I've spent one month in Australia with twelve of my friends. Through this website you will discover everything I did during this amazing trip ! Enjoy !
Juillet 2016
4 semaines
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Just because something isn't happening for you right know doesn't mean it will never happen - unknow

I have been waiting this day for two years and I am finally going to Australia ! With my best friend Margaux, we woke up at 5AM and we got prepared for this exciting day ! We arrived at Charles de Gaulle's airport at 7AM and we ate breackfast with my parents.

At 7:30AM we met our friends and Johanna, the teachers who was coming with us in Australia. After having taken some pictures we said goodbye to our families ... I was really sad because I knew I was going to miss them but I was also very excited by the adventure we were up to ! We registered our bags and luggages and we went directly to the boarding room.

everybody was so excited to go !

At 10AM we got into the airplane heading to Doha, in Qatar. The plane took of at 11AM for seven hours of flight ! We arrived to Doha at 6PM and we went through every custom in order to take our second flight for Australia. I was completely impressed by Doha's airport, it is so big and clean, there were play areas for children, art sculptures, a lot of luxury shops and even cars in it ! We waited one hours in the boarding room before boarding and then the airplane took of at 8:40PM.

What a busy day ! Right know, some of us are asleep - lucky them - and some others like me are watching movies or listening to music, waiting for tiredness to reach us

A picture taken from the sky A play area in Doha's airport Some plane...

I've learned that waiting is the most difficult bit and I want to get used to this feeling knowing that you're with me even when you're not by my side - Paulo Coelho

Second day of travel to Australia, after a flight of fourteen hours in which we tried to sleep, we finally arrived to Melbourne at 5:10PM. The flight was really too long, every part of my body was hurting me and I though that my head was going to explode ! But here we are, we are in Australia ! I can't imagine that it is only 9:10AM in France, there is eight hours of time difference !

So as soon as we arrived at the airport, we took back our luggages and we went through the customs. Then we took a bus heading to Ballarat, the final destination at 7:25PM and we all slept during the travel. One hour an a half later we were in Ballarat. We stopped at the train station where all the host families were waiting for us. I was so excited to finally my penpal family ! And to see my penpal again - I already saw her in Paris when she was in France with school - but I was also exhausted by the travel which was very long ...

We took some group photos with everybody and left with our respective host families. That's how I met Lorraine, Ella's mother, she is such a nice person ! I already love her ! Before coming home, we stopped at Macdonald, called Maccas in Australia and ordered dinner to eat at home. After dinner, I took a relaxing and hot shower because it was freezing outside and to evacuate all the stress of the plane.

Finally, we arrived in Ballarat !

Before the trip, I bought gifts for my Australian family to thank them for welcoming me for a month so I offered them the little presents and they were really surprised but also really happy. I offered a perfume box to Lorraine and a mug about Paris and some beauty things to Ella. Their reactions were a relief because I did'nt know if they were going to like it !

As I was exhausted by the travel, I said goodnight and I went to bed at 10:30PM. When I entered in the bed, it was already hot so that surprised me and Lorraine told me that there was an electric blanket. That was so cool, I did'nt know it existed so that was the first Australian discovery of my trip !

photo de groupe de l'arrivée


And suddenly you just know... It is time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings

- Meister Eckhart

Today is the very first day of my Aussie life ! And for this first day I woke up at 3PM, I slept seventeen hours !!! I did'nt know I could sleep that much, I am surprising me and at the same time I am ashamed, this is my first Australian day and it will last only nine hours ! I think I was actually completely exhausted yesterday ... 😥

Anyway ! so I got dressed and I ate a toast with an egg on it. After that, we took the car and we went to a DVD rent shop and we rented some movies as "Dirty Grandpa", "Me before you", "Spy", and "Deadpool". Then we went to the supermaket called Coles and we bought food, and also Australian products that Lorraine wanted me to taste.

When we came home, it was time to eat so Lorraine cooked homemade tacos while we were watching TV with Ella. Tacos were excellent ! After dinner we watched "Dirty Grandpa" and a romance movie that Ella loves. I went to bed at 00:30AM.

I think this is the shorter day of my life, but I got the chance to know my Australian family better ! so I guess that this day was not that useless 😀


The life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can't see how deep it is

- Dennis Rodman

I spent the most horrible night of my entire life ... Because of the time difference, I woke up five times during the night ... So I finally woke up at 1:30PM. As a breackfast, Ella prepared me toast with butter and Vegemite on it. Vegemite is an Australian food paste made from yeast extract. Ella was really surprised I liked it because this taste salty and strong, but I actually love it !

Today, after "breacky" time, we went to the swimming pool from 3PM to 5:30PM, we swam a lot but we also talked a lot ! I'm so happy that we get along so well, she is really nice and funny ! At home, we took a shower and chilled in Ella's bedroom.

Tonight, Lorraine cooked lamb with vegetables and French fries, it was excellent ! After dinner, we watched the movie "Spy" with Jude Law. It was hilarious. We went to bed at 11:50PM.


I like this place and I could willingly waste my time in it - William Shakespeare

Today was incredible, let me explain :

I woke up at 7AM in order to go with Ella to her driving exam. While Ella was doing her exam, we were waiting and talking with Lorraine. A few minutes after she finished she got her result and guess what : she got it at 94% !!! She was so happy because with this exam, she was now able to drive with her mother. After the exam, Lorraine and Ella introduced me to Nany, who is the mother of Lorraine and so the grandmother of Ella. She has got a really strong Australian accent so it was hard to understand her at first but with a little practice and a lot of concentration, I started to understand the conversation !

Then, we came home, ate breackfast and immediately came out again in order to go to Ballarat Wildlife Parc, it's like a zoo but with Australian species. It was amazing, really, I fed kangaroos, I touched a koala, I saw a giant crocodile, and other Australian animals as emus, dingoes, and Tasmanian devils ... I was excited like a kid in front of those animals !

Kangaroos, koalas and other Australian animals !

After this busy morning, we had lunch at home. I had eggs on toasts and when I tried to put pepper on it, but I knocked down all the pepper ... It made Lorraine and Ella laught a lot !

On the afternoon, we went to visit Lorraine's office and she introduced me to her boss. He is a really funny man who is making jokes all the time ! Moreover, we took the car to go to Mont Buninyong and we saw such an ammazing sunset, it was the most beautiful sunset I saw ! There were so many colors in the sky, it was splendid !

The sunset, at the top of Mont Buninyong

We went back home and ate homemade noodles with chicken and vegetables in front of an Australian football match, called "footy"". I went to bed at 10:30PM after this incredible day, I loved it !


Because there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shorelin, no matter how many times it's sent away -Sarah Kay

It has been only five days I'm in Australia and I am already in love with this country, I can't wait to discover more about it ! So today I woke up at 10:30AM and after getting ready, we took the car to go to the beach. We walked on the sand and ate an ice cream while walking - yes, I ate an ice cream in winter ! - It was beautiful, the sea was so clear, even in winter, it surprised me !

This morning on the beach was great !

Then we ate at Macdonald and we went to shopping in RipCurl, Roxy, and I discovered an Australian shop called Ghanda, in which I bought a top. After shopping, we went home and I met Ella's bestfriend, named Brandon, who is really nice and funny, we laughed a lot ! We got prepared for a basketball game and a VIP dinner offered by Lorraine's boss for six persons.We met my friend Clémence and her penpal Chloe and we ate before watching the game. It was a professionnal basketball game between the Miners and the Rush. After the game, won by the Rush, unfortunately, I took a pictures with Chris Smith, a Miners' player, who is also Ella's coach at basketball. He was so tall that I felt like a minimoys next to him !

The beginning of the game and Chris Smith and me !

After the game, we went home and watched the tennis. I went to bed at 00:15AM.


Right now I am trying to be in a place of cal, a place where I can chill out and then handle the chaos of life better. You don't just get to it overnight, you have to work at it. It's a daily struggle - Jackee Harry

I love those kind of days, you know, the kind you do nothing and just chill out. Today was one of those days. I woke up at 11:30AM, it was my last sleep in before going back to school ... Then I got dressed and I ate lunch. On the afternoon with Ella, we watched TV and talked in her room. S he has so many stories to tell, that's incredible !

At 5PM, we got dressed for the dinner. We went to a pizzeria with all the students of the exchange and we shared pizzas, we made new friends, met old friends I saw in Paris few months before, and also we mostly laughed ! That wasa a great tim before starting school again !

Pizza time !

Then we came back home and I went too bed at 9PM to be ready for school. I am actually so stressed about going to school, it's awful ...


Waking your kids up for school the first day after a break is alsmost as fun as birthing them was

- Jenny McCarthy

This is the first day of school !!! I woke up at 7AM and I got ready, I putted my uniform made of a sweater and a jogging with the symbols of the school on it. I was excited and at the same time I was totally scared and stressed ... I had my usual breackfast : toasts with butter and vegemite and a vanilla latte. While I was eating, Lorraine prepared lunch and putted it in my lunchbox. It was new for me because we are not allowed to bring our lunch at my school, we have to eat at the cantine or outside of the school.

We took the bus at 8:30AM heading to Damascus college. This college is enormous compared to mine ! There are so many buildings and so many green area where students can sit or eat ! I was really impressed. As soon as we arrived, Ella took me to her locker and told me that it was the meeting point if I ever get lost. At 9AM, the bell rang and we went to TA, it's a time before class where the teacher in charge of the group informs the pupils about their day and if there is any change in their timetable. After TA, we went to the office and then to the meeting room where we met the headmaster and two French teachers. With all the student of the exchange, we listened to the welcome speech and we met Sofia, an Italian student here for a month as well as us. After that, we made our own timetables in which we could chose cooking, metal, art, PE, or wood. Then, we went to class with our penpals for the day.

This is the girl uniform and the buildings

The first two hours, I went to litterature and I met Ally, one of Ella's friend. In litterature we studied Hamlet of Shakespeare. Then, after the fifteen minutes break, where I met all the group of friends of Ella, we went to art. I met Ella's art teachers, Mrs ..., and she immediatly asked me a lot of questions aabout France, my school, my family, myself ... She is really nice and so funny ! She offered me a lot of options of works I could do and I chose "Human body and culture". She was so friendly with me and with the rest of the class, taht surprised me because in France we are not that close to the teachers, it's really different. Moreover, students can eat and drink in class, they are talking all the time, using their phones, they are also not rising their hands to answer or to ask a question, thta's totally different from French system.

Then we had lunch, I ate with my friends because it was the first day of school and everybody had a lot to tell about the college and their families ! We sitted in the room called "the cantine", where poeple can by food and drinks. After lunch break I went to history for two hours as well. I am usually bored in history because I don't really like it but today it was great ! The teacher was so captivating ! We worked on Yalta's and Potsdam's conferences during the second world war.

At 3:18PM the bell rang and we took the bus to come home. At home we had a snack and we did our homeworks. Then we watched TV while Lorraine was cooking chicken with vegetables and French fries. I took a shower and I went to bed because I was exhausted by this first day of school !


If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is - John Louis von Neumann

Today we are Tuesday and it has been eight days since I arrived in Australia, I am starting to miss summer weather because it's really cold out here but if we remove the weather, everything is perfect ! So as yesterday I woke up at 7AM, and got prepared.

After TA, we ent to double maths - it means two hours of maths - and we studied the linear graph and how to find the equation from the graph. As I had already done it in Seconde, I did the exercices really fast and I also could answer several questions thet the teacher was asking. The teacher was explaining really well and spent a lot of time with each student to explain them how to do it. She was surprised I did the exercices so fast and as I was right, she asked me to help her with the other students, that was fun ! After the break, I went to art and then to litterature. In litterature with Isis, we read Hamlet, and each person in the group had a role to play, it was really entertaining because the students were really into it, they were playing and it was really great !

At lunch, I ate with Ella and her friends, they are so funny, and they are asking me a lot of questions, I don't feel alone at all and that was the thing I was scared about.

After lunch, I had two hours of French... I don't see the point of being in Australia and talk French instead of English ... Moreover it's not a French class but a bilingal class, which means that they are talking French and English, and most of the time they are speaking English ... So we were four French students and we learned that we actually had to help the Australian students of year 12 for their French exam ... So we did reading and then they read and we had to translate too. I really didn't like the French class, that was boring. So let's say that earing the bell ring was like a relief, we were like birds setted free.

Then we came home and we had a snack. Ella took macaronis with cheese - It was 4PM - so I was kind of shocked but she told me that everybody does that ... I was surprised because in France we have time to eat meals and in Australia, they eat whenever they want. I took a yoghurt with cereals on it and we watched TV.


I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking - Albert Einstein

It seems like I am supposed to have French everyday ...Is that a joke ? I am in Australia to speak English, that was the purpose of this exchange but apparently they don't think like us ... It's starting to bother me since I can't improve my English level if I am always talking in french ...

Anyway, today I had French with year 12 so we did exactly as yesterday : translation ... But I made new friends so that's kind of cool ! Then I went to Wood, and for this first class, the teacher wanted to know us a little and told us that in only one hour we couldn't do anything interesting so we talked and we laughed too, he is really nice ! Moreover we were with Sofia so we got to know her better and she is so kind, although she is really shy.

After the breack, with Clément, we went to art and did theory about an article by Rianne Groen MA dealing with the Ethics working with living animals in comtemporary art. It was really boring but we learned after the lesson that we were not in the right room so it's "normal" that we didn't understand a lot of the lesson. Then we went to PE but that was not like PE in France, it was in a room and we talked about nutrition and we did fitness like balance, coating, ... and we had to time us, we were in pairs - I was with Clément - At coating, Clément did four minutes and beat everyone in the group and I did two minutes ! That is my record ! I was really proud of me.

After lunch, I had metal with Clément, Margaux and Lauranne. The teacher was really funny and taught us how to file a piece of metal to give it a shape and turn it into an animal or something we wanted to do. I chose to make a biscuit with the word "YUM" written on the middle of it. Then we went to French with year 11, so with my penpal and we did exactly what we did with year 12 ... Well I think you saw that I really don't like French lessons here ...

We went back home and got prepared for basketball, I was so excited ! We were only four to train so I was kind of surprise because it's sad when everybody is not here ... But that was great, we did passing, shooting and a lot of little games, and the coach told me that I was really good at it so I was really happy !

Then we came home and went to bed.


What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we’ve never met - David Levithan

This morning I woke up at 7AM as usual, I got prepared as usual, I prepared my usual breackfast and I sitted on the coach as usual to watch the new ... The first thing I saw this morning was that France had been attacked by terrorists, on the 14th of july, on our national day ... I was shocked ... Lorraine asked me if I was okay, if I wanted to go to school today, if I had family in Nice ... I told her that I wanted to go to school, to keep busy and to try to think about something else and that I don't have any family in Nice.

When we went to the office to sign the presence paper, the lady told me to go to the meeting room. In there, there was everybody. The headmaster entered in the room with Mrs Smalley and the school's psycologist. The headmaster did a speech and said that if we wanted to talk to our parents or family we could use the school's phone, if we wanted to talk o someone we could talk to the psycologist and if we wanted to go home we could too. That was really nice of them.

After this meeting, I went to English with Ella and we followed the reading of a book about witches and wich's hunting. Then with Clément, Margaux and Lauranne, we kept filing our metal pieces.

After lunch we had double French with our penpals and this time, it was a funny lesson. We did games on computers and we had to find our team and to be the fasters at translating English words into French. It was really funny and it was also a good way to keep our minds busy.


The artist's job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence

- Woody Allen

Today was really hard to handle ... In fact, I had three hours of French today ! So with year 12 we did the same as usual, reading and translation, and after the break, with year 11, we did translation too, so it was a boring morning. Then we had art, this time with year 10 and it was really cool, the teacher, Miss Bird was so nice and gave us a really funny work to do so we were glad ! We had to draw a portrait but to turn it into a psychodelic thing, draw big eyes, nature, animals, and everything we want to make it as weird as possible.

Then we had lunch and we went to the cantine, I took an iced coffee and pastas. I ate with Ella and her friends. After lunch break I went to wood with Sofia, Isis and Clément and we started to make our rolling pin. The teacher told us how to use the machines, that was really impressive because we don't have this in France ! As we were cutting the wood, there was a lot of chips of wood everywhere, we were kind of becoming wood because we had so much chips of wood on us !

Then we took the bus and went to the city center to eat Macdonald with Ella's friend. It was a nice moment. And after we went shopping, it was great ! The city center is so typical, it's like we were in the 50's ! I love this type of architecture, it's amazing !

Then Lorraine picked us up, we came home and Ella got prepared for her basketball game. Ella's team was playing against the lowest team of the championship so they won easily. After the game we went to order KFC and we ate at home, in front of criminal minds!

I went to bed at 11:30PM.


You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing

- Michael Pritchard

It's so good to have a sleep in after a week of school ! So I woke up at 11:30AM and helped Lorraine to cook lunch. After having eaten we went to Sovereign Hill with Ella, it is the reconstruction of Ballarat at the pioner's times. The entry ticket was really expensive but it was worth it, in fact, we searched for gold, but unfortunately I didn't find any ... I am not going to be rich today ! Moreover we went to theatre and we saw a play called "The goose that laid the golden egg" which was really funny. We also visited ancient houses, rich ones and poor ones and an ancient school. We saw an amazing view of Ballarat when we were on the top of the buildings, we bought traditional candles and traditional candies in the main street's shops.

Searching for gold The view of Ballarat Ancient houses

Finally, we saw a show called "Snow in july" in which the buildings were enlighted and in which fake snow was falling. It was amazing, I was just like a kid in the middle of the crowd ! The lights were beautiful and it was like we were in Christmas !

The show "Snow in july"

Then we came home, we had dinner and we watched Captain America : Civil War before going to sleep. I went to bed at 10:30PM with all the beautiful lights in mind. It was such a great day !


For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel like home - Simon Van Booy

Today I woke up at 9AM - which is earlier than usal - for a good reason : today, we are going to Melbourne ! So after having taken breackfast we took the car heading to Melbourne ! It's really close to Ballarat since it's only one hour and a half long to get there !

When we arrived, we went to Victoria Market, the biggest market of Melbourne. There was clothes, souvenirs, games for children and also food ! It was really impressive. I bought some shirts for my brother and my best friend and also little koala cuddly toys for my sisters. After having visted the entire market we went to eat at the casino. This place is so beautiful, even the walls and the ground were fancy ! There were also a lot of restaurants, so Lorraine took sushis, Ella took Chinese food and I took pastas, just because I love pastas.

After lunch, we went out of the casino and visied Melbourne. We were walking along the river when we saw a show in the street. There was a group of men who were dancing and singing, it was really good ! And after this show, we went to Eureka building, the highest building of Melbourne in order to see an amazing view of this big city and we went to Skydeck 88, the floor where you can admire the view. At this floor, there is also something called the Edge, this is a glass room which is going out of the building so we can see the groud from the 88 floor !

Melbourne is such a beautiful city !

The view was amazing ! With Ella, we went into the Edge, and at first it was scary because there were visual effects to scare people but when we were out of the buillding, it was amazing. It was like we were flying ... I loved it !

Then we came home. I went to bed at 9PM because we have got school tomorrow ! I really enjoyed today and Melbourne is such a great city, I think that if I have to live in a foreign country later I will choose Australia and particularly the city of Melbourne.


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up - Pablo Picasso

Second week of school !

Today I had double art with Miss Bird, she is really amazing, she has got so much imagination, I like her manner of thinking, she is awesome ! I started my portrait, and I chose to draw an actress I like called Adelaide Kane. I have got so many ideas, it's going to be a really strange portrait !

Then, after the break, I went to religious education, and I did a work in which we had to replace monuments or spiritual places in the right place on a map of Australia.

After this class, I had English with all the French students and Sofia, it was not a real English class, but a special lesson made for us in order to discover the Australian's culture. So we discovered Australian football called "footy". There were four Australian students with us and they explained us the rules and some anecdotes about this sport. Then, with the two older students, we went outside and they showed us how to pass the ball, at first with the hand, and then with the feet. It was so fun ! Everybody laughed a lot !

Let's discover Australian football !

Then, I went to double litterature with Ella and we did the reading of Hamlet again, I really like those kind of lesson where we have to play a role, moreover, the teacher is letting me bigger roles because she thinks I am a good reader. It was very pleased !

Days are passing so fast, I can't believe it's already the half of the trip ...


Have rum; I mean, have fun. Don't overdose. Cheers. - Vikrmn

I don't know how to say it ... Well, it was the longest day of the trip ... Today, I had four hours of French ... I am having an overdose of French, really, it's exhausting ! I don't see the point of telling you what happened in French because it's excatly the same as usual ...

Luckily, I also had art in period three ! So I continued my portrait and I found a lot of psychodelic papers to add in my portrait, I was really proud of what I was doing because it was exactly just what the teacher wanted !

And then, before lunch, we had an assembly. everybody sitted on the ground and the teachers were calling the rewarded students on the stage to give them their prizes. They could be rewarded for grades, or for being the nicer students in the class ... It was to encourage them to keep doing things right and to work hard.

After lunch I had French and then we came home.


Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads

- Erica Jong

Today we are Wednesday, so it's already the middle of the week... It's going to fast !

I started my day with wood. It so fun to make a rolling pin, I really enjoy those classes, it is just so different from France and I think it's a better way to make the students enjoy school. Then I went to religious education and we talked about spiritual places in which we went in Australia. We had to imagine that the class was the map of Australia and to move around to find the spiritual places we wanted. It was really interesting because everybody had something to tell about the places in which they went.

We went out of the class before the other students because we had to be at Grease' show before the break. When we arrived behing the auditorium, we saw a lot of tables outside with muffins and juices on them and the ladies told us that we could help ourselves, and that it was made for students who were going to watch the show. That was really nice and the muffins were delicious ! It was with apple and cinnamon. Then we entered in the auditorium and enjoyed the show. The students were playing Grease, and they were also singing the songs, it was amazing ! They have so much talent ! It was such a great show, they were amazing !

The entire team !

After lunch, I had French and then metal. Last time I finished my metalic biscuit so I decided to make whale ! I don't know why I chose this shape but I found it fun so I started it !

After school, we went to basketball training and we practiced passing and shooting. I really like basketball, on the one hand it's a team sport so it is fun and on the other hand, it is a good way to keep fit !


Language is best taught when it is being used to transmit messages, not when it is explicitly taught for conscious learning - Stephen D. Krashen

Today, I began with double English with Mrs Myers. We had to read a text in English and then to answer question about this text. It was dealing with the Australian history and the confilcts between settlers and aborigines. It was really interresting and we learned a lot about what happened to the aborigines, who were treated like slaves, who were hunted and killed by the settlers and how those massacres were ignored by the settlers. It was hard to hear because I can't imagine some persons can be that bad with others ... Anyway, it was really interesting and I learnt a lot !

Then I had double art with Miss Bird and she helped us to make a collage on the computers. It was funny because we could do everything we wanted, like adding an unicorn on the top of a blue mushroom, draw eyes on tentacles ... It was awesome !

And then, after lunch, I had double French with year 11. We wrote an article about our stay in Australia to encourage Australian students to welcome French students in the future. I thought it was a good thing to do because everybody have to experience a trip like this one, this is really incredible and I wish to everyone to live that once in their lives.


Nature is not a place to visit. It is home - Gary Snyder

First excursion of the trip, and what an excursion ! We spent the day in the Australian bush !!!

We took a minibus to go to a PE teacher's house, because she lives in the bush and she aggreed to take us to her place to make us discover the Australian flora. As soon as we arrived, we visited her place, which was enormous, she had so much place in her garden. in fact, she was able to welcome horses, alpacas, and emus ! It was incredible. We saw her horses, who were racehorses before and then we saw two emus and two alpacas ! We also saw a miniature horse called Tyrion - just like the dwarf in the serie Game of Thrones - who loves cuddles and apples !

After this, we went to another field and we fed ships ! they were so funny, all around us, waiting for their food ! It was really cool ! Then we came back home and ate some soup before going to a walk in the bush.

It was a really energetic walk, but it was so beautiful ! We were in a wild nature where nobody usually goes so it was amazing, we were walking with sounds of birds and trees, I love it !

Then we came home and we ate sausages with bread, just like hotdogs but in an Australian way. It was delicious. And as dessert we ate lemontime which is a cake with vanilla, chocolate and coconut. It was excellent !

After lunch, we went to find gold with a friend of the PE teacher. He taught us how to find gold and I found two little fragments of gold ! I was so proud of me, it was the first time I managed to find gold !

Then we came back to the school with a lot of fresh memories on oour minds ! I t was just incredible !

After dinner, we went to Ella's basketball game and unfortunalety, her team lost, but it was against the strongest team of the competition.


I love shopping. There is a little bit of magic found in buying something new. It is instant gratification, a quick fix - Rebecca Bloom

Second day in Melbourne ! I am so glad to come back here ! This time we chose to go to a really big shopping center.

So as soon as we arrived, we went to the restaurants floor and we ate chinese. I took a soup with noodles and it was delicious ! Then we started shopping ! This shopping center is so big, and there are so many shops, there are luxury shops, food shops, clothes shops, art shops, and even pets shops ! We went into the pets shop and in this shop, we can hold the puppies ! They were so cute, I hold one who was always licking at my face, it was really funny !

Shopping day !

Then we went through a lot of clothes shops and I bought a scarf and some shirts. We also went to a shop in which they sell funny things, so I bought gifts for my brother, my sisters and my mother.

At 4PM, we took a snack. We took frozen yoghurt and we could add every topping we wanted on it, there were fruits, candies, chocolates, sauces, ... It was awesome and delicious !

We spent the whole day on the shopping center and I loved it ! I love shopping and Lorraine and Ella too so we were in our element, we had a lot of fun !


Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort - Jane Austen

Today, we litteraly did nothing, so I won't have much to tell ...

We woke up at 1:30PM and ate two minutes noodles for lunch and we spent our day watching TV shows and talking in Ella's room, it was a relaxing day.

We also putted face masks on our faces and it was so fuuny ! Ella had a brown one so we called her Chocolate woman and I had a green one and I was called Hulk ! We had a lot of fun doing that.

I went to bed at 9PM to be ready for the excursion of tomorrow !


Everything you can imagine is real - Pablo Picasso

This is the third time I am going to Melbourne and I am still excited about it ! So today we went to school earlier to take the bus to Melbourne, it was a really enjoyable trip because everyone was laughing and singing!

When we arrived we directly came into the museum and we had a presentation of the life of a French Pinter called Degas who painted a lot. Then we went into the exhibition and we discovered his work. It was really interesting because I think that thanks to exhibitions we can really enter into the pinter's minds and it helps us to understand them.

After the exhibition, we went outside to eat. I took a Caesar salad and I ate with Sofia because everybody else wanted to buy gifts. After having eaten, we took some beautiful pictures of Melbourne with all the buildings and everything.

Melbourne !

After that it was already time to go back to Ballarat so we took the bus and we came home.


There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves - Thomas Wolfe

Well today was starting really good, as usual, but Ella told me she had a headache. Anyway, we went to school and I had English. But it didn't last long, the teacher told me to go to the office because Ella wasn't feeling well and I had to come home with her. So her grandmother picked us up and we went back home. In conclusion, it was a lazy day again !

And tonight, I am the one who is cooking and I decided to cook a quiche! It was pretty easy to do and I enjoyed it ! Moreover it was really good and Ella and Lorraine loved it ! I was really proud of me !


All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt - Charles M.Schulz

Today was another day without school ! In fact, there was a journalism thing at Damascus so we had to stay at home. It was a nice day, we had a sleep in and at lunch we ate in a brunch restaurant, it was really good !

Then we visited Ballarat Art Gallery and we made a tour around the lake. We saw black and white swans and a lot of couloured birds. Ella explained me that it was here that she was doing rowing in summer and that it is a really nice place to read.

Then we came home and chilled out as usual.


I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living - Anaïs Nin

Today was magical ! We took the bus to go to the great ocean road with the year 12 environment class and it was amazing. At first we stopped at an ice cream factory where they bought some Australian sauces, ice creams and a lot of other things. Then we stopped in a little city next to the sea to eat.

That was the less exciting part. After luch we went to a lot of beaches to sea the ocean and to take pictures of the amazing landscapes aroud us. It was so beautiful, I felt like a free bird with all the wind in my face, it was magical !

It was amazing !

There was so many colours with the sun and the clouds, it was amazing and also exhausting because we walked a lot ! We took so many pictures of the sea and of the group, it was a really great moment!

Then we came back home and I get prepared because Ella's father and uncle were havig dinner with us ! At first I had a lot of difficulties to understand them but I got used to it and then we laughed a lot !

Then I came to bed to be ready for my last day of school


There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story - Frank Herbert

This is my last day in Damascus today ... I am kind of sad because of it ...

We started the day with one hour of English, in which the headmaster told us that we were amazing French students and that we could come back anytime we wanted to. It was really nice and I was almost crying whe he delivered the speech ... 😦 Then we had a Mass to bless us on our way back to France, everybody said something and we prayed. It was really impressive because I am not used to go to church or anything like that.

Then we had one hour of French and we played games, like on the 14th of july, but this time the words were harder to translate but we still had a lot of fun ! After that, we went to art with Miss Bird and we finished our portrait. At the end of the lesson, she kissed us and thanked us for being nice students.

I had my last lunch with Ella's friends and I was so emotional ... I didn't want to leave them ...

After lunch we had our last wood lesson and we finally finished our rollin pin ! It was so funny ! And the teacher was really proud of our work ! Then I took the bus for the very last time ... and when I came out after having said goodbye to everyone, I cried, I was so sad because I knew that I was going to miss them ...

Then we came home and we got prepared for the party at Damascus and at Eleanora's house. We ate at Damascus, we took a lot of photos and some of us did speeches, I presented a PowerPoint to thank everyone and Julie made a very emotional speech which made everybody cry... Nobody wanted to leave Australia.

Damascus party

After dinner at Damascus, we went to Eleanora's house to party, it was so cool, we danced, we laughed, we took pictures, selfies and we made a lot of new friends ! It was the best party I ever did ... We leaved her house at 11PM and I said goodbye to everyone, and when I saw Sofia starting crying, I cried too, I was really going to miss her, she is a wonderful person and she is so nice... We promised to make an exchange one the next summer, she will come to my house and I will come to her house.

Then we came home with Abbey, Ella's bestfriend and she slept at our house. She was so sad to because she was really getting along with Margaux and she was so sad to leave her ...


Everything I learned I learned from the movie - Audrey Hepburn

I woke up at 2PM today, so, for lunch, we had eggs on toats, the Abbey leaved ...

Then we took the car to go to the shopping center of Ballarat. We had a smoothie and we bought two necklaces to represent our friendship with Ella. It was a really nice day.

When came home we directly changed to go to the restaurant. We went to an Italian restaurant and I took carbonara's pastas. It was delicious ! Then we came home and Lorraine and Ella offered me a Pandora ring symbolizing my birth month. I was so happy and also so embarrassed because it is really expensive ! I thanked them and Lorraine started to cry ... So I did the same ... Tomorrow is going to be so hard ...

Then I went into my room and I started to pack my things ... I really don't want to leave ...


I hated myself for going, why couldn't I be the kind of person who stays ? - Jonathan Safran Foer

This is my last day ... I woke up at 1AM and I finished packing my things ... Then I went to the kitchen to have lunch, my very last lunch ...

After that, Lorraine and Ella took me out to make a last ride in Ballarat, we went back to the lake and stopped at the tourism office to buy pictures of Ballarat in summer but we didn't find them nice so we leaved.

Then we stopped in an empty parking and Lorraine told me to take her seat and to learn how to drive an automatic car ! I was so stressed ! But I understood quickly and I had a lot of fun. Then we stopped at the house of Ella's father and I offered him a bottle of wine I forgot to give him last time. He wished me a nice travel back and I started to cry again ...

Then we came home and we putted my luggage in the car, heading for Ballarat train station. We are back at the starting point ... I don't want to leave ...

Everybody was almost here when we arrived and Julie was already crying ... We I saw Clément arriving with red eyes I started to cry too... It was the most difficult time of my life ... We took photos, and we finally said goodbye to our families ... Everybody was crying, and our families too ...

I love them so much

And finally it was time to enter in the bus to go to Melbourne's airport... When the bus leaved, everybody was still crying and it took me at least 40 minutes to stop crying ... I was so sad...

We arrived at the airport and passd all the customs, Then we entered on the plane and we came home, our real home this time ...

It was such an amazing travel and I won't ever forget it. Everybody was so nice and so welcoming, we got attached so quickly ... Now they are like my second family and I won't ever forget them and all the things they did for me, They are amazing people. It was the best holidays of my entire life and I wish I could go back to this wonderful country and see those amazing people again.

The best friends ever