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Go to Australia to improve my english and have a f**** nice experience.
Du 27 août au 30 novembre 2017
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Aujourd'hui on a fait des dernières petit préparatifs du vole et on a vérifié si rien ne manque.

Le packtage est pres pour la grand aventure !

Demain matin départ 6h43 d'Avignon directon Delft ( Netherland).


Partie ce matin a 6h43 d'Avignon gare tgv direction Delft ;ou je loge pour cette nuit chez mon frere qui y fait ces etude ( thanks Eduard) ; en passent par Paris et Rotterdam et enfin arrivé a Delft a 13h24!

I'm back in my home land ! The netherland 

Quand je suis arrivé a Delft j'ai marché direction la maison de mon frere et j'y est déposé mes bagage. Puis nous sommes aller au festival de Jazz sur la place Juste a côté du festival de la bierre 😋😋.

Finalement on a mangé pizza sur la place avec sa copine et apres je suis allé au lit pour vous écrire !


Lundi 28aout 2017, je me suis réveillé vers 7h30 pour pouvoir prendre le train de 8h38 de Delft et arrivé à l'aéroport d'Amsterdam.

En arrivant j'ai réglé le petit problème avec mon compte pour mes économies de ABN AMBRO et dès que c'était fini je fille dans le laboreine des contrôles de valise, passport, douane... et des que c'était fini je suis aller acheté quelque petit chose et aussi de quoi manger ! Puis l'attente avant de pouvoir prendre les vole !

Au démarrage c'est adoré la sensation de vitesse et du décollage ! J'aime les sensations 😊😊 .

Apres presque 11h de vole je regard par un hublot de l'avion et je vois un magnifique lever de soleil 🌅 (heure francais 23h32 et heure locale 5h32).


I'm arrived onbthe airport of hong kong yesterday 30 Auguste and my was for 15houres.

But in Hong Kong the temperatures are wery high becaus there are a lot of polution. I doesn't like that temperature!

To see Hong Kong very good i' toke the train to the "victoria peack" . That was juste beautiful 😍.


I'm arrived in Cairns airport 30/08 at 7h30, cairns is very nice place .

The afternoon I visited the Botanic garden . So nice!


The 31/08 Troy came to Cairns at 12h and take me in the car tondrive to his farme at ravenshoe 🇦🇺. The are all ready two guys one frome france and one forme spanes .

Every days, we started with cleans the water of the ducks and take the eggs (if they are!) than we work at the reste ( take all the weeds all days ) the days are difficult but they are a very good relationship and workship.


I'm now one week at the farm and there is no changing only that today David (canadien) and Charles (frenche) arrived at the farm.

I see a lot of spider (5-6 cm) a the farm and not the spider that we can see in Europe !


Yesterday was a day off and we (Troy, David, Felix, Charles and me ) are going to Koombooloomba 😊but when we arrived at a brig, the road was closed because no brig. We decided to take a small road in the forest, that was very nice.

But after 3 big rivers the car was out!

So we decided to return to home but the problem was the water to refresh the motor drupte so every 10-20 min we put new water to refresh the motor !

But the team was happy !

At the end of the day we arrived at the house of Troy and we we take a 24 packe of beer and did a poker to finish the day !


Now i'm at the half time in the farm so 2week passed and 2 week to do! The farm is very nice! I don't forget this experience, we eat for KINGS. Juste some small pb but hir everything is good ! We can see a lot of beautiful sunset 🌅.

See me again next week 🇦🇺👌


It’s now my last week at the farme. Yesterday we were going to the really smal market in the towne in the morning 😁 that was very nice,

And i have nothing more to says here because every days are the same. But next week i leave this place and then my real adventure can started with a nice German girl, it’s Lena 😁. We are going travel 2 months to Melbourne .


Yesterday i arrives in Cairns at 5PM and i tache a backpacker hostel to put there my backpack and then go to « Cairns esplanade » .

Today i wak up at 10 AM and then go to search backpacker job.

Now it’s 7PM and it’s 28 degrees !


Yesterday was a day where i did nothing only beach, swimmingpool and some historic.

Today i took the bus for Cairns to Port Douglas with beautiful beaches 😍😍


Two days ago i booked a tour in the Rainforest for yesterday.

So yesterday morning at 7:00 Am the mini bus pick me up a Port Douglas Backpacker and then drived to the forest. In first we did a smal tour on a walking tour in the forest with some explication over the natur. And i heard that the Rainforest is older than The amazone forest.

The we drived to the Rainforest River and had a tour in the river to see some different trees and a lot of small crocodiles and snacks.. just nice and exciting!

After the boat tour we returned to the car and drived more in the forest on the other side of the river (« where they is no electricity ») to a place where we can the the forest amd the river to the sea .

Then we goes the a place to have the lunch and then a smal ice cream . Finally we drived to a beautiful fall where we took a swum .


Saturday, Charle and me decided to book a tour to the Great Barrier Reef for sunday.

Sunday morning we wack up at 7:00AM to being ready at 8:00 at the marina in Port Douglas for the teck-in at the boat.

We did three different spot for snorkeling.

It’s was so amazing we i saw for the first time the reef and a lot of different animals (fishs, turtles, sharks...).

But i’m sonsad because I don’t saw Nemo 😞.


To day we took the bus from Cairns to Townsville. Go more in the south of Australia to have more adventure and different Landscape.


Yesterday was the first day in Townsville. Il was raining all the day but i put my swimg short and walked in the rain with Charle. And we took a swum in the warm sea (26*C) juste so nice. Then we saw the museum of tropical where we saw about: -the daintree forest/rever.

-the Great Barrier Reef.

-and the Pandora (sailing boat) who sunk because hi touched the Reef.

And then later in the daywe saw the military barac.

And today we went to the military museum, and i learned that Australia’s army participated at all the war.( ww, ww2, vietnam, korea..).

Tomorrow is the last day in Townsville and we want to see Castle Hill and see again the beaches 😊😊


Monday 22 we arrived in Airlie Beach at 7:00 PM. The two next days we were only in the lagoon for swim and sun.

And the 25/10 we did a sailing trip to the whit sumdays island and the number one beaches of the wold. It was juste magique and unbelievable.

And now go to Hervey Bay and Fraser Island (tacke a stop at Rockhampton for one night)


26-27/10, was in rockhampton for a night stop before that we took the night to Hervey Bay.

The 27/10 we had all the day to see Rockhampton and we decided to visit the Rockhampton Zoo and the Lagoon.


29/10 we did a tour on Fraser Island because it so difficult to see the island if the people don’t have a 4WD; there is only sand because it’s the biggest sand island of the world and every people say to us that what is impossible to go on the island without car our tour.


We are for a couple of night in Surfer Paradise and then go to Byron Bay (the best surf place in australia ). But here is Gold Cost ther is no so much to do more swim and go in the Parks (water park, movie park and the sea park ).

The end of my trip is coming really fast!!!! Ohhhh noooo


Three days ago we arrived at Byron Bay for 2 nights. There is really nothing to do only surf ou kitesurf and seat on the beach and watch the sea 🌊 .

On the two days we go the first days to Nimbin a Hippie village. It was very nice. And yesterday we go to the town and walke on the beach.

And today we leave Byron Bay for 13hours bus to Sydney.


The last day in Sydney after 7days to visited all the place, museums and parks/beaches.

National Maritime museum:

Sea life (Sydney Aquarium):

WildLife (Sydney ZOO)

Manly beach (with the Sydney Harbour)

And then the best was te visit of the Sydney Opera House! But ther was a training for a concert who wasn’t all ready open for the public so no foto and video from the big concert rooms (The room from the Opera House)


We did two days to see the capital of Australia and there is more than what we thinked.

National War Memorial:

And we saw the Hold Gouvernement House:

And finally the National Museum of Science and Technology:


The last city of my trip is Melbourne and was just very nice. Note very clean like paris but it was nice.

And the last 3 days i was in a family of a old friend of my dad. It was very nice but we didn’t so much.