the software. We did a market study of management software to try to find the one that was most suitable and free. So we chose a software that we thought was suitable for foredeck and we started doing tests, we will have to continue next week but we have already made good progress between Thursday and Friday.

But that's it, for now it's the weekend and we plan to enjoy it.

Publié le 20 mai 2019

Second weekend on our beautiful island.

Alexandre came to pick us up early on Friday evening, so we had time to enjoy our late afternoon.

When we got home, we asked ourselves, "what are we doing tonight?"

A beach evening with a breathtaking setup seemed appropriate to us. So that's it, we were looking for wood for our super fire all over pointe aux cannoniers. We robbed the neighborhood by taking all the dead wood we could find.

But the preparation of our party space didn't stop there! We took palm branches to make two totems around the fire and raked the beach to have a nice space. And that's it, the beach was ready to welcome us.

Once all this was over, we went to watch the sunset on the beach with an ice phenix. The lighting was really very beautiful, we had a very nice time together.

10:00, we picked up the girls at work and headed for the beach.

Campfire, Music, beer, buddies, everything was there.

Our eyes closed late that night that night.

Saturday mornings, 10am everyone sleeps in the house. Alex and I decided not to waste our morning and go to the beach. We went to rest on the secret beach, next to the house. We took some sunburn that morning. But it was good to see the sun after a week locked in air-conditioned offices.

At noon, we both went to lunch at "la plage". It was really pleasant to be together again, because when we are with the whole pack of friends, it is not necessarily obvious to have time for us.

After a very pleasant lunch, we met everyone and left for the Bourdonnais estate, a colonial house that makes rum. The garden was very beautiful, and the house even more so. We thought we were in forest gump in this colonial setting.

we got home and got ready with Alexandre to go to the Juliet dance gala.

It was at the sugar adventure right next to our office. It was a great evening, we saw some very beautiful dances and we saw juliette dancing. It was really pretty.

When we got home, we were supposed to go out, but the tiredness caught up with us. We still had a festive evening!

Sunday morning, we tried not to get up too late to go to the island of bernache.

Once the bags were made and the picnic was prepared, we left.

The path was quite special if you can call it that. We discovered the island of Mauritius under its most hidden facets. But we still managed to get to our destination to take the boat.

A tiny bark was waiting for us on a small throw.

after a ten-minute crossing, here we are in Bernache, a nice little island right next to the coral bary. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side. It rained about two hours once we arrived on the island. But that didn't make us abandon ourselves. The boys made a fire to warm up and we went to the shelter under the trees of the island. But patience eventually paid off and the sun came back. So we took advantage of the pretty beach and tanned our white skin.

But when it's not the weather, it's time that catches up with us. At 4:30 pm, the boat and its driver are waiting for us on the way back.

When we get home, a good barbecue is waiting for us at our biggest happiness.

After a good dinner, we didn't take long to go to bed, our heads full of beautiful pictures after this great weekend.

Publié le 6 juin 2019

A new week is beginning, our third. We are starting to get used to it, we have understood our mission well within the foredeck, we already have a good lead for the implementation of a software. It is called Bitrix, it is free and seems to fit with Foredeck's expectations and needs.

We also trained the teams on a video recording of the screen, it is a tool that will be very useful to them after Isabelle.

Finally, we have prepared our weekend test, we will go to Chamarel to make customer put in the ground of 7 colors. So we read the questionnaire, worked with Selvina to improve it and did some preliminary research to find out what we were going to talk about. Unfortunately, Thursday, Jason told us that Chamarel had let them go and that he wanted to stop the campaigns, so we had to cancel our pearl to the ground of the 7 colors at the last moment... Too bad.

This week we still have, apart from the work done some activities. We went to make wood fires on the beach with marshmallows, we went to see Juliette on horseback and we had a barbecue on the beach.

Publié le 6 juin 2019

It's the weekend!!!!!

After canceling our Chamarel plan at the last minute, we had to find another activity to do extremism.

What if we go visit the coral reef in masks and snorkels? We left for Cap Malheureux, where a boat was waiting for us to accompany us offshore.

We swam 1h30-2h. It was really wonderful, despite the fact that we were all just as ugly as each other with our masks. The barrier is very large and very crowded. We saw all kinds of fish. There were so many of them at times that we were able to touch them. The weather got rough on the way back and we took the rain

On our way back, we passed through Chinatown in Grand Bay. The market was a farmer unfortunately, but we still managed to see some Chinese decorations, which were pretty.

We went home, had dinner and went to Christo's. We really had a great evening. We discovered games that were unknown to us, that will enter the group's anecdotes.

But we were still happy to go home to our cozy beds

So we woke up on Sunday morning with a good little headache. It will be a quiet day today. So we went to visit Port Louis. We went up to the fort, walked the streets, went through Chinatown. We finished our journey on the port with a beer. Very pleasant and refreshing after a walk in the stifling sun.

We didn't do any old-fashioned Sunday night and we went to bed early so we wouldn't die Monday morning in wake-up call.

Publié le 6 juin 2019

Week 4 at Foredeck Consulting. This week can be summarized as the implementation of Bitrix24. We filled in the employee forms, clients, missions and tasks...

We are starting to get to know and understand this software which is really nice. We hope that we can keep it and that we will not find a limit that will prevent us from continuing.

It's funny how after each day of work, it's a whole story to get home. Sometimes Alex comes to pick us up, sometimes Jason takes us home, sometimes we take the bus, and sometimes we hitchhike. Speaking of hitchhiking, on Friday when we got home we did some.

A nice man took us to Trou au biches and once we were out we were stuck. So we kept raising our thumbs to the cars without success. Until a van filled with plates and a ladder arrived. The guy who was driving was really nice and he offered us to go up to the back because there was no more room at the front. So we made trou aux biches-home at the back of a van.

It was really funny.

We went to see the sunset on the beach on Thursday evening. It was nice to change a little bit of the ideas after a long day. This beach is really pretty. We had fun running on the sand with Nougas, we made sand castles and admired the beautiful sunset in red and pink colors.

Publié le 6 juin 2019

Fourth weekend on our beautiful island. This morning it's a girls' horseback ride. After being equipped with superb leggings, jeans and jogging, we left for the riding school. Once we arrive, we were given our horses for the ride. Mine is called nougat, a nice coincidence. So we left in the canes after we got on our horses. It was a first for fanny who did super well despite a little scare. We walked through the canes for about two hours. It was really nice to ride all five of us.

After returning from this beautiful walk, wee took a small sandwich and we left. With the boys this time. So we take the road to go up "Le Pouce". It was a really nice walk. The beginning under a grove which allows us not to be too hot. We arrive on the first balcony with a superb view on the port of Port Louis and on Le Morne.

We continue the climb and we arrive at the second balcony which offers us a beautiful panorama on the north of the island. All we have to do now is climb to the top and here we are at the top of the Pouce. A nice view gives us a 360 degree panorama.

After a few photos and a nice view, we go back to the car and go back to the house.

Sunday was boat day. Meet me at 9am on the sunet boulevard jetty. Our boat was waiting for us. We were lucky on the boat we were on. We see all the other boats crowded with people while we were very little on ours.

Once everyone on board, here we go.

We made the crossing to Gabrielle Island in about 2 hours. The sea was not totally calm, which made some people sick. But no vomit, everything's fine. So we arrive on the island. It's absolutely gorgeous. A small annex puts us there with our masks and snorkels. So here we went to explore the bottoms around the islet.

After a classic sand castle and time to burn in the sun, we return to the boat for lunch. The concept of all inclusive is quite nice. Unfortunately the rain caught up with us and bothered us for half an hour. But luckily it started quickly and we headed back to Grand bai. The sea was raging and justine was enjoying the waves on the quatamaran's trampoline. Louis at the helm, we all came home safe after a few cocktails prepared by our great skippers.

Publié le 6 juin 2019

Monday, back to reality after an absolutely magical weekend.

Difficult day, in addition to being Monday, what we feared has happened. We have found the limit of the free vestion of Bitrix24 and it blocks us completely to continue. Unfortunately, in the free version it is not possible to link tasks together. This is a major problem and calls into question the whole purpose of our mission. Big disappointment, we were starting to like this software very much:((

But we don't get discouraged and try to find a solution. We contact Bitrix to try to have some additional features, no answer, we will relaunch them later...

And why not try to do everything ourselves on exel? Heavy task but feasible. We, therefore, embark on the development of management and project management software completely on exel. Not easy especially for first-year students who are not professionals. But it teaches us a lot. We spent Monday and Tuesday with our heads in YouTube tutorials "how to make a Gantt diagram on excel" "how to make advancement diagrams?". Development is progressing. We introduced it to Jason and Isabelle, they seemed to be rather happy but it is true that it is still a rather complicated and dangerous solution because everything can be modified on excel. So all it takes is a bad manipulation and everything is wrong. We will, therefore, present the two solutions (excel and bitrix not complete) to the teams and they will give us their opinions on the subject.

But for now, it is Wednesday and today it is the eid Mubarak in Mauritius, which means holiday.

Great! We'll take this opportunity to spend a quiet day together.

The poor Justine is working. After a big sleep in, we go for a walk with fanny while the boys play do-it-yourself at home.

We'll meet later in the afternoon and have a drink by the sea.

We ended the day on the beach in front of Christo's house playing racket held feet in the sand. Very nice game by the way.

End of the day in front of a great sunset.

We go home and a session of the Grand bleu awaited us, prepared by the boys.

Around 11 pm, our eyes, tired, went to bed.

Publié le 27 juin 2019

Friday night, all excited, we meet at home to pack our bags. Our bags? What? But we leave in three weeks!

But no, we're just going for a little weekend with our friends christo to get away from it all.

This evening was the race. Once the suitcases were packed, we left in a hurry to do some shopping for the weekend. during this time some of us remain at home to finish the last things to do before taking the road. We end up being late for our taxi, starving. Fortunately for our stomachs, our meeting point is the mcdo.

So here we go, our big mac on our knees, on the road to the south.

Our convoy arrives around 11:00 p. m. We discover the "camp" of christo with great surprise. A waterfront apartment with a swimming pool, barbecue and breathtaking views... A dream!!!

And here we go, the party begins. We all relax from our long week under the varangue. But our beds quickly remind us of our order, we are reminded of our exhaustion.

Saturday morning, the dream continues. We wake up in an absolutely idyllic setting. It's decided, we're spending the day here.

Between sunbathing on the deckchairs, racket games and refreshments in the pool, we still take the time to grill sausages on the barbecue.

Saturday absolutely perfect. Couldn't have asked for more.

Saturday night, here we go again. To put it bluntly, we discover the flavours of the country, we taste ruhm in abundance, until..... not thirsty anymore.

Then Sunday.... AH Sunday. You visualize our Saturday day? well, you make a copy and paste and this is our Sunday. Except that we went to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Yes, only that.

in no time at all, it's Sunday night and it's time to go home.

We leave the south (black river) with great sadness, wishing that one thing, to stay there for another month.

Publié le 27 juin 2019

I forgot to tell you about something really important this weekend!

Our new home! In the madness of our Friday night, we didn't even have time to spend a moment in our new home. This one is really very nice. She's a little bit of a cottage with her slatted roof, it's really pretty. We are setting off for three weeks of cohabitation that will teach us a new facet of community life. But I remain optimistic that everything will go well.

For the rest of the week, nothing new. Everyone works, we move ahead with our mission. This week is jason's last week for our greatest sadness. However, Isabelle arrives next Monday and will be able to guide our work.

Publié le 27 juin 2019

This weekend, the weather is absurdly gorgeous. So we decided to do a beach weekend, to discover new paradisiacal beaches.

Saturday we went to the beach of trou aux biches. It was very pretty. We made sand cakes, games, nap... we are after all very tired. Relaxing and laughing on the beach is a pleasure.

On Sunday, Justine decided to make us have a great day and invited us to her hotel to spend the day. In no time at all, we have a beer on the deckchairs of the Vitoria. Thank you juju for this great day!

Sunday evening, we went to the royal palm with Alex. It's one of the best hotels on the island and it deserves it. We went to drink some absolutely delicious cocktails, to finish this weekend in beauty