2 girls on a trip of ten days in the south of Iceland. Hope you will enjoy this travel diary !
Septembre 2017
10 jours
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We spent our first day in Iceland in the capital Reykjavik. It's really a lovely city with a lot of colour and just near the ocean. We just took the day to stroll around and immerse ourself in this totally new environment. We didn't go to museum or made a whalewatching tour although it must be great !

Be carefull that all shops open usually late in the morning at around 10-11am and close early in the afternoon (5-6pm) and it is the same for the museum.

We went in the top of the church tower to take pictures from above. You have to pay 8 euros but it's totally worth it . 

For our second day, we rented a car and went all the way to the geothermal valley of Reykjadalur. It is a splendid site espacially for a first hike!! We walked to the river of hot water in which you can take a dip and relax, but be aware that the further you go the more the water is hot.


Next stage of our trip is the Golden circle. Despite the perfection of the three sites that form the circle (that is to say Thinkvellir national park ; Geysir ; and Gullfoss), it was not my favourite part of the trip because it really feels more touristy. It nevertheless stays a must-see.


The fourth day we took the ferry to go to the Heimaey island (the main island of the Westman islands). The ferry is not that expensive (+/- 20€ return) and the island is not that big, you can walk through it easily. There was not a lot of people so it was really pleasant and when you go on top of the cliffs to see the puffins you really feel like you're on top of the world. You can also climb the volcanoes to enjoy an astonishing view over the all place.


On our way to our hostel in Skogar we stop off at the Seljalandsfoss, behind which you can walk, and at the oldest pool of Iceland (the pool of Seljavallalaug). And behind our hostel there was the Skogafoss that you can see on the two last pictures.


For the next day we went to the national park of Skaftafell. The landscape here is completely different from the rest of what we saw in Iceland. It is full of colour, more wooded and in the distance you can see the glaciers. We then got closer of the glacier to have a better look.


The seventh expedition was in Landmannalaugar. It was one of my favourite!! We didn't go all the way to the visitor center but stoped before and followed a hiking track to see where it would lead us. It was really enchanting! Here again it was full of colour and we were on our own and felt like the world was at our feet.

The road to this site is only accessible to 4x4 and even if the travelling guides say there is no water to cross by the F208 there is, so be careful !


And now some pictures of our way back to the airport. We stoped at Dyrholaey, Reynisdrangar, Grindavik,... And to the Blue lagoon but unfortunately I don't have any photos of it.

Hope you enjoyed this travel diary and that it gave you the desire to visit this magnificent country!!

Thank you !