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Australia, we dreamed of it and we're proud to have done it ! It's not a question of luck, it's just a choice, a way of life ! If you have a dream, don't give up !
Du 25 septembre 2017 au 2 mars 2018
159 jours
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Visas are there, suitcases are ready, the goodbye is done, it's time to leave our Switzerland for this amazing adventure at more than 16'600 kilometers. We settle down and take off in the majestic Airbus A380 to Singapore, then make a short, somewhat stressful, hour-long stop and continue this trip aboard the Boeing 777 to reach our destination, Brisbane.

We finally put our little feet on the Australian soil. It's 5 pm, the sun is good. We take a taxi, which will cost us sweet and join our hotel in the heart of South Brisbane. Beautiful apartment with rooftop pool and stunning views of the city. We take a few steps to discover this charming city. We already feel at home !

Brisbane's sunset

Brisbane is a lovely city with some little cafes and restaurants on every corner. It's very easy to explore by bike or on foot. There is a beautiful botanic garden with a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. It's a business city with a lot of big skyscrapers, however you can also see architectural buildings dating back to the 19th century.

Little water dragon in the Botanic Garden 

We chose Singapore Airlines. Good service and kind steward

UBER is present in all big city in Aussie. It's a very good way of transportation.

Cheap and nice to meet locals people

Download the application : WikiCamps, perfect to find where sleeping in a van.


After discovering the bustling metropolis of Brisbane, it's time to go to Byron Bay, the little hippie town. We're so excited. We went there with a small bus from Brisbane to Byron Bay, an really good occasion, it's cheap and direct.

Byron Bay is the easternmost city on the Australian continent. It's best known for its cultural mix, paradisiacal beaches, surfing surf waves and breathtaking nature.

The way of life in Byron Bay is relaxed

The famous Lighthouse 

Byron Bay will be our town for the next three months. We've decide to learn in an English School and to live with two locals families. It's a good opportunity to meet some people from over the world. Two beautiful experiences. Our first family was very atypical. They live in a very nice house in Suffolk Park, about 20 minutes by bike from Byron Bay. The beach at Suffolk Park called Tallow Beach is just amazing, you can see it as far as eyes can see. Ocean and nature has lost sight is so incredible, an indescribable feeling invades us. Then we lived with a teacher. She lives close to the city center of Byron Bay, in a modern and beautiful flat. We could also more enjoy Byron Bay and nightlife. Our host was young and vegetarian woman. It was a very good opportunity to learn to cook and mix vegetables. Following this vegetarian discovery, we've decided to stop our consumption of meat, for reasons of animal protection and ecology. Live with some local people is really interesting because it's the better way to discover the Aussie culture and life.

English School in Byron Bay : BBELS

The school is in town and near the beach, just 5 minutes on foot. We've chose this town for many reasons, one of them is because we really like ocean, swimming, surfing and walking on the beach. Byron Bay is an relax and calm town. People are very kind and smile all the time.

There is a lot of restaurant and club to do some parties. You can try many kind of food. Also on Main Beach, doing BBQ is very famous, just a chilling time!

Some food 

In Byron Bay, there is a lot of place to be. Byron Bay is popular for these amazing beaches : Tallow Beach, Main Beach, Belongil Beach, Wategos Beach, The Pass, The Wreck and many others. Beaches rhyme with ocean and ocean with surfing. If you're looking to learn surfing, Byron Bay is the best place. We took some lessons at Let's go Surfing School, young and professional team. Then, we bought a soft board and try by ourself.

Tallow Beach from Cape Byron

On Tallow Beach you can walk to the famous Tea Tree Lake. This lake is benefit for the health, when Tea Tree plants grow beside a lake, their supernatural oil drips down into the water, creating something similar to a medical bath. It colours the water so it looks like a cup of tea. The tea tree oil will work wonders on your skin. After a good long soaking you’ll come out of the lake feeling fresh and revitalised! You should go, there are many of Tea Tree Lake between Ballina and Byron Bay.

The Magnificent walk through the Arakwal National Park to the Lighthouse is a must.

Some photos of Byron's life 

Sunday Byron Market which is held every first sunday of each month is well known. There are mostly local clothing or food vendors. It's also possible to drink some wonderful smoothies and eat walrus.

Another key activity in Byron Bay is snorkeling or scuba diving at Julian Rocks, heart of the marine environment. You can see coral, small fishes, so beautiful turtles, some surprising shark and many other marine species, we leave you the surprise to discover it by yourself, just awesome.

We recommend you to visit Brunswick Head, a small town between river and ocean. Broken Head and Lenox Head are also pretty places. Mullumbimby is a local little town to seem quite different from Byron Bay. All waterfalls don't allow to swim in Australie, so be careful. Springbrook falls are beautiful and it's possible to take a dip and slide on natural toboggans.

After three months, it's time to leave Byron Bay to discover other part of Australia. It was really difficult to say goodbye to all of our friends, however everyday we think about them and about how they change our life.

Byron Bay is a city in its own right !

Wategos beach with our Dji Spark 

Coffee in Byron Bay : The Top Shop / Byron Bay General Store

Ice Cream : Beaches and Cream / Yoflo

Restaurants : The Balcony / Bayer / Tullys place / Kinoko


On 23th of december it's time to start our roadtrip in Hippicamper !

SEAL was the name of our van. SEAL was our best friend on road and it conducted us for more two months on the Aussie road.


Our trip start in Brisbane where we picked up our van. We've decided to go to the south of Australia, so our first step was on GoldCoast, at Kirra Beach. Kirra Beach is a town near Surfers Paradise, around 30 minutes by car. We stayed there for Christmas, on a beautiful place

Kirra Beach - AUD 198 for three nights - Powered site - 😀

Our little campsite neighbor, Jack!

The only negative point of SEAL is the mosquito nets and in Australia, little flies, spiders and some other insects is present everywhere, so we've tinkering some mosquito nets. It wasn't very easy to do that.

It's Christmas day, it's very strange to say that because the weather is very hot and the sunshine. We didn't do something special for it, we just eat some BBQ. Yes, yes not like in Switzerland. We went to Surfer's Paradise, lovely town.


On 26th we took the road to the New South Whales. We've decided to do New Year at Batemans Bay, a little town in the south Coast, so we drove there for the next four days

In this article, we just want to show you your trip step by step to Batemans Bay

Step one : Brisbane - Grafton

We arrive in this small village with the rain. It is a campground located next to a horse/dogs race circuit. We get up with the sun and enjoy a wonderful breakfast in our new life of Camper !

Grafton Greyhound Racing Club - AUD 20 - Powered site - 😦

Step two : Grafton - Bulahdelah

On the road, we visited a Koalas Hospital at Port Macquarie. Koalas are so cute however it's also sad. A lot of them are victim of bushier or they have been bitten by a car. Some have hard disease. Please take care of them, koalas are very fragile !

Koalas Hospital 

Bulahdelah Bowling Club - AUD 10 - Unpowered site - 😀

It's an amazing place to sleep. Modern and clean amenities. Really calm and peaceful atmosphere !

Step three : Bulahdelah - Shoalhaven Zoo

We could see some beautiful birds and the wildlife. It's the advantage to be just next to a zoo

Shoalhaven Zoo - AUD 32 - Powered site - 😦

Step four : Shoalhaven Zoo - Batemans Bay - 125 km

We'd decided to sleep between Shoalhaven Zoo and Batemans Bay, at Kiola, however our GPS decided the opposite and here we're at Batemans Bay

We slept in a nice little camping park next to the center and the ocean, it's called Rio Rita Caravan Park. Really nice and friendly owner. We just stayed one night there because we've already book for four nights in a other Caravan Park, that we didn't recommend it, it's called Shady Willow Batemans Bay. People are strange and only permanents.

Rio Rita Caravan Park Batemans Bay - AUD 40 - Unpowered site - 😀

Shady Willow Batemans Bay - AUD 135 - Powered site - 😦

Batemans Bay is a nice place, located on the Princes Highway about 280 kilometers from Sydney and 150 kilometers from Canberra, the capital of Australia. The fishing practice is very popular. It's a cute town with lots of restaurants and shops.

Some unavoidable spots close to Batemans bay:

Depot Beach :This beach is wonderful, it was the first time we see some kangaroos, we were so happy ! We ate there for the lunch, it was a really good time.

Depot Beach 

Guerrilla Bay :We arrive by chance in this beautiful bay. It's located around Mojo, where the famous zoo is. Guerrila bay is made of the oldest rocks of eastern Australia !

We took advantage of this beautiful place to practice snorkelling and discover the seabed. Canoeing and kayaking is also welcome

Guerrila Bay 

Canberra, what's a surprise!

Before we arrived in Canberra, we had some apprehensions. Many people on Byron Bay had told us that Canberra was a boring and frankly uninteresting city. Surprisingly, it's time to take stock.

The Parliament

Canberra, populated city of about 359'000 inhabitants is the capital of Australia. The territory of Canberra stretches 80 km north or south and 30 km wide, which makes it a small state. Located about 280km southwest of Sydney and 680km northeast of Melbourne. Canberra is divided into several neighborhoods, able to operate independently and independently with their own city center and shops.

Canberra was designated capital of Australia in 1908, following a disagreement between the two major Australian cities, Melbourne and Sydney. Canberra is halfway between these two cities. The city officially becomes The Australian Capital Territory in 1927, following the inauguration of the first parliament. This territory is built according to the plans of the architect Walter Burley Griffin, which is based on the principle of a city in harmony with nature. A lake, a city divided into a triangle giving rise to neighborhoods.

View from The Parliament 

This city is located in nature between eucalyptus forest and mountain, which allows various activities. Lake Burley Griffin is in the center of the city. It is crossed by Commonwealth Avenue, which offers spectacular views of the entire lake. There are many free museums. We visited the National Gallery of Australia, it offers a great diversity of Australian or international arts. Nearby is The Parliament, home to the Australian government headquarters. It is also possible to climb Telstra Tower to get an overview of Canberra. The Mount Ainslie and Black Mountain that we unfortunately did not climb also offer a view of the city. A botanical garden, about 40 hectares, has been developed. Canberra has many shops and restaurants, such as Jamie Olivier, a famous cook in Australia.

Along the Murray River

Along the Murray River

Nine days : from Canberra to The Great Ocean Road

Step one

On the Fourth january we left Canberra to Khancoban by the gorgeous Alpine way through the Kosciuszko National Park. More than 100 kilometers of nature.

Khancoban area is the western gateway to Kosciuszko National Park. It's a really place to relax them. These days, the weather was pretty hot around 40 degrees, however we've found a little free swimming pool, in town.

Sunset at Khancoban 

We went to the famous Sugar Pine Walk, it's the biggest pine of the world, very impress to see that. It's in Tumbarumba area, in Laurel Hill.

Suger Pine Walk 

Step two

The road to Cobram is filled with wonderful and mysterious places

Lake Hume  

The weather is very hot today, around 41 degrees, fortunately our road friend, SEAL, have the air conditioning

Somewhere in road 

Step three

Cobram to Echuca and then to Big Hill close to Bendigo

Step final

We head back to the Great Ocean Road, at Peterborough. Our GPS makes us follow a parallel road to the main, a road made on the track and relatively narrow, but a beautiful road that makes us discover landscapes of follies

Pink Lake  
Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Twelve Apostles 

The Great Ocean Road is known for being the most spectacular coastal road in the world. It is about 245 km, starting at close to Melbourne, Torquay and ending at Warrnambool.

All along this road, many beautiful spots are presented to you. It's very easy to stop there and to contemplate the magnificent views that are available to you.

London Arch 

Spots we'd visited - Each of these spots offer breathtaking views :

  • Bay of Martyrs
  • Whales nursery at Warrnambool, close to Logan Beach
  • Twelve Apostle
  • Mutton Bird Island
  • London Bridge
  • The Grotto
  • The Arch
  • London Arch
  • Lord Ard Gorge
Loch Ard Gorge 

If we have to give you some advice, it is better during the summer season to get on these various spots in the morning. Many visitors and buses arrive in the afternoon, making these wonderful places overload

Swiss Friends, we found Gruyere Switzerland, pure instent of happiness to savor this cheese straight from our small country

Some photos of us 

Great Ocean Road Tourist Park - AUD 198 for four nights - Unpowered / Powered site - 😦


Melbourne, what to say?

A very dynamic, creative and multicultural city. We stayed 5 days there before we left for Tasmania.

We arrived in the big city of Melbourne on the 14th of January, we chose to sleep in Dingley Village at around twenty-twenty-five minutes of Melbourne in a calm and small camping park.

Five Ways Caravan Park - AUD 125 for five nights - Powered site - 😀

The city was crowded at this time, because the Open Australian. However, we enjoyed our stay very much.

The City Circles Tram circular tram line allows you to get around and visit the city with ease and in a totally free way.This circular line with a retro look, makes a loop around the center of the city, the tour will take you 50 minutes of minutes. It serves many tourist attractions.

Melbourne has a good number of museums. Fan of the must Shaun the sheep, we had the good surprise to see the exhibition ''Wallace&Gromit and Friend'' at Australian Center Moving Image (ACMI). Very interesting and instrutive visit to the country of big and small. Very impressive to realize the workload to achieve 10 minutes of episoble.

The ACMI offers many lucrative and interactive exhibitions throughout the year. There are also many other museums on Australian history or sport. Museums for all tastes!

State Library of Victoria 

One of the most beautiful libraries in the world is Melbourne, State Library of Victoria. It holds more than 1.5 million books and 16,000 periodicals, like newspapers and magazines.

It opened in 1856, under the plan of the local architect Joseph Reed.

This Library is huge, it's composed of reading room with a awesome dome, decorated by Norman G.Peebles, a library exclusively dedicated to the arts, chess rooms and rooms of collections. In the corridors you can visit an exhibition on its history and various works.

State Library of Victoria is like Library of Harry Potter !

You should go and just enjoy the silence offered by this building !

We had the chance to go to the show of The XX in one of Melbourne's most famous theaters, The Forum Theater. This theater was built in the 1920s, it was used mainly in its early years as a cinema, then as a church and oneday like a cabaret. Now, this theater hosts shows, like music but also comedy, almost every night.

This building is rich in history and culture. The interior decoration is amazing, Grecoromain style with many statues and columns, offering the illusion of an open amphitheater swarming with sparkling stars.

Brighton beach / Luna Park 

We find the fisrt Luna Park, implanted in Australia, at St-Kilda, in Port Phillip Bay, south of Melbourne. An amusement park to spend a pleasant time with family, friends or couples. This Luna Park was built in 1912.

We didn't have the opportunity to dive into the ocean or lie on the sand during our stay in Melbourne, unfortunately. However Brighton beach is worth a visit to discover a large number of colorful fishermen's houses. They are all different and really beautiful.



Nine hours and about 550 kilometers later of ferry, we're in Tasmania.

Tasmania is one of the more fascinating state of Australia. We've decided to stay for two weeks there and to do a roadtrip through all of Tasmania.

We arrived with the ferry at Devonport. A little city in northern Tasmania. Our first night in Tasmania was very calm in a cute free campground

Westbury Sportsground - Free - Unpowered site - 😀

Day 1 : Tassie discovery

Launceston is the third oldest city in Australia, after Sydney and Hobart. It is located in northern Tasmania. It's a really lovely town.


In the surroundings, you find the gorgeous Cateract Gorge Reserve. During a short walk you'll discover some beautiful peacocks, black swan and also rabbits. It's a very nice walk.

Cateract Gorge Reserve

The famous Penny Royal Adventures is also located there. Have fun with your friends or family

Penny Royal Adventures  

Hillcrest Tourist Park - AUD 35 - Powered site - 😀

Day 2 : The splendid Bay of Fires

Bay of fires  

Bay of Fires is certainly the most beautiful landscape that I had the chance to see.

This white sand, this turquoise ocean, these fire colored rocks, a set that seems to you of an unreal beauty, it was an unique moment.

A breathtaking view !

We slept in a really nice place with as garden the ocean

SEAL at Swansea Beach Chalets 

Swansea Beach Chalets - AUD 70 for two nights - Powered / Unpowered site - 😀

Day 3 : Freycinet, the power of the nature

Freycinet is also a beautiful place to be !

We did a quite long walk on this amazing National Park, walking up to the awesome Wineglass bay is definitely worth the detour, despite the 10 km, with quite a difference in altitude. You could meet some wildlife and just observe how the nature is beautiful and filled with mysterious meeting.


We went to Cape Tournille, there we played with some wallabies, so funny

Aussie mate, Alfredo 

Sleepy bay is very quiet and beautiful

Day 4 : Discovering a historic site

One month on road, how beautiful is it ! We're in Port Arthur !

Port Arthur is on the Tasman Peninsula, mainly known for its historic site, where previously was a penitentiary. It was an ideal place to build a prison, because of deep, cold ocean, thick forest and around 300 meter of high sea cliffs. It's made Port Arthur a natural prison from which escape must have seemed impossible.

Port Arthur Historic Site 

Port Arthur Historic Site is nowadays one of Australia’s most important heritage destinations, where the story of Australia’s colonial history is written in stone and brick.

It was very impressive to feel the atmosphere in that prison, atmosphere filled with silence.

You can also visit other islands of the historic site by boat, it's includes in price

White Beach Tourist Park - AUD 40 - Powered site - 😀

Day 5 : Cultural day

Today, we went to the Remarkable Cave, beautiful place where rocks are in Tassie Shape. After that, we visited Tasmanian Devil Unzoo at Taranna. It was an amazing experience, we could give some food to lovely kangaroos. They're so cute and funny. We could stay there so many time to watch them.

Baby kangaroos are so lovely and we could also see for the first time two Tasmanian devil, it was really interesting to learn about them. We met some lovely birds, wallabys, quoll ans other some species of wallabys. We recommend you to visit this place, it was just unbelievable !

Giulia's mate 

At the end of the day, we went to different spot to see amazing views : Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch, Tasman Blowhole, Pirates bay and Tessellated Pavement

Tessellated Pavement 

Day 6 : Capital of Tasmania, Hobart

Nice city with a really beautiful old center area, where you can find some different kind of restaurant. Don't forget to eat the delicious Tasmanian Salmon.

MONA, The famous museum of old and new art, is located also in Hobart. We really recommend you to do this visit, there's just awesome piece of art.

Chapelle at MONA museum 

Eldee Camp Spot - AUD 20 - Unpowered site - 😀

Day 7 : Bruny Island

This morning we took the ferry to Bruny Island. It's just around 30 minutes, we arrived to Roberts Point and took the road to Cape Bruny Lighthouse. The road is rough with some gravel, doesn't matter, we're HippieCamper !

Beautiful landscape and view on Cloudy Bay, Court Island and Standaway Bay, What's more Tasmania !

Cape Bruny Lighthouse 

We slept on Neck national Park between Adventure Bay and Isthmus Bay, nice campground.

The Neck, Bruny Island - AUD 10 - Unpowered site - 😀

Day 8 : Meeting with seals on Tasman Sea

We did ''Bruny Island Cruises'', three hours on boat. Just amazing, unforgettable experience !

We could see some beautiful caves, the famous ''Breathing Rock'' that explodes water, very impressing to see the power of water. There is some tiny beach. We passed between the Sheer Cliffs and the famous rocks, called The Monument, it was funny because we go very fast. We could realize how big is the national park of the South of Bruny and how wildlife is beautiful. We really recommend you this amazing adventure !

Join the adventure


We slept in a lovely campground in mountain. With Frank, the owner, we feed some farmer's animals like alpagas, chicken, sheets, donkey and some funny goat. It was a really precious time to share with locals people.

Pepito and Alphonso, the funniest alpagas of the world

Heimat Chalets, Black Hills - AUD 50 - Powered Ensuite site - 😀

Day 9 : Journey to the Ghost Village

Mount Field offers many kind of walks, one of the most popular and not far away one of the most soothing is the Russell Falls. This walk is accessible to all and lets you enter a very peaceful atmosphere! To reach the Russell Falls, you have to cross a beautiful forest, don't worry we didn't meet any snakes or spiders

After driving on one of the narrowest and wildest roads we met during our more than five months in Australia, we arrive at Wombat Moor, which offers us a breathtaking view of a flora quite different from the one we observed a few Kilometers lower, a rather arid nature. It's amazing !

Russell Falls and Wombat moor walks 

After this unforgettable adventure we drove to Tarraleah Highland, a small village of cottage, lovely and calm place, we were alone on campground.

At night we could meet some animals like Kangaroos, wallabies, chicken, penne-deer and other small and funny wildlife.

Previously, it was a village of workers. The story goes that overnight, the activities stopped and they all left their house as they were, that's why we talk about a ghost town. There is a church, a school, shops, but everything is empty and silent. It's a rather strange atmosphere

Tarraleah Highland Caravan Park - AUD 20 - Unpowered site - 😀

Day 10 : Lake St-Clair National Park - Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is the Tasmania's most visited National Park. Wildlife is abundant, platypus ans echidna are often seen in this National Park.

What makes it so beautiful is its diversity in the landscape, Alpine landscape, glacial lake, bush. Some beautiful hiking and trekking are possible in this area, however be careful

Cradle Mountain 

Huon Valley Caravan Park - AUD 39 - Powered site - 😀

Day 11 : The madness of the great outdoors

Dove lake is an icy lake, at the foot or the famous Cradle Mountain. It's possible discover and explore its by a six kilometers track. It's one of the most beautiful walk in Tassie. The temperatures were pretty cold, at around 10 degrees.

Dove lake is located at the northern end of the Cradle Mountain. It's possible to drive to the lake, however access is limited. A Dove Lake Shuttle Bus is provided and it's free with your National Park access fee, which regularly departs at the visitor center of the Dove Lake.

Dove lake 

Zeehan Bush Camp & Caravan Park - AUD 33 - Powered site - 😀

Day 12 : Volcanic plug, Table Cape

Table Cape 

We moved on Wynyard, town close to the ocean. This area is known for the Rocky Cape National Park, for its amazing Sisters Beach and also for the Table Cape, from where you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the ocean and Devonport

Leisure Ville Holidays Centre - AUD 31 - Powered site - 😀

Day 13 / 14 : Bye Bye Tassie

Last little walk in Tasmanian's nature !It's time for us and our four-wheeled companion to prepare for the return to Australia after these wonderful discoveries and adventures. We can only recommend that you come explore this little corner of paradise !

We live in communities and societies highly industrialized and developed, this adventure and discoveries allows us to remember that it's important to take care of the fauna and flora. Nature offers us a wonderful thing, it offers us life.

Always keep in your mind that without it our life would not be possible !

Wineglass bay 

Bay View Holidays Village - AUD 38 - Powered Ensuite site - 😦

South Gippsland


Wilderness lovers, this region is for you. Between tropical forests, lakes, waterfalls and cliffs, there is something for everyone.

The Wilsons Promontory Peninsula 

Unfortunately, for lack of time we couldn't visit every corner of this beautiful region, which surprisingly doesn't attract a crowd of tourists.

One of our favorites in this area is The Wilsons Promontory Peninsula. This peninsula has taken our breath away by its varied nature, with its gigantic rainforest, rocks and cliffs and idyllic beaches covered with white sand and where the waves are perfect for surfing. Many pedestrian paths are arranged allowing a visit of this peninsula easier. During your walks in this wonderful region, you will have the opportunity to meet more than 700 species of plants as well as our friends, the wildlife.

The Wilsons Promontory Peninsula 

It's possible to spend a few days, for a more in-depth visit. Several campsites are available.

The must-see of this area is also Ninety Mile Beach. This beach is one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in the Gippsland Lakes region. Approximately 145 km, just awesome. It's one of the most natural, unspoilt and wild beaches in the world.

If you're looking for a nice spot to watch the waves come and go, feel the sea breeze on your face and watch aquatic animals such as whales and dolphins, this beach is for you.

We stayed at a campsite not far from Woodside Beach, which is considered to be the starting point for Ninety Mile Beach and where swimming is permitted safely.

We passed Wellington Lake to Lake Entrance. It is a very tourist resort where fishing is very popular. Then we went back to the New South Whales.

Gippsland is a really beautiful area, however when we discovered we didn't find many informations about this area. We advise you to be curious and don't hesitate to stop you during its crossing. Some places may surprise and be rich in discovery. So open your eyes !

Tooradin Foreshore - AUD 15 - Unpowered site - 😦

Yarram Holiday Park - AUD 29 - Powered site - 😀

Koonwarra Family Holiday Park - AUD 25 - Powered site - 😀


We left Swan lake on the 9th of February to join the famous Blue Mountains. On the road we through an amazing bridge, called Sea Cliff Bridge. We arrived at Katoomba, there was an ukulele festival so it was very busy, we just found an unpowered site and decided to try to stay two nights there. The weather didn't be with us, some storm and showers on the evening.

Walk to the Three Sisters 

We walked to the famous Three Sister's. The view was impressive ! During our trip we were overwhelmed by the size of the spaces offered by nature, which we unfortunately don't have in Switzerland, because of the density of our territory. Nature has something to offer us we need to take care of the nature !

Pulpit Rock, in the hearth of anything !  

We arrived at Sydney after few days at the Blue Mountains !

View on  the Opera House from the famous Harbor Bridge  

We don't believe our eyes, we are in Sydney. This city that we had seen so much before, through a screen. This time, it's real, we're there. Funny impression

During our stay in this incredible city, we went to Bondi Beach, known worldwide, for its beautiful beach, its waves ideal for surfing, these skatepark on the oceanside and these amazing food. Also known for its pool of marine water !

By our Campground is very easy to go to the center of Sydney by train. We walked in town and visited some famous building : The Queen Victoria Building and The Sydney Tower.

Harbour Bridge is very high and its offer an amazing view on Sydney. An impression of being pretty small, we invaded.

Manly is also a beautiful part of Sydney, it's the best place to learn surfing however and unfortunately the weather wasn't with us so we did some shopping

Building of Sydney 

We did a guided tour of the majestical Opera House, it's awesome, so impressing to see this in real, it's gorgeous ! Interesting and fascinating to learn about its history and to see inside!

Opera House of Sydney 

Lane Cove River Tourist Park - AUD 176.30 - Powered site - 😀


Sydney to Brisbane

We left Sydney to join Newcastle where we met one of our Swiss friend. Then we went to Port Stephens to visit this little town and see some amazing lookout :

  • Nelson Bay
  • Shoal Bay
  • Fingal Bay and Fingal Spit
  • Anna Bay, it's famous for this sand dunes
  • Zenith Beach
View on Tomaree Mountain from Zenith Beach 

We join Forster by The Lakes, we stay next to Wallamba River

Discovery Parks, Forster - AUD 34 - Powered site - 😦

We took the road to join Byron Bay however we stay one night in an amazing campground, the best ever, at Arrawarra with a pool and SPA, very close to the beach and quiet. With the owner we could feed some Lorikeet, it was very funny and unique moment. This is one of my favorite moment, to be as close to wildlife.

Gateway Lifestyle Lorikeet - AUD 35 - Powered site - 😀

Welcome back in Byron Bay !

After two months of travelling around Australia, we came back in Byron Bay to finish our amazing adventure in Aussie. We stayed there to spend time with friends and to enjoy our little paradise, Byron Bay.

We stayed with our Van, in Suffolk Park, here, in a quiet and nice camping park just in front of the Tallow Beach, for some days. It's the cheapest camping park near Byron Bay, yeah Byron Bay is fucking expensive.

Pedro, the little turkey in Suffolk Park 

We ate at some different restaurants :

  • Yellow Flower, an Indian restaurant
  • The Balcony, a famous place in Byron Bay
  • Kinoko Sushi, amazing sushi train

We just enjoy our lastest days in Byron Bay and Australia, it was really nice to come back there. We feel like home, it's now our home.

Inside the famous Lighthouse in Byron Bay 

We leave once again from Byron Bay to head to the GoldCoast area, at Kirra Beach. The circle is complete

Kirra Beach 

We will enjoy the most of our last days of this incredible adventure.We go to the famous amusement park of Warner Bros. Movie World. We loved this visit and had lot of fun. We highly recommend you to go there, attractions and entertainment are really on top. Take your food with you, it's the only advice we can give you.

Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park - AUD 219 for 6/n - Powered site - 😀

Kirra Beach - Powered site - 😀

Ibis Style Brisbane - 😀


Almost seven months, we came back in our little Switzerland. It's really surprising to realize that our vision of Switzerland and Europe has evolved and changed. Discovering a new country allows us of course to realize advantages offered by our country, however also its weaknesses.

Honestly, it's still difficult to describe our feeling at this time. Our life has changed so much since our return.

We feel still pretty sad to say goodbye of leaving Australia and to all our Japanese and Korean friends. However we definitely know that we will see them again, anywhere. All rest is positive, our head is plenty of memories, new friends over the world. So many wonderful and amazing places where we've been. We've just realized how beautiful the world and people are and how they can change our life.

We simply want to thank all the people who supported us in our adventure and all the people who are part of it.

The end of a journey is never obvious, however it's always important to remember each day what it has brought us, brings us and will bring us. We know that this adventure will accompany us throughout our life. We grew up, gained more self-confident, and made friendships that changed our lives. We already have new travel plans and we look forward to sharing them with you. The adventure goes on !

To finish, our short movie about this magical experience, Aussie! Thanks a lot for your reading !

                                          You should travel to learn!

Happiness !