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Noemie, 24 years old, born in France but african in the heart Let's go for 9 months backpacking around Asia : Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and .. ?
Octobre 2016
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Publié le 3 octobre 2016

The trip just starts !

A night bus between Bordeaux and Paris

A flight from Paris to Bombay ! And we are waiting now in Bombay to take a plane to Colombo.

Very tired.See ya soon

Publié le 4 octobre 2016

We arrived here at 4:05 am with Amelie, a french friend who is traveling for one month (last picture)

We went to the city center with an israel and canadian girl.

It's not IPA but not bad 
Entrance of the backpack 

Tuk tuk drivers are so crazy (and lot of pollution), they say that they know exactly where you wanna go and they are as lost as you!

After that we went to the ambassy of India for the next visa and we met a russian guy who gave us a good plan for a backpacker

Colombo street 

We couldn't find it by walk then a nice sri lankais gave us a lift

First f****** spicy food!!! We will be use to it hopefuly

Then we met a friendly guy who is goin soon to Paris for his honeymoon

And to finish this long day : beer !!

Do i look engaged with this ring ? 
1st night 
We arrived!! 
Publié le 14 octobre 2016

We left Colombo this morning , too much trafic there. We took 2 bus for 5 hours to Kalpitiya in the north. The way of driving is really not the same that Europe. It's crazy driving and also the bus stop. They look the same like the roads so I dont know how they can reconize it. All the people were lookin at us but always with a shy smile.

We ate in a local restaurant with right hand like them. Yummy and cheap food.

We are now in a lovely beach resort in the "middle of nowhere" and we could swim in a hot water (cows on the beach). But wearing a bikini here is quite weird, women are pudics here and we have to respect that!

Special miss you to a lovely guy 

See ya soon!

Publié le 8 octobre 2016

6/10 . We took a bus for 3 hours to go there. When we arrived we went to a nice lodge with Perrera, a tuk tuk driver. Bus stop and hostel are quite far away and you can't walk that far with your heavy backpack.. Also It's difficult to find some signs, streets name so you feel a bit lost.

Perrera is actually a friend of the lodge's owner and propose us for a cheap price a look around the different temples, area..

You always have to negociate because there is a big difference between local and tourist prices, even if you don't feel confortable with that because there is a lot of poverty...

Very nice afternoon and Perrera introduced ourselves to his family. Another face of Sri Lanka...

Publié le 8 octobre 2016

07/10. Speaking of this other face, we arrived after 4 hours by bus in Jaffna, the top of the north, in the city center. We are in the Clock Tower Hostel. Don't go there ! Looks nice on booking but not really. Warm and dirty rooms for the price..

Let's talk about the city center.. giant beane! Plastic bottles, bags everywhere, poor people, destroyed buildings.. because of the war they had few hears ago.. people are still friendly and curious.

08/10.We took a bus this morning to go to the area beach. We were not sure to be in the good bus and nobody could help because they didn't speak english. Finally it was the right one and we arrived 1 hour after. We met there Eryca, an 25 years old slovakian girl and Tilak, a 60 years old sri lankais man. She helps him with his coconut plants against accomodation. We took a small boat together to go to Dealth island. I was really sick on the boat because there were a lot of waves.. anyway, after one hour we arrived on this lovely island and spent the day with them. Very nice people and talks! We stayed a long time in the water with some cinghalese boys who took so many pictures with them because we are white.. some of them were playing local music and we sang french songs for them. Friendly moment!

After that we went back to Jaffna center with Eryca and Tilak who gave us a lift and we ate with them in a yummy local restaurant!Tomorrow we will leave the city with them for a new one... :-)

Publié le 12 octobre 2016

Finally we stayed with Tilak and Eryca for 4 days and Tilak drove us until Trincomalee. When we arrived there, there was a live to celebrate Che Guevara and we danced with everybody there.. kids, boys, old, was awesome! We also visited a hindouist temple and saw a blessing ceremony. Religion is very important here! We also visited hot springers! It looked not so natural.. and we went one night in Fernando guest house to have a caipinrinha , it was a very touristic place.. we danced on the beach! Very nice moment

Publié le 13 octobre 2016

11/10. We went with Tilak and Eryca to this city 3h far from Trincomalee, on the cost. It was a very nice and relaxing day on the beach :-)

Publié le 14 octobre 2016

12/10. Time to say goodbye to Tilak and Eryca. Thanks to them for everything. We will miss them.

So Tilak drop us at the bus station and we met there 2 germans guys, Max and Alex and Saschan, a cinghalese who lives in Germany. Those 3 friends are travelling together and are going to New Zealand after!

They were also going to Polonnaruwa. Arrived there we didn't know where to sleep. A tuk tuk driver came (as usual) and proposed us to stay in Palm Garden ! Go there if you are in Polonnaruwa. The owner is very funny and friendy ! And the rooms are also good! It's out of the city so quiet and peaceful !

We decided to stay together and visited the ruines and temples from 1000 years of this area. Even if It was very warm, we spent an amazing afternoon !

Polonnaruwa is definitly a lovely place.

Amelie's pictures 
Publié le 14 octobre 2016

13/10. We all woke up very early this morning and took 2 busy bus to go to Sigirya. It's a famous place in Sri Lanka so very touristic because there are some high rocks you can climb to have a panoramic view of the landscape.

We arrived there around 11pm and the sun was already shining so much! Too hot to do the treck. We had to find a place to stay and drop our bags! We visited and compared few rooms and finally Alex found a good one that he already knew before, with a great view of the rock : Lakmini hôtel. Still a cheap price!

We met the owner and he told us about a safari around here, a bit expensive but we could share the price. After à yummy meal together in a local family restaurant, we've been to this safari with the jeep you can see on one of the picture! The earth here is very dry because It was not raining for 6 months.. imagine!!

We started the safari with monkeys, birds, but nothing really special because animals are hiding of the sun. I have to say that we were a bit desperated. And then we saw some elephants! Everybody was happy and we enjoyed that moment even if there were others jeeps. Touristic park..

And the crazy thing : It was raining a lot on the way back! 1st rain!!!

We spent the night at the guest house playing cards: asshole (president/trou du cul in french)

Publié le 14 octobre 2016


With the "german guys", we decided to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to climb on this rock and watch the sunset there! We chose this rock and not Sigirya rock because It was cheaper (500 rp instead of 4500 rp for sigirya rock) and you have the same view. You "just" miss some old painting. Anyway we climbed, it takes halft an hour to arrive at the top and It's quite easy (a bit difficult when you are a smoker and you are sleepy, It's just steps).

Anyway we had a beautiful view !!!!

Publié le 14 octobre 2016

After the sunset, we came back to Lakmini hostel, took a bus and went to Dambulla with a french couple. We said goodbye to Alex, Max and Saschan because they had other plans for the rest of their trip. Maybe we will catch them in an other place. Or was nice to stay a bit with them.

A positive and negative point for me when you are travelling it's that you spent good time with a lot of different people but feel always to short.

So we stopped at Dambulla by bus and it was full , even french travellers, and we went straight to the rock temple.

Wonderful place to see in Sri Lanka and It's free !! Old bouddhist temples, paints, hindouist parts.. Incredible!!

Then,around 2pm we took a bus to spend the night in Kandy. Very long day..

Publié le 16 octobre 2016

14/10 to 16/10.

Kandy is quite a big city , noisy and a lot of people. But there is an artificial lake in the middle so looks better ! But if you don't want to spend a lot of money It's difficult to find something to do. We just went to Kandyan dance, tourist live about 5 different kind of local dances but actually they all looked the same!

I went by walk to Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha statue and I had a nice view of Kandy. On the way back, I met Gerard, an english guy that I've already met quickly in Anaradapuwara. We spent the afternoon together . Heavy rain ! So we went back to the guest house, friendly manager and good rooms! And we spent a chillin night. Nice talks with him :-) Gerard if you read that you know what I mean!

If you have enough money, love temples, royals gardens and mountains, go there!

Tooth temple 
Nice and small restaurant for breakfast in front of the guest house 
Gerard.. sorry for the bad faces! 
Publié le 17 octobre 2016
Tea plantation 

7 hours by train in the 3rd class. When we bought the ticket at the train station , the guy was surprised and insisted for the 1st or 2nd class but we refused. A lot of tourist choose these class but we wanted to travel with local people. And we did. We were sitting a long time on the floor in front of the door, our legs outside. We had a really good view of the landscape with a cinghalese family sitting next to us. So much fun! Even if the weather was cloudy! Train is full of people, like the bus!

Publié le 17 octobre 2016

Ella is a small and touristic town in the middle of the mountains. There are so many hostel, guest house, this is insane!

We did the little adam's peak this morning and an other track in tea plantation with a french couple, Cindy and Lucas. Quit a lot of french travellers.. You don't have so many things to do here if you don't like hikking. We stay 2 nights and we will move after to Nuwera Eliya!


Tuktuk driver and also hostel owner 
Crazy road  
Bisous bisous  
Publié le 19 octobre 2016


Very cloudy day ! We took again this beautiful train and when we arrived in Hatton, a tuk tuk driver proposed us to come in his backpacker : the rock view ! We negociated a cheap price but when we arrived there, at 4km from the city center, the room was very bad. We are simple girls but this one was so smelly and dirty. So we left this place in the middle of tea plantation surrounded by a lake. We walked one hour with our 12kg bag to find an other guest house. Nothing. We hitchiked and a cinghalese gave us a lift until an other place. Bad new? It was 12000 rp and we normaly pay 1500rp. Such a joke. Impossible to negociate. So we waited a local bus and we came back to the center to find a normal room. Still expensive. We were tired, even exhausted so we decided to leave this city, bad feeling and we went straight to Nuwera Eliya. It was almost dark when we arrived and we just met a french family that we already met in a bus in Sigirya so we followed them to their guest house. Nice place : park view guest house!

Publié le 20 octobre 2016


Cloudy day again. It's very cold on this area. We woked up at 4:30 am and went to a this area with the french family, Victor, Anne france, Ben,Olivia the baby, and 2 chinese girl. After 1h driving we arrived there and we had fog pour the sunrise. But after one hour. It was a bit shining so less cold. We walked 3 hours around this place (800 m altitud) , it was nice but It's not really the good season to go there. It's better in january, anyway we still enjoyed it. A lot of chinese people doing too many picture, after we went back to the guest house and the driver dropped the others at the train station.

Nice chinese shoes for a walk 
Cute family hug 
Cows far away 
Publié le 20 octobre 2016

After Horton's plain we spent the afternoon in this city and explored it. So different.. we assisted at a crazy scene at the hostel. A taxi driver brang 3 french girls and asked them to pay a room very expensive so Amelie told them the normal price in french and I was speaking with the manager and we explained that the driver takes a commission on the room. But if the girls decide to leave the driver, go to the city and come back, they will have a cheap price. That's what we do.. the driver was mad even if the girls already paid him the lift. The manager was quiet, like he did nothing. Crazy..

Anyway we are now in Colombo to see Tilak :-) (Ref. Trincomalee city)

Post office 
Dog's mummy 
The Pub 
Beers ! 
Amélie with maps for the tuk tuk driver aha 
Publié le 21 octobre 2016


A morning in Colombo with Tilak.Nice drive around the city and amazing visit of the museum. 3 hours about history, religion, culture, nature.. of Sri Lanka ! It's the thing to do in Colombo. And an advice : wake up very early to enjoy a bit of silence in the city ! After 7h30/8h , it's busy... pollution, noise!

Hindou temple 
Very focus on the hindou blessing 
Nice breakfast 
Publié le 23 octobre 2016


Eryca,our slovakian friend from the beginning of out trip joined us in Colombo and we took a bus in the afternoon to go in Matara, in the south. We booked Guillet beach house next to a lovely surf beach. It's a family who actually rent 2 rooms in their house. There is this little girl, Hiruni, 13 years old who is just amazing. She speaks a very good english and is so energetic! We slept very well in this place, It's quiet and clean! We bought a bottle of Arrack, local coconut liquor!


This morning we had a really yummy and huge breakfast cooked by the owner's wife : eggs, toast, mango, banana, papaya, tea..After we went in town to visit. There was a cricket game. After that we found this temple on the beach. Beautiful place! But a monk was flirting with Amélie.. very disturbing with the religion herself. And we also assisted to a kind of preparation/ceremony about a monk and a family. It was maybe because of a future wedding.. we don't really know. After that we had a look in town and ate a veggie rice in a local place for so cheap. 500 rp for 3 with drinks.

After a swim next to the guest house at the end of the afternoon, we had dinner with Hiruni and she was translating to her mother our talks. Then she teach me hindi couple dance, it was very funny. Amelie, Eryca and me feel a special link with this lovely kid. Let's go to bed now! Very hot day by the way


Bridge to go to the temple 
Flowers for Buddha 
View from the temple 
Family ceremony 
Girls in town
Crazy local fruit market 
On the way back 
Playing cards Eryka, Hiruni 
Hiruni's mother who takes care about everything in the house and Amelie :-) 
Publié le 25 octobre 2016

Mirissa it's a town in the south on the coast , it's lovely but very touristic. You feel that you have 60% tourist , 40 % locals. People are lying on the sand, enjoy the sun, some others surf. There are a lot of restaurants and bars on the beach, expensive food , better to eat in town but It's really nice to have a drink the night.

So we arrived here on monday with Amelie and Eryca by bus from Matara and we found online before a nice guesthouse : green garden next to the beach. Owned by a sri lankan cute family ! Cheap rooms, breakfast included. We enjoyed the beach, a temple, people. We went in town with Amelie to grap some food and we met 2 australians brothers on a motobike and they proposed up to go on it. So we went in town 4 on a motobike . Very funny. We met them after in a bar with a french couple we also met before in others cities in Sri Lanka. We were sitting together, drinking mojito and beers. I went to order a new beer at the bar and finally had a sit there. I start to speak with the owner and his friends, we shared talks about life, travel, religion.. sometimes I couldn't understand everything because of the loud world music and the accent but It was kind of funny. Anyway the boss was serving me those strong glasses of vodka sprite for free, and I didn't want to refuse it. So I was drunk after that. So with Amélie we came back to the guest house around 2 am with a short run. Don't really know why. Bad feeling when we woke up but after a nice breakfast it was better. Eryca left Mirissa this morning to meet an other friend, pretty sad but we will meet her again in Colombo the day before living Sri Lanka :(

She is such a great person, interesting, funny, just awesome. Love her. So after she left, we've been to the beach and I started to talk with a israel guy. He explained me that he was here since a while with his friends to surf, that he's going to India after , like me. Amelie's huncle was really painful today with we walked a lot since 3 weeks here. So she needed to relax on the beach. This Israël guy, Yuval, proposed me to go in Weligama to surf and I already wanted to go there today. It's an other small town 15 min driving from Mirissa. So I went there with him on his scooter and he rent a longboard there for so cheap because he already knows every locals in this place. And after he teached me to surf ! And the first time I took a wave, I did it so properly, like I did it before. It was a good feeling with the sea and this new friend. After we went to a bar on the beach to get some juices, chilling place you can see on the pictures. We came back at the end of afternoon. It was cool. All the locals people are very friendly here, they are interesting to know where you are from, your trip...

Even if Mirissa is quite touristic, It's good to have this kind of break. See you!

Our sweet bed 
Nice painting on a wall 
View point of Mirissa town 
Mirissa beach
Yuvaly tries to fix Amelie's foot 
On the scooter 
Yeah ! 
Weligama rasta 
Sunny local boats 
The bar on the beach , Bob Marley everywhere!
Friendly owner from Weligama 
Tasty afternoon mango juice 
Publié le 28 octobre 2016

Hello everybody ! It's friday 28th of october and we leave Sri Lanka on monday..

What about these last few days ? We finally decided to stop moving a lot for this last week so we stayed in Mirissa ! You have to visit that place but at the end of your trip, because It's the kind of place you completely forget the time ! We met quite a lot of locals and tourist people. The best was the local of course! On Mirissa beach, you have few bars and almost every night there is a party in one of them. They actually share the tourism business. They also have fresh fishes that fishermen caught the morning! So in a bar, you have maybe 10 person who are working and each person has her mission. I mean 2 guys take the orders, 2 prepare the drinks, 1 just take care about the bill/money, 2 brings the plates, others in the kitchen. You will never see a waitress, woman are just in the kitchen. Not in every restaurant of course but in Mirissa beach It was like that. I liked watching them working, It's at the same time very organised and very slow. It's always a family business, parents and kids, or brothers and sisters, or uncle and aunty, or everybody together! It's very nice to realize how a family is really close in Sri Lanka. So a lot of young guys are working in bars and restaurants all day, all night without break. They are hardworkers and proud of it! We spent many moments speaking with them about life, work, tourist.. around a beer ! They are kind, respectful and also funny. I heard from them lost of crazy stories about drunk tourist, girls.. it was really interesting to have their opinion about tourism. Even if it's hard work, they are always happy to meet new people from everywhere. I met this srilankan guy who was speaking good french because he went to hossegor, biarritz to get a surf license. It was really strange and awesome to listen this guy speaking french about his experience! Brave man.

After 2 days and 2 party in Mirissa, we felt like every local knew us : Ayubowan (hello) How are you today ? Sababa (all good) What are you doing ? Have a sit, let's talk a bit ! Okay, (harihari)! Mirissa chillin life ! We went to few beaches (secret beach, weligama), surf, temples (ahangama, a small village).. We actually change our rythm here. Normaly we go to bed between 9pm and midnight and wake up around 7am, but here we lived more the night. But it's good vibes. We couldn't imagine having this kind of party in Sri Lanka and feel safe !!

Breakfast at the guest house 

The family you can see on a picture has a local restaurant next to the guesthouse we stayed. We ate there 3 times and played UNO cards together! We shared games, food, dance and songs. It's one of my best moment with a family in Sri Lanka. We cryed and we said goodbye, emotional moment. I just can't explained it right now. If you are a smiley person and open mind, beautiful things can happen with others ! The name of the restaurant is : seafood bon appetit.

Now we are going in Colombo again in Tilak's house because there is a bouddhist ceremony, event tomorrow. Feel already super sad to leave Sri Lanka.. magic place..

Way to go to "secret beach" 
Secret beach 
Secret beach 
Amelie, the warrior ! 
Sweet sunset 
Fresh fish 
This boy plays music with that and It sounds good ! 
Ahangama coast 
The super family in their restaurant 
The nice owner of Suduweli bar in Mirissa 
Burgary, Israël and France meeting 
Publié le 30 octobre 2016

Our last week-end in Sri Lanka is finished. We spent it with Tilak having a look around Colombo city, temples and areas. Thanks to this amazing man for his hospitality, talks, his shares. After just one month in Sri Lanka this is what I will remember :

Tilak & Susie 

- Smiley Faces : even if it's warm, raining, noisy, beautiful locals keep smiling & it gives you happiness. From kids to old people.

- Curiosity : when you're walking in the street, waiting somewhere or having food, some people always ask you these questions = What's your name? Where are you from? Do you like Sri Lanka? How long have you been here? What is your job in your country?

-Poverty : more in the north. Most of the people live with nothing, a basic house it means bed+kitchen+bathroom, cheap local food and hardwork job. Of course in a big city like Colombo or Kandy, you find rich people in residential houses.

- Hardwork : Man like women work very hard. All day long. Tea plantation (old women), restaurant, guest room, tuktuk & bus driver. Some of them go working oversea (in Qatar for ex) for fews years and come back with more money for their family. Children go to school or/& help the business family.

-Helpful : People leave you their phone number or cards if you need anything, help you to find your way, a place to stay, tell you the places to visit (even if sometimes it's just tourist business)

- Sun : Almost sunny and warm in all the country, you're sweating a lot but you are used to it after a little while.

- Religion : part of the srilankan life. Bouddhism, hindouism, muslim.. They pray everyday, bring flowers & money to Bouddha. Sometimes it can looks very commercial. But the fact to believe in Karma brings honesty ! It's interesting too see how people here dedicate their life to religion.

4 am beginning of the bouddhist walk 
2 hours walk 

- Transport : wonderful lanscape with the train, crazy bus driving, funny tuk tuk. A thing = in the bus nobody let his place to old women, just child. You pay your ticket inside after have found a sit to a guy who is working with the driver. You also listen loud local music in there and sometimes watch a movie.

- Woman's image : You seen more men outside especially the night because women have normaly to stay home. They are wearing long clothes even if it's really hot. They take care about everything in the house & also kids. Men take care of money. That's the main reason why I will never live all my life here. I didn't say that women here are beautiful (very skinny)

- Be careful : it's frustrating but you have to pay attention to many things = people who try to increase the price (ex: tuk tuk, guest room, market, rooms..) because you're white, you're a tourist so you have money. Always negociate even if the price look already cheap. When you want to see the beach at night, some boys try to talk to you and invite you to a party. Sometimes you want to join them, have fun but you never know how it will be so you keep your distances. We actually didn't in Mirissa because it's a touristic place and you can always find other people around. And we met lovely locals. It's really difficult to find the balance between trust and mistrust.

- Landscape : dry areas like savannah, bush, forest like jungles, moutains & tea plantations, beach & blue water, animals (monkeys, elephants, snakes..)

- Food : rotti, kotthu, vegetable rice with curry, hoppers, spice, fruit. Cheap and big portion !

Thank you Sri Lanka for this amazing trip. I'll miss you, and Amelie for sure.

Our chilling moment 

A wink to Amelie because the trip was not that easy for her ! Her foot and hand were painful especially at the end. She lost a lot of things : rain coat, 2 pair of basket in the bus, sun protection for battery, view glasses!!, sunglasse, whistle/compas!

Poor honey 
Publié le 1er novembre 2016


After 1 hour by bus to get to the airport and 1h30 by plane from Colombo to Chennai, I can say : I'm in India !

There were maybe ten taxi try to get me in and finally I took one to arrive to the guest house. I was too lazy to take the bus. I try to speak with this driver but I just couldn't understand his accent/english. As usual he told me that he knew exactly where the hostel was but he didn't. So he asked to few people and after 1h I saw the sign ! I was happy because this guy started to tell me that I'm pretty..blabla

The driver 

It was 6pm when I registred myself at the office and put my backpack in the dorm. Then I went outside to have food and I met straigh Siddhart, an Indian student in journalism. I actually just smiled to him because he has a friendly face and he came and asked me what I was doing here. So he showed me a restaurant and stayed with me.


He was in Chennai to visit his parents for the week-end. After dinner, he brang me to few hindou temples around the area. We crossed a lot of busy roads.Dangereous bus, bikes, cars. After I came back to the dorm. And Seb arrived. Seb is a french guy I met on a traveler website and we decided to visit India 1 month together. I don't have a picture of him yet. First good impression, looks like a nice guy. Red lollipop hostel is a nice place by the way, relax to start a trip in India.


When I woke up this morning, I met Daniel from Swiss and proposed him to come with Seb and me to Mamallapuram, a famous place which is 1h30 by bus from Chennai. Nice place, good feeling together.

Fish boat 
Rock sculpture 
Mamallapuram view
Krishna rock 
Publié le 4 novembre 2016

After Chennai, we went in Auroville beach, next to Puducherry spend few days.

Bad things happen with the sea 
Seb, Daniel and me. 

India is a very busy country. A lot of people, bus, cars, bikes so a lot of noise ! It's also dirty everywhere, from the village to the big city. I just can't explain it, you have to see it. It's different from everywhere. Anyway.

Yesterday, 3/11, we had a long day. We went to Auroville community to get a pass (I'll explain everything about that later) and had 2 hours of bus on the east to see Gingee fort. An amazing place.

Crazy bus 

Gingee fort is the biggest fortress in Tamil Nadu, a hidden gem to visit ! It was so hot and we had to clim lot of steps to go at the top, and have a great view !

Way to go to the Fort 
A part of the Fort 
At the top 

After that, we walked to Gingee town and waited half an hour to catch a bus to Pondi. Long way back. We had food in a nice indian restaurant in Mission Street and came back, tired, to the guest room.

View of Gingee town 

4/11. This morning we had a visit of Auroville community. Auroville was conceived as a place of research into the ideal of human unity by the Mother, the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo in 1968. The idea was to build a futuristic city where people of goodwill can live together in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, politics, nationalities. 2000 people live there. Buildings are a combination of modern western and traditional Indian elements, in a rural and deep red landscape.

Picture from Internet because It was forbiden to have camera 

We saw the central Matrimandir which is not a temple but a place for individual concentration : "a symbol of the Divine's answer to man's aspiration for perfection".

Inside that, architecture is just crazy. Peaceful. 

We spent a nice moment there. You can look online if you want more information. It's kind of touristic now, not what was it in the sixties.

We were also there with Nick, a new zealand guy who share the same dorm at the guest house. Super cool to meet someone from Nz (I traveled there 2 years ago) .

Publié le 4 novembre 2016


First thought of the day : I just realise that I'm in India, this crazy big country and we are already in november. But days, months mean nothing when you're travelling.

I still try to adapt myself to India. In the room it's fresh because of the air conditioner. But when I go outside after a sweet night, around 8am, It's already very warm. I can directly hear the noise of the streets.. You don't have 5 seconds without horn (klaxon). I feel confused because I wanna stay in my bed and forget this outside life but also face it and visit everything in Puducherry. That's what I just decided. Under this sun, every step looks exhausted.. I close my eyes, take a deep breathe and jump in this local bus to arrive in town. After 15 min, I'm in the middle of the jungle.. oups.. city. I can't stay few seconds without moving because of the trafic. Cars, bikes, tuktuk, bus are everywhere. I really mean it. On the side on the road you see people walking, working in some local food stand, shops and staff like that. After looking my map, after to many people, We finally found Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar temple and his ashram.

They bring everyday this elephant. I don't really know if it's more an attraction for people, locals like tourists than something religious. I felt bad for him..

We met there an indian guy who studies french language. He could speak quite good and show us Bharati Government Park, a garden to rest a bit and had food at "Le café des arts" , french break. It was a nice moment !

After that, Seb and me walked on seaside promenade, evening time and it was relaxing. Locals look also calm there.

Gandhi statue & rock beach
Some young people were playing a kind of relay game. Girls again boys. Funny !
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Yesterday, 5th of november (Happy bday Mum), we left Auroville to go to Chidambaram which is down south. First let's talk about the bus. When you arrive at the station you never know which bus you have to take even if you know the number because there are so many of them and the direction is mainly writen in tamoul. So you ask to a driver and he send you to a place and you feel that it's not the good one. And you're right ! So you ask to other people, and after few minutes walking around and a lot of patience you are finally in the good one.. hopefuly..

I like the Indian guy face on the left 

At the bus station there are many stands where you can buy Chai Tea (the best! Less than 1$), water and food.


The food you find is always fried : samosa, beignets, peanuts.. which is nice but fat ! And Indian are eating it all day long, piece by piece..

Hmm healthy oil 

I try so eat fruits : yummy banana and orange, bad apples.. (more expensive of course)

*People , book guide, tell you to not eat meat but one of the best and favorite meal is chicken Tandoori, and It's so good. I haven't been sick for the moment.

*They also say that it's difficult when you are a woman because of the look of guys. Of course you are white, you don't work but just travel and you don't wear a "sari" (local clothes). It's quite normal that people pay attention to you. But the bad thing is that most of the time you don't really know the meaning of their look. Are they choked to see me? Are they confused? Or maybe they just don't care..

*Nobody try to touch me in the bus and if you're scared you can sit on the left side, more for women. But I realised something after few days, none of them (men) wanted to sit next to me ! Am I stinky ? No, I'm just a woman.. religious thing

Anyway , Second thing : When we arrived in Chidambaram around 1pm, we had to find a place to sleep and drop our backpack. We actually booked nothing because we didn't really know our plans. We were walking in the noisy main street, under this crazy sun, could smell nice pollution and rubish, when I visited a room for the 3 of us. I just laughed when I came in. I'm really not difficult but It was bad : dirty wall it's quite okay but disgusting matress and dust everywhere - no way ! Even if it was just 5$

We finally found an other one which was not pretty at all and not clean enought but was okay for 3 people and for 10$ a night.

The photo looks actually pretty good 

We wanted to visit the main hindou temple of the city Nataraja but it opens at 4pm. So we took an other bus and went to Pichavaram (half an hour) and had a lift from a pick up to go until the boat station.

Why there? To see one of the biggest mangrove in the world.

We rent a raw boat with a indian couple and their baby from North India and spent 2h on it. Was quiet, relaxing & we enjoyed the fresh air!

After this sweet trip, we came hack by bus again until Chidambaram and went around 5pm to the temple.

On our way to the temple 

Tired !India is exhausting...

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7/10. With the bus, you never know when you will arrive even if you looked before on google maps.

Driver seat 

So after 5 hours we were in Trichy, big city famous for its temples. We took a tuk tuk with a weird driver at the bus stand because he knew a good hostel. The first room we visited was terrible.. the second one was okay but quite expensive for the price. There was also just a double bed and we were 3.. (what the fuck?). We asked for a extra bed but they could just bring us one more pillow.. We had to pay much more for a 3 beds room. We were so tired to deal with them + they didn't speak english.. Nice! So let's share a bed for 3, sleep in the other way of the matress..

They were supposed to have the wifi, nothing ! Oh I forgot to tell you that the receptionnist didn't pay attention to me, just the guys! Welcome in Trichy !

It was around 4/5pm when we went to the rock temple, good place with nice city view.

Bazar just before enter in the temple 

We walked half an hour there in the middle of a muslim meeting. I was lucky to have a scarf to put it quickly on my head and closed my jean shirt. For the first time in India, I felt very unconfortable and so hot..

The roads were busy and smelly. More than usual. I had to say that at this moment I hated India so much and I wanted to come back straight in Sri Lanka.

But I calmed down my mind and took again a big breathe of polluated air.

The night in the room was okay even if it was super warm..

8/10 . This morning we went to Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, one of the biggest in India. Was good but some sanctuaries are not allowed to foreigners (that's normal) but you feel that you're missing the most beautiful places. In front of every temples in India you have a "bazar", lot of people try to send you things like neckless, souvenirs, food.. sometimes It makes you crazy. I'm working on my patience here.

Today, It's been just one week in Tamil Nady and I can't say that I like India for the moment, not this part... I hope I could change my opinion later..

Sometimes, after a long day travelling around the city, I just wanna cry but I don't. I have to be strong. After 2 months here, I'll be a rock.

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After visited the temple in Trichy in the morning, we took a bus to go to Thanjavur to see the Brihadishwara temple built by king Rajaraja.

Tamil Nadu is full of temples..

The bus drop us next to the train station and we already found a hotel, one double bed again but with one more matress! We walked 30 min to go to this amazing temple. And the city was better than Tricky. Locals look a bit more friendly even if it's not enough for us..

They were writing a newspaper 

Where is the smile ?

Ps: sorry for my broken english and thx for following me! Xx

Yes It's me.. 
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Kanyakumari : we spent 2 night there in a nice hostel. We needed a rest. Plus, it was very cloudy and my belly felt bad. The city is small ! It changes.. and full of indian tourist !

When you try to be relax in India you can't.. We learnt about a money operation in India the night before it happened. They decided to stop the 500 et 1000 rp (quite like 5 & 10 euros) and we had just a bit of change. The morning after all the banks were closed to prepare 100rp change for everybody. It was the day after, before taking our train to Varkala in Kerala that we could changed some of our bank notes after waiting, filling forms and doing copy of visa, passport.. indians are crazy, if you don't impose yourself in the bank, everybody steal your place. Anyway it's okay now. We also said goodbye to Daniel who went in an other city. 10 days traveling with him were great ! Such a nice guy !

On the road ! 

10/11 around 6pm. We arrived in Varkala in a nice backpacker "Shiva Garden" at the top of a hill, next to the beach view. It's really strange to be in this city because it's a touristic one. Full of hostels, shops and restaurant. And white people ! And the night, it's super quiet ! So different to every places we already visited in Tamil Nadu ! Welcome in Kerala ! Every guest house has her yoga teacher and ayurvedic center, which is cool but made for tourist.. a local told us that it was better to do it in a small city or in an ashram, more trustful..

Nice local restaurant far away from touristic places 

We spent the day after visiting the coast around, walking to see few beaches. Some of them are empty and their guest house also. It's weird to see that tourists are focus in one part of Varkala.

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Saturday 12th.

We arrived in Amrita Ashram where 3000 people live in a kind of community. Amma is their spiritual guide who wasn't here but in Europe. She's very famous. She is travelling a lot because of her ONG and give the darshan (hug to confort sad people). Volunteers spend days around meditation, yoga, work, blessing... Which is a life choice. And I try to put myself in, but I guess my spirit is not open mind enough. I felt a bit opressed after just 2 nights. I met Chloe from south of England & she felt the same.

On monday 14th, I decided to move alone because Sebastien wanted to stay longer. I took a train to go north until Allepey! And I felt good to be on my own.

I arrived around 1pm at the train station & had to go until the city center. So many auto drivers try to pick me up but I walked straight to a small local bus and went for free because It was too full until the town.

I started to walk looking for a guest room I saw online the night before. I asked my way to an indian guy who was working in an internet shop, called Sinju.

He told me about his cousin who just opened a guestroom next to the lake, 3km out of the town. For 2 euros the night ! After few min, his cousin, Dinesh, came on a bike. The first feeling I had when I saw him was really good. He started to explain me with his small english the home stay and wanted me to see the rooms. Si let's do it ! I jumped on his bike with my backpack and decided to trust them.

We arrived in his place by a very small "earthroad" , lake side and It looked amazing ! Cosy & so peaceful.

I was the first guest !

At the end of the afternoon, I went on a small boat to have a trip on the backwaters, where locals transport rice. Dinesh arranged me a good price with this family who is living next to the guest house. It was nice !

When I came back we drank a chai tea and started to talk about life, work.. And I found a name for his hostel : Peaceful Lake. I told him some ideas to fix the garden (plants, tables, hommacs..) but his place is almost ready for the high season.

I learnt that 2 english guys came before and booked a room also. I met them after and we started together a chillin night : Sam, Lee, Dinesh, Sinju, Sujith (their friend who was cooking yummy dossa/crepe for us) & me.

We spent a friendly moment ! The english guys have been already travelling a lot in south america, caraibean, australia, new zealand.. and it was so interesting to listen their stories !

I was supposed to stay one night but I add one more to help Dinesh.

Tuesday 15th, we went to the beach by bike, had a look around the city and I created him a gmail address & did a request of his guest room on Trip advisor ! Now, he has to wait few days for an answer.

Sweet kid I met in a restaurant 

Still this money trouble in India, ATM bank full of people.

Wednersday 15th.

I left Allepey at noon to Fort Cochi. I can't spend more than 3 days in a place if I want too see everything I planned. Especially because transport take you a lot of time..

Goodbye was sad.. it was a pleasure to be with this guys.

I'll remember our talks.

- Dinesh: you're my lucky guest, my friend, happy to meet you. Are you happy ?

- Me: yes I'm very happy to be here and to meet you guys!

-Dinesh: and are you happy everyday to travel in India?

-Me: yes India is an interesting country even if it's not easy sometimes. I start to miss my family, my husband (I'm married since 2 years here, such a joke but we never know), my friends.. but I met good people here, and I think you are a good person!

-Dinesh: thank you. Life is not easy for us everyday because of money. We never know for the days after.."

When you come back in Allepey?

-Me: I don't really know.. one day to see you again!

So if you are going to Allepey ask for Beautiful Lake, next to Lemon Juice & you will not be disappointed by Dinesh's hospitality, at all ! Thank you for bring me smile.

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I arrived by bus on wednersday in Fort Kochi and walked straight to Happy Camper backpacker. I booked a bed there for 2 nights in a dormitory. When I came in the room I met Laina from Canada. We started to talk and had a very nice feeling. All the others beds were booked but nobody was here for the moment. We decided to walk in town together and started to talk to know each other.

Very nice meeting  

Kochi is famous for the Chinese Net, suspendedin the mid air all along the coast. The nets are set up on bamboo or teak poles and are basically fixed land installation.

After we came back at the backpacker and met the rest of the people from different countries : Australia, Northway, America, Spain, England, Switserland, Germany and one guy, Patrice from Guadeloupe!! A caraibean island where my mum lives. We were so surprised and happy to talk about this place.

We had a small party on the rooftop, everybody was really nice and interesting.

I spent the day after with Laina chilling around the city. He had a strange deal with a tuk tuk driver : free lift around an area against visit some shops (you don't have to buy anything just have a look) and the driver receive free petrol. We realised that It's was black money... India.. Anyway , was fun.

Ginger and others spices 

After we came to Ernakulam train station to book a sleeper class ticket for friday 18th.


Then sunset and listen Chain, an australian guy playing guitar and Laina singing.

We had a yummy meal (prawns coconut and fish curry) in a restaurant in the evening. I spent my last day before my train at 6pm with Patrice (from Guadeloupe) and Seb that I met again there.

You don't have a lot of things to do in Fort Kochi but It's a really nice place to relax and meet people. I recommend Happy Camper for sure !

Free laundry and breakfast 

So I went to the ferry boat in the afternoon to Ernakulam and met Jerin on my way to the train station. He lives just next to it so he decided to show me where I have to wait my train to Bangalore and stayed with me until the train came. He even showed me exactly my seat/bed ! Such a nice guy.

He has his own tourism business and travel a lot around India. We normaly have to meet each other in Gokarna in few days.

The train was full of men. I was thinking if something bad happens to me in India it's probably now. But It was safe and everybody slept at 9pm.

I woke up almost every hour to watch my bags and because It was cold out there, the windows were open.

At 5am people started to wake up and maybe every 1 minute, two guys were coming , asking louder : chai tea, chai tea x1000 and same for coffee. It was really annoying! I was still so tired and had to wait 2 hours until Bengalore city.

After few minuts, I fall asleep again, very deep sleep because when I woke up at 7am, the train was almost empty. I pannic and asked to someone if I did miss the station. Lucky me, it was the next one. I just had time to go to the bathroom, take my bag and go out with a very sleepy face.

Bengalore is a big city and I didn't feel spend time there and wanted to go straight to Hampi. I had to see Siddhart there, the indian student in journalism that I met on my first night in India (Chennai). I told him that we could have breakfast together before catching my bus to Hampi.

We did it ! He came to pick me up at the train station by bike. It was a bit hard to find each other because I don't have a local number but I borrowed a phone to call him. Good timing, I saw him 2 min after.


We had a yum indian beakfast and drop me at the bus station. So cool !

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After 12 hours of train, 9 of bus, I arrived "in the middle of nowhere" : HAMPI.

So many things to tell about this place ! Old capitale of Vijayaganara's kingdom .

It's magic everywhere on 42km² of ruines and temples.

I dedicate this article to Harsh Patidar :

"I went early morning to watch the sunrise on Matanga Hill and I met you there.

We started to talk and had a friendly feeling. I told you that I wanted to visit Hampi by bicycle on my own, not following Tuktuk drivers, groups or guides, and you felt the same. After a nice breakfast together we were on the bicycle .

Starting to discover the area 
Old Hindou temple 

More we moved more the lanscape was amazing. I felt like a children discovering new things, I think you as well.

You told me about your studies, your life generally and I started to share mine also. I though that you looked like a really nice person.

We took this tiny boat full of people and bikes to join the other side of the river, drive few km and climbeb 756 steps to watch Monkey temple view. It was hot but the view was impressive.

So lucky to see that and meet you 

We had a yummy indian meal in the afternoon. We deserved it.

We kept going after until 6pm, almost 9 hours on the bicycle. Well done to us !

Do you remember how many pictures they took.. 

And we had a nice sunset before you left the place.. I was really sad to tell you goodbye. I realised that's why I'm traveling also than discover places. Meet people like you from other country and spend amazing moments with.

Thank you for this day and funny&great time.


The day after you left, I went to the other side of the river to spend the night and met some travelers from Israel, England and spain and climbed rocks and walked until this beautiful lake together. It was amazing again.

Goan corner, the rooftop where I slept the last night in Hampi for 200rp 
The rocks we climbeb with this nice view but was a bit dangerous 
The lake we saw 

I will always remember what you wrote me in your mail :

One thing I understood after meeting you is that people around the globe are same at the heart. The only difference is cultural.

See you soon hopefuly"

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Local bus 

*India by local bus :

The travelers I met are surprised when I told them that it's my way to travel here. I book nothing just go to the bus stand, there are always a lot of bus.

I think It's the best to know the country. I'm just watching through the window and look everything. Life in India.

We drive on shitty roads sometimes but drivers are professional. They avoid cows, goat, bikes, tuk tuk, cars..

They have to be focus on the road. They do well.

*Since I'm travelling alone, I'm always the only white person in the bus. And I have to sit at the front next to the guy who sell the tickets. Because It's like in Sri Lanka, 2 people are working. And I feel kind of safe to have my proper seat.

*I also feel the look of locals : surprised, curious, joked, kind.. the more friendly are those parents holding their babies or children showing them my face and saying hello with their hands. Very sweet.

The most unconfortable is to arrive in a bus station & realise that everybody fix me.. especially young people.

But I keep the smile and after some of them are smiling as well. Or when I'm tired I close my eyes and don't pay attention.

*In the bus, when a baby or a kid cry for "nothing", they have a slap. No caprice!

What is really painful is the poverty especially out of the big cities.

Slums, tents, wood houses, people sitting on the grass drinking tea, kids running after animals..

*A lot of agricultural work : rice,corn, vegetables, milk, sold after on market or bazar.

Manuel work also : mecanic staff from nothing, crafts, food


*Sometimes I feel the pain in people's eyes, tiredness, hope. Jealousy perharps.

I can feel the money influence, importance in the society.. business : nothing is free.

The image on social networks : take a picture with a white skin and show yourself online.

This country is full of contrast but brings you something special! Incredible India...


Break in Gokarna & Palolem..

I spent 2 nights in each place.

Gokarna is a lovely town with few beaches you find alongside of the hills. I stayed in Om Beach, in the dolphin house where I met quite a lot of people.

Om beach_Panoramic 

I'll remember Patrick, a french old guy who comes here since 8 years for 6 months.. just chilling. Like John from Scotland. It's a kind of retreat for them. One funny guy from Bulgaria who lived 9 years in London.. and others travelers..

John on the left & a beautiful sunset with a cow 

It's a lazy place , perfect for holidays. You feel out of everything. But It's also a kind of trap !

I had to move to Palolem up north (2h by train) in Goa State on thursday 24th to see Lee & Sam, the 2 english guys I met in Allepey. It was Lee 's birthday. Palolem is also a small town with beaches. More touristic than Gokarna & you can find a lot of tourist shops.

Palolem beach 

Was nice to catch these guys again. We rent a kayak to watch the sunset & saw dolphins!


The last night there, Lee had his flight back to England :( and I met some indians and they invited me for dinner in the restaurant of the guest house. A married couple with a baby. The husband is web designer and she's working for google. There were also the wife's little brother and 2 friends of the husband (20 years of friendship). They were very nice and happy to spend time with me. It was the week-end for them. They ordered a lot of local food. I was full but they kept me eating. Sam joined us after. And they didn't want us to pay for anything

Fish is so good here ! 

Now I'm in a small village called Keri on the southtern most coast of Goa for a volunteering since saturday. Mandy, an english woman bought a guest house few years ago and now she's renovating the place with her son, Laurence.

I'm helping them 5 hours a day against the accommodation and food.

My sweet room where I can see monkeys jumping in trees 

The most of the job is painting, cleaning, sanding tables, fixing things.

New paint on 2 balconies 

They want to be able to rent upstair (2 rooms, one bathroom, one big living room & kitchen, 2 balconies) for Christmas (for a family).

There is Keri beach 15 min walking from the house

Path to go there  

and Arambol, a bigger town 20 min by bus. Arambol is very touristic because of the beach, yoga, medidation, party, music. A lot of people live here half a year. Every sunset on the beach you have a drum circle. Few people are playing and lot of them are dancing, it's really nice ! And every night there is a live band or open mic in one of the bars on the same beach.

So much fun 

I don't really feel in India even if a lot of locals come here as well. This area looks more like an european place where foreigners escape and enjoy to be out of their country. I don't have the wifi often so that's normal if I'm not writing a lot on the blog. Everything is alright ! Just start to miss few people from France..

See you !

Hello from Bindi & Biyarni, their sweet pets 
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I arrived in this quiet village by bus & I didn't know what to expect. I started to walk and follow the itinerary that Laurie wrote me to find the house. I straight met Laurie's mother, Mandy, on the road and I jumped on her scooter. My first impression of the place was : wow that's lovely.

Keri is surrounding by the river & the beach 

I wish I could stay longer in this volunteering but I have to keep traveling in India. One month left already...

Dear Mandy it was friendly to stay in your place and help you renovating your guest house. Thanks you for the hospitality. I will always remember your laught, open mind & all of your stories about your life & travels. You are a strong & generous person with a big heart. "English mum in India".

Top 5 of my workaway host 

Dear Laurie, thanks for sharing moments and the yoga as well. My body & my mind really enjoyed it. We had so much fun & hilarious laught. You are very interesting through your personality & experience. I hope we could catch each other in France, England or somewhere else.

Was cool to be silly with you ! 

I wish you both the best for the guest house & that this crazy money situation in India will be better soon. If I'm coming back in Goa one day I will visit you for sure.

Dear Sion, was cool to be volunteer with you for one week. I really liked the sunday we spent on the other side of the river, Aronda & Redi, when we rent this scooter

We both fell in love with Redi fort

Wild old fort with crazy trees

& Redi beach, amazing places.

Perfect place to swim 

Happy travels to you !

Women life 

Today It's the 9th of december, 8am, and I just arrived in Pune with a night bus. Not easy to sleep in a sitting & non AC bus but it was the cheapest. It was noisy & very windy. Pune is a big city next to Bombay. I'm here because Harsh, the indian guy I met in Hampi (ref.Article) invited me to his place for the week-end. Plus, Pune is on my way to Rajasthan ! I met Sanaullah in the bus who is working in an IT center and he proposed me to come to have free wifi. I have to wait the evening to meet Harsh because he is working so I'm gonna spend the day with Sanaullah.

More I discover India more I love it. Everything is so different from the places I've been traveling which make this country incredible. Even if sometimes It's not easy to be a woman here, It's such a good trip. I understand now why travelers come back here. Too many places to visit with sweet locals !

see you!

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Pune is the second largest city of Maharashtra State with 3,75 million of people. The city is known for culture, traditional old economy base, industry, IT... and attracts a lot of students from all over India.

I arrived there on friday 9th early morning and spent the all day with Sanaullah, a very friendly indian. He saw that I was sleepy and lost when the bus dropped us. I had no idea where I was & what to do. He brang me to his office, then we had a local breakfast. I met his boss when I was using the wifi, friendy as well.

Then I joined him on his bike to post some papers & big boxes. And he drove me after to his flat & told me that I could stay here & have a rest (2 or 3 hours sleeping in the bus) and came back to his office. I knew him for few hours & he gave me the best hospitality ever. I'm still surprised how some people can be kind with foreigners.

After his work we had dinner & he called his taxi driver friend who gave me a cheap lift until the city center to meet Harsh.

It was 10pm when I arrived in front of the german bakery, the meeting place Harsh chose. He was not here. I started to pannic a little bit.. alone in a big city the night.. A old tuk tuk driver in the street asked me if I needed a lift, I explained him the situation. I borrowed his phone to call Harsh who was on his way, late because of indian roads.. I felt better & could wait with the driver until Harsh arrived.

I was really happy when I finally saw his face ! He was so sorry to be late but I didn't care, was too happy to see him !

I jumped on his bike (I realise that I'm often a passenger bike & I enjoy it) & we went to his flat he share with 5 others friends, out of the city. It was quite late when we arrived. We talked, watched Harry Potter 5 (international movies) & fell asleep like big shit !

On saturday we visited Shanivaar Wada Fort from outside, then Osho garden which was peaceful. By the way, Osho is a spiritual teacher & founded Osho international meditation resort, one of the world's largest spiritual center with 200,000 visitors annually..

On the bike 

On sunday we went to the Katraj Zoo, one of the famous indian activity. It was full of people. Harsh, like me, doesn't really like to see this animals life but it's part of Pune ! We saw snakes, turtles, white tigers, leopards, dears...

Ahah love it 

After, we had a late lunch to the most famous restaurant of Pune : Vaishali, on FC road. Indian food is unbelievable ! Then we came home and chilled (Ace Ventura movie).

On monday, we visited Singhgad Fort, 30 km from Pune, an amazing place.

Harsh's bike 

More we droved there, more I couldn't stop thinking : wow that's so beautiful !

Pune view in the fog 

One of the best places I've seen in India !

Incredible mountains 
Sunny day_Blue sky 
Lemon water & Buttermilk break 

Our indian lunch after ("veg kadai, dal fry & naans") plus our bakery stop ("malai barfi, ras malai, moti chuv ka Laddu, chocolate barfi") were delicious.

Indian bakery 

We watched the sunset next to Harsh flat !

After this lovely day, Harsh dropped me at the bus station around 11pm.. night bus to Aurangabad.

*Harsh, thank you again for your hospitality, sweetness and kindness. I loved this week-end with you & the fact that you shared me your culture. It was very sad again to leave you , I wish you could come traveling with me for the rest of my trip.. I'm not gonna repeat here what I already told you when I left Pune. I hope to see you again in India, Africa, France or Grece ^^ ! Take care, lots of love, will miss you*

We had so much fun ! 

Tuesday 13th, 6 am.

I arrived in Aurangabad by bus. The driver and his friend offered me a Chai Tea (this tea is a drug). Then I went directly to the hostel Family Inn to drop by bag & have few more hours sleep. Hard to have a proper sleep in an indian bus because the roads are winding.

Around 10 am, I woke up & decided to visit the city.

- Panchakki also known as the water mill, takes its name from the mill which used to grind grain for the pilgrims.

- Bibi Ka Maqbara, a beautiful mosque that people call Mini Taj Mahal as well.

- The caves

- And Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj about the great Maratha ruler.

Ellora caves : 

Wednersday 14th.

I left the hostel to spend the day in Ellora, famous for the caves, 30 km from Aurangabad. It's one of the largest rock-cut monastery-temple caves complexes in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Maharashtra, India. The site presents monuments and artwork of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism from the 600-1000 CE period. The site features over 100 caves, of which 34 caves are open to public. These were excavated out of the vertical basalt cliff in the Charanandri hills. These consist of 12 Buddhist (caves 1–12), 17 Hindu (caves 13–29) and 5 Jain (caves 30–34) caves.

I started to visit the caves at 9 am & finished around 2pm. It was just unbelievable.. I felt like an adventurer, explorer. Made me thinking a lot about religion and history.. How can people build something like that ?There were a lot of indians tourists & I don't know how many selfies I did but more than 20.. Annoying at the end. After this day trip, I came back to Aurangabad because I booked a night bus there to reach Indore the morning after & take a train there until Udaipur, in Rajasthan State. But nothing happened as I wanted...

At 7pm, I was in this sleeping bus, laying down on my ''bed'' writing my book. Few hours after I finally fall asleep after this exhausted day. I had my small bag next to me & curtains closed. When I woke up around 1 am, my bag was gone. I thought first that it fell so I started to look everywhere until admit myself that someone stole my bag. I woke up everybody & asked to a young indian guy, Pratik, if someone left the bus on the way. He went to talk to the driver & 3 guys left the bus the stop before...The driver stopped the bus to a police station & a cop had a look in but I knew that I would not see my bag again : passport, wallet, tablet, phone, books. My mind was fucked up & I started to cry. Pratik's parents try to comfort me and gave me a phone to call someone. I couldn't call in France & nobody could help me from there so I called Harsh who picked up straight the phone & I explained him the situation.

- Don't worry I have some friends in Indore, they will bring you to the police station. I'm gonna look online for your passport.

- It's a nightmare.. I have nothing on me anymore..

I had to wait 4 hours to arrive in Indore city. Of course I couldn't sleep anymore so I try to think positively but all I was thinking was : You are in a big shit now, you don't have an ID, no money & maybe you will have to come back in France. The idea to stop my trip now just frightened me. I spent the all thursday in Police stations with Harsh's friends try to have a bloody police report. It was really frustrated because everybody was speaking Hindi & I really understood nothing about what was going on. They actually didn't want to give me the paper because it happened one the way to Indore & not in the city itself. I wanted to scream, to through everything around me.. Harsh called me all day long on his friend's phone to try to explain me the situation.- I booked you a sleeping bus tonight to Bombay, the french ambassy is there. You will reach in the morning, I'll be there to pick up you & we will go together by bike to the ambassy. Thanks god.. Harsh, you are my fucking saver .

Friday 16th, 7 am.

I arrived in Mumbai & was happy to see his face. We dropped my bag to one of his friend's flat & went to the ambassy. Good news : A new one year passport will be ready this week... Phhew

After, he spent the day taking care of my report, on the phone, printing & sending papers between cops & bus company.. He's got a journalist friend who published an article about my case like what the police was not helpful and it moved their ass.

We spent the night in Bombay and drove around the south, the fency part of the city. Was lovely. Now we are in Harsh's flat in Pune waiting for the passport & taking care of papers shit. Yesterday we finally received police report from Indore . No more cash in Western Union bank because of gouvernment, money situation.. Thanks paypal..

This last days were full of stress & emotions but you always feel better the morning after a nightmare.

If everything goes well, I'll be in Rajasthan this week end for Xmas, my birthday & new year .

The pictures I put on this article are not mine.. I wish I could show us all the beautiful photos I took in Aurangabad & Ellora.. anyway..

India makes me really mad even if I like the country..

See you guys :)

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Christmas Week-end !!

I arrived on saturday morning by sleeper bus from Bombay, after collected my new passport at the french ambassy.

First impression : It's cold. The city is quite big but the roads are small so there is a lot of trafic. Every street has food and a lot of handmade shops (bags, clothes, jells) - impressive work.

I escaped the tuk tuk driver & went straight to Pleasure Guest House, in the city center, recommended by travelers friends.

I met the owner Getu, a very friendly & welcoming person. When he was young, he used to work in a hotel like a cooker, cleaner, learning from old people. That's how he knows how to manage a guest house. He learned english in the market by talking with foreigners. Funny stories :

- where are you from ? - Hungary ! - Hungry ? Are you hungry ?

- I'm from Chile ! - Chili spice ?

I felt good vibrations in his place especially on the rooftop.

He showed me one hour after I arrived how to cook a local breakfast with Rohi: Paluparata. * * Future article about indian food soon

Rohi is a children from a village around Udaipur who is working with Getu. He is teaching him his experience. They have a special link like son & father.

Such a smart face

Getu uses to go to Pippliah village, 30 km from the city to brings biscuits to kids, visit people. He proposed me to come with him & his tuk tuk driver friend. Good thing to do on a christmas day..

On the way - "8% ? That's why I feel good"

Going to this village was an emotional experience for me.

People there are living with "nothing". They have houses made of earth & rocks, a whole inside to do a fire & some religious statu...

They are all working very hard outside since their young age.

Heavy wood 

I've never seen such smiling faces for this kind of living conditions. Shining people. . . I felt completely in an other life & ashame to just bring biscuits & a bit of money.. but who I am to change the world ?

View around 

After this day, we came back to the guest house & cooked Chicken Massala for xmas dinner. Getu is a nice cooker & the way he uses spices is interesting & tasty.

He teached me recipes. I also made a Mojito Bucket. We spent a nice evening the 3 of us. Fireworks from the rooftop !

25th of december. I woke up slowly with the sun. That was my outside bed for 2 euros the night. No more credit card = Small budget.

I had a crazy morning Christmas drink : shanti shanti !

Sunny sunday for a walk around the city. Locals here like to talk with foreigners. I didn't walk 5 minuts without talking with someone or having a chai tea in a shop, coffee. It's a good exchange with people.

After had a look in those small streets, I went by bike with Getu to Tiger Lake, 9 km far. Beautiful place !

Udaipur is surrounded by lakes & mountains, that make the city pretty & romantic. Famous for Indians tourist & travelers.

Watch the sunset from Karti mata temple. You can go to the top of the mountain by rope way but I chose to go there by walk (1h).

On the way back to the guest house, I enjoyed walking in the streets, smelling food, looking shops, talking with people. I had a spice tasting in Ronak Shop with friendly locals. Spice art !

Spice shop
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Wednersday we arrived by bus in Jaisalmer with Harsh, my indian friend. He joined me to celebrate my birthday & new year. He is my best meeting in India.

We found a nice Guest House there, in the fort , helped by Ba. Ba is an Old Guy from a village out of the fort who own Hotel Mirage & a coffee. He is a honest person and famous for local & travelers .


Jaisalmer is very touristic, especially because It's holidays. A lot of indians touristic and foreigners come to visit this lovely golden City , the palace inside the fort.

People, hotel, restaurant, shops & traffic 

Few sellers speak a little bit of french and invited us for tea to have a talk. They are all friendly & work hard. Even if sometimes can be annoying :" hello , come to see my shop, Nice clothes... " from more than 20 sellers.

We didn't visit inside the palace because It's busy and a bit expensive. But walking on this street and visit temples over there are a interesting experience.. This fort is an old one but he is more than alive ..

Beautiful architecture 

We were really impressed by the Jain temples, Jainism religion.

We had this view from our Guest house wednersday night after a yummy dinner outside the fort.

On the 29th of décembre , we decided to do Ba's camel safari trip in the desert for one day and one night. We took a jeep with 4 israeli people. 30 km to reach the beginning of the desert & 9 km more by camel to be in the middle.

We've been welcomed by people from village in the desert, brang us until a good spot to spend the night. Sunset, fire, indian food, music, cards game. And the best : sleeping on matress with a sky full of stars. Most amazing sky I've seen...

The morning after, 30th of decembre was my birthday & we all watched a pretty sunrise and had breakfast.

After the breakfast, we went back with the camels to the jeep & back to the fort.. Very Nice birthday morning ..

Back in the fort , at Ba's coffee, Harsh, Israeli friend & me had lunch. I decided to be indian style for this day. I didn't know how to wear a sari so Ba brang me to a woman he knows in the fort. And her & her family were the sweeter people I met in India. "You want you to feel family for your birthday because you are far from home. She offered me an other sari, earing, rings .. She didn't even know me before. And Harsh bought a surprise cake that we shared together.

We did a "cake battle" , was funny & emotive moment for me. Kind people

This birthday was surprising & touching. Thanks for my family & my friends for the messages, to this family who shared moments with me like a I was a member. And special thank you to Harsh who organised all of it .

View from the restaurant we had bday dinner just before taking a night train to Pushkar

Jaisalmer is a beautiful place with lovely locals. I recommend it & especially Ba's place & his camel safari. Walk around the fort & see what's going on.

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30-31th of december.

We took a night train to Puskhar. We had nice conversation about hindou religion, stories of gods on the way..

Finally we reached Pushkar by bus from Ajmer around 4pm.

Pushkar is a small city (small for India) full of tourists. Indians & foreigners came here to celebrate new year.

We spent a chill new year, walking 3 hours in the city, trying street food.

The lake in the middle of the center brings something special, peaceful.


People are friendly and welcoming. Like almost all the people in India.

Harsh came back in Pune the 2nd of december, end of his holidays.. I was very sad again when we left each other for the 3rd time. Our moments together were kind & fun. It's different to travel with a local. Things are easier. I hope to see him again, one day.

Our last picture 

I left Pushkar the evening by bus to Delhi to take my exit Permit visa to leave the country for Nepal. Delhi is cold & full of fog .. Not a really good impression of the city.. I went straight to the Foreigners Registration Office at 6am (time when the bus drop me) and wait until 9:30 that the office opens. They sent me to different people, counters (réf Asterix & Obelix) & after 3 hours I got the paper & stamp on my new passport. I was thinking that it would take few days. I was happy.

What to do ? Stay in Delhi for my last 3 days ? No way ! Let's take a train to Jaipur, 5 hours from here.

People I met in the train  

Why Jaipur ? Because I was invited there for Christmas by Mahendra but I couldn't come because of this passport situation before. I met Mahendra at the beginning of my trip in Pondichery where he stydies french. He speaks very good by the way. I texted him :

-I'm coming to Jaipur, are you still there ?

- Yes, I'll pick up you at the train station

On the way to his village - 3 hours north by bus from Jaipur 

I've been welcoming there like a member of the family. It was like they know me for years. My last days with them where lovely. I even slept in the same bed that Mahendra's mother. Be with them was a beautiful indian experience.

They have a really nice hand made shop in the village.

Mahendra's uncle, very clever & interesting person 

We visited the village, famous for Haveli open houses. Some of them are used like hotel & restaurant.

The last day they offered me traditional clothes & we danced together.

Thank you for everything. No I'm going to the airport..

Mandawa village

* Be patient for everything

- administration : I still don't understand how It's work...

- transport : when a train is late, don't be angry. Drink a chai & wait. You will always reach your destination. When It happens in France everybody is angry.. This feeling doesn't really exist in India

- traffic : open your eyes everytime especially when you cross the road.. Bus, tuk tuk, cars, cows will always be on your way. Stop paying attention to noise & pollution (especially rubish in the streets) they will follow you along your trip. Just breathe with the mouth, sing a lullaby in your head & walk straight. Don't worry be shanti !


* Don't be too polite

- ask directly what you want

- be rude with annoying people like rickshaws drivers (Na Hi Cha Hi Ye : No, I don't want it)

- people don't need a thank you everytime they help you

- spit, burp, fart are normal acts in public (not like in France)

* Enjoy the spicy food & other

- walk & try all the street food as long as you think It's safe. Be careful to oil !

To give you an idea :

> Samosa : potateo + massala spices, Chili & curry powder deep fried in oil

> Vada Pav : mush potateo deeped in flour + spices + deep fried in a bread like a sandwich with chutny sauce. Drink butter milk with.

> Pani Puri : spicy liquid (pani means water) made of mint leaves, into a crunchy "bol".

> Idli Mendu wada sambhar : the white thing is made from rice & the brown from daal , deep fried . Sambhar is a spicy liquid made of water & vegetables. Served with coconut chutny.

> Missal Pav : mix of spices, water + daal + namkeen (kind of crisp) with bread (Pav).

> Uttappa : " pankake" + oinion + chutny sauce.

> Alu Paratha : flour & water steamed with spices

> Dossa massala : kind of crunchy crepe

- chicken massala, veg thali, daal with chapati, mix veg, porotta.. are yummy indian meals. See by yourself ! Don't sorry eat chicken curry

Big Veg Thali 

- you will be used to the spices & discover new taste of products

- eat with the right hand

- drink chai every morning or everytime you want it in the street. Be careful sugar is addictive

> - curd (yogurt) is used with salt meal but It's also a sweet drink (sweet lassi) - bang lassi in Rajasthan

Curd + rice + spices + pepper 

- have a fresh juice fruit !

- there is no time & no limit to eat

* Live together

- strong & powerful family link which impresses me. They can live in the same House & share the same bedroom. Closest friends are included. "It's my sister" : can be a friend or cousin

- easy communication between people. The country is populated & everybody try to live with his neighbor & share space

- helpful people : I don't know how many time I asked for a place & I always found someone to help me. I've been invited for chai, dinner, had gifts as well... We have a lot to learn about indian hospitality..

They made me dress this men traditional clothe (Rajasthan)

> But don't trust everybody ! Some of them have money attention..

* Use social network :

- a lot of people especially the new generation have a phone & use very often apps like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter..

- they like taking selfies of themself & with foreigners to publish it

- parents lend smartphone to kids & they know how to use it since their young age

* Realise the social difference

- in every place you will see people asking for money (lot of children..) Almost nobody give a shit about them, people are just use to it..

- you give money to poor people until you realise that you can't change the world...

-Bombay, between slums & fency houses...

Men playing cards 

*Be a children in India

- if you are lucky, you go to school, then colledge or uni & get a nice job after

- if you can't go to school, you will help your family by different way, depends of her status : bring money, work in the market, restaurant, shop, hotel

- you can also work for an other family who teaches you a job & host you (like Getu-Udaipur article).

This kids are helping for the camel safari 

*Visit places

- there are places for every taste : temples, teaches, fort, mountains, tea plantation, lakes, ruines, caves, desert, palace, church...

- you will have long drive between locations

> read others article for pictures ;)

* Walk like a warrior

- sometimes you feel unconfortable because of the look of people. You have a white skin & it's not common

- be a strong women : they must have the same freedom that men.. Hopefully it will change with years. You don't really see girls in the street the night.. If you do, dress long & be careful !

- it can be frustated to not understand what people say when they see you but who cares ? Full power 24 hours.

Seems that women can destroy men with justice, law power.. (Divorce, fake or real agression..)

& lot of other things that make this country just incredible. Come here & you will learn about life & yourself ! Thank you India. Lot of loves to all the friends I've made..

See you... 
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I arrived in Kathmandu from Delhi & met Narayan at the airport, a Nepali business man in building. He is traveling a lot in Europe & likes meeting people. He helped me with the visa & invited me to stay at his house with his 2 children until Lea, my sister is coming.

View from his place 

Kathmandu is a very dusty & polluted city. That is not the place where you wanna stay.. I spent the night before Lea arrived in Thamel, the touristic area of the city. I met Jimmy there, from Cameroun, who is living in Nepal since 2 years for the football. It was great to share Africa culture.

He is a friendly and strong person. "It's difficult to be black in Nepal because people don't respect you" Jimmy


Lea is here & we are full of happiness ! I felt emotional when I saw her face at the airport. A new road trip started. For her first night we went to a lounge with Narayan & his friends & enjoyed a Nepali live band. We also danced with some girls from KTM & exchanged numbers with them.

Funny to have party a bit like home ! 


A bit hangover in the morning in Narayan's place. So sweet to see Lea's face just next to me. At the end of the morning we left the house and went to an agency of Narayan's friends & booked a trip for 5 days, everything included. It was not easy to find this agency because I couldn't remember location, just that it was next to fruit juice shop & Narayan's phone was off. But we found it after one hour walking.

Kathmandu roads-streets... 

It's the first time we traveled with an agency because we didn't want to loose time.. 10 days is quite short.. We had to wait the morning after to start the travel so in the evening we met Rekha, one of the Nepali girl from last night to have dinner. We also proposed to Jimmy to join us. Rekha didn't want any of us to pay when the bill arrived. " You are in my country, you are my guest. I have money, I'm a business woman ! " Rekha is a << beauty face >> in lot of Nepali video clip. She is a cute person.

We spent a good night. The food was yummy. 


We left KTM to Chitwan National Park by bus early morning. 6 hours on a crazy road in the middle of mountains & river. I told Lea that when we were sleeping for a moment I woke up, watch through the window & decided to close my eyes one more minut. Big respect to the drivers !

We arrived at noon in Jungle Adventure world, a lodge where we've been welcomed by a young & friendly staff. 3 women & 9 guys are working there, all around 20-25 years old. Rovin is the guide of the place & also the kind of manager who hosted us well. Chitwan is surrounded by the jungle where you can see & listen a lot of birds, crocodiles, elephant (some are domestic), rhino... So after a yummy meal in the lodge restaurant, we went walking in the park with Rovin & enjoyed this peaceful place.

We introduced ourselves to Rovin & he did the same. At the end of the afternoon it was the beginning of real friendship. And then the others workers started to be less shy with us. By the way, the chief is 16 years old & cooks very well. In the evening we watched a local dance show & after a firecamp with the staff playing guitar & singing. It was really cool.

Those guys looked happy to share moments like that with us : "you are not just guests but friends". Even if we have different culture, we found a lot of commons things. They all love their way of living, working in this lodge with the nature. They need simple things that make them lovely people.


On wednesday early morning, we went on the river to do canoe.

Fog was everywhere but it brang something special to the place.


Then we walked in the middle of the jungle just after learnt about that.


We haven't seen elephant or tiger...But monkeys, rhino & crocodiles.

Nepali jungle 

The afternoon we were in a jeep looking for more animals but not more that we saw before. It was relaxing because of the landscape & fresh air. We were not disappointed about animals because we are lucky to have seen lot of them during our 10 years living in Africa.. the only little problem is that we were in the jeep with some rich nepali tourists & they couldn't stop taking pictures, videos, selfies... Was a bit annoyed because that's not the superficial part that we are looking in Nepal. Anyway.. We just realised that a lot of people cares about their social image. After the safari, we came back to the lodge, had dinner & firecamp again.

We spent 2 amazing days in Chitwan with wonderful people. We've made friends & were quite sad to leave early but in 10 days you have to move if you chose to visit more places.


5 hours by bus to Pokhara. You have to be patient with transport. When we reached this city, the second biggest we had a bad surprise. The room the agency booked was shitty : Meera Peak guest house.


We are simple girls but we paid a service & couldn't accept that. It was too late to change for the first night but the day after the agency transferred us to a good hotel.


At 6am, we went to watch the sunrise up to the hill.

Himalaya & Pokhara view 

The rooftop was full of tourist...

After the room transfert (Eco resort is a clean hotel), we had sight seeing with a local guy, in and around the city. We visited some temples,

caves, museum, lakes, waterfall,


A Tibetan community,

They escaped Tibet & try to adapt themselves to Nepal 

this crazy bridge.

We were scared to walk on it but people use this bridge everyday from the city to villages... 

At the end of the day we watched the sunset at the lake side-street.

Pokhara is touristic because it's the center of a lot of trekking. January is not a good month to treck because it's freezing in the mountains, it can be dangerous but some people go. Depends on you. I will wait the end of the month.


We took a bus to go back to Kathmandu. Long way. Pollution agressed us straight when we arrived. The trip with the agency is finished so we decided to go by local bus to Kathmandu Valley : Bhaktapur. It's an old medieval city where the hand made work is famous.

We walked one hour from the bus stand looking for a guest house but Google map sent us quite far from the center & a nepali woman showed us the way. But then we were lost again. These smalls streets look the same.

We saw a pub on our right & I told Lea that I will ask to someone the way to find a cheap guest house. Lucky me the first person I asked was Jugal, 23 years old, the owner of this place, friendly guy.

"You asked to the good person, I'm born here & will help you" 

One more time we met an interesting person who also does music : Rap. He is talented.

He helped us to find a guest house & showed us a nice view from a rooftop.

Beautiful city 


We visited Bhaktapur in the morning, the temples & ruines from the earth square 2 years ago...

Then we visited a school where people paint & the students are just impressive.

The director was speaking very good french with us 

After that we met Jugal again & he brang us to the bus station to go to Nagarkot, a town higher in the mountains where you can see Himalaya ranges & especially the Everest. We reached there at the end of the afternoon by a crazy road &, couldn't see the view because it was already dark. On our way to a guest house we met some guys sitting in a local restaurant playing music. After booked the room, we decided to have dinner in this restaurant & hang out with the guys. The young generation of Nepalese is artistic. We sang, I played keyboard that one guy brang & shared that friendly moment.

Why we just met boys ? Because girls are not really allowed to stay outside after 5pm... Otherwise they are "bad girls".. crazy 


What a great morning watching the sunrise on the rooftop of our guest house...

After having breakfast we decided to do a 5 hours walk around the villages. Before starting the treck , Rovin from Chitwan called us. He was at the airport in Katmandu to pick up his best friend & planned to join us here in the afternoon here because it was his day off. Jo Good news !

A lot of small villages all around the valley

In the afternoon we met Rovin & spent the rest of the day chilling with the others guys, talking about life.

People in Nepal have big heart & we really felt a connection with them especially when they have the same age as us. They are simple & happy with what they have !

How you can't be happy with this view everyday... Sunset 

For our last night in Nagarkot, we went to a small local restaurant ("bouiboui/maki") with 15 people inside. The guys we met, Rovin, his friend & us, the owner & some Chinese tourist. Still together around music, dance & Tuka, their local mountain alcohol, kind of hot wine.

A welcoming moment that we will never forget. Nagarkot is such a nice place.


It's time to pack our bags & leave this amazing town. We are all pretty sad.

Last day of Lea, time to go back in KTM to spend the night.. We said goodbye to the guys & booked a room in front of the airport. The afternoon we went to some markets to buy souvenir. In the evening we met Jugal from Bhaktapur who was in the city to meet some friend & invited us to join them in a bar. We made a crazy party ! They rapped, we danced & finally went back to the room early morning.. 2 hours before going to the airport.

Lea, it was hard again to say goodbye to each other. We spent wonderful moments in this lovely country. It's like our link doesn't have an end.. Take care of you... I miss you already...

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Lea left Kathmandu this morning. That's shit. I needed to get out of this city so I decided to go to Panauti, a village 34 km from here. On the way I stopped in Sanga to see this big Shiva statue, very impressive.

143 feet 

Panauti is a small village where most of the locals are farmers. All around the center you can see women planting potateos "alo", paddy & men renovating the roads. Nepali women are deeply involved in all agricultural activities. When you look at their faces you know that they are working hard since a long time. They also have honest smile & something kind in their eyes.

Potateo land 

I spent 2 days walking in and around the village, on top of mountains to have a nice view & visit the others villages more in the hills.

There are a lot of temples in Panauti which bring something peaceful to the place even if it's already quiet and no touristic.


I went by local bus to Dhulikhel and spent 2 night in this historic & old newari township. The old medieval city is full of ancient heritage.

There is this beautiful old town, in the central part of the city, based on an ancien Hindu planning doctrine.

Children are running and playing here, under the sun.

Love their faces 

There is also Bhagawati temple situated at western top part of the town. Beautiful carved wood pillars which supports the roof.

Temple & his view 

After visiting this one I was looking for Shiva temple & it took me a while to find it because it's located at the northern part, surrounded by green jungle.

And there is Kali temple on a top of a hill after 1000 steps walking. It offers a really nice panoramic view. They charges you 100rp to go there but you can find other paths without paying if you don't feel spend money for that.


There is a really nice Buddha statue on the way to the temple.

Shanti Ban 

So after one hour walking this is Kali temple & the view you have.

It's also the way to go to a Buddhist monastery (namobuddha) where a lot of young people learn how to become a monk.

On namobuddha way - 3 hours walking from Dhulikhel

It's a friendly place and the monuments are beautiful.


After 4 hours by local buses & 3 km walking with my bag , I finally reached Kakani, little & quiet village at the top of the south of the valley.

Crazy roads 

Tourist are not use to come to this place and it's a "shame" because it's really lovely and you get one of the best view of Himalaya range.

2200 feat 

I spent 2 relaxing days there and enjoy the view


and the people.

Ajay, music teacher in KTM 

They spend their day working in their shops, taking care of their houses & building new ones. I stayed at Kakani Mountain view hotel, a nice place which offers a beautiful sunset from the rooftop.

Kakani mountains 


I met Jimmy, my African friend in Kirtipur, a old historic city closer to Kathmandu & we visited it.

After we came back in Kathmandu city to spend the night. We went to a casino. Find a casino in Nepal is a thing who really surprised me.

I like Kathmandu Valley, at list all the places I've visited there with Lea and by myself. They look far away from KTM because the lifts are long (roads) & it's not noisy but they are actually at just few miles from the capitale. I felt a bit home in these villages like mine in France...

Fresh breath 


Nina, my cousin is coming today ! She joines me for the rest of the trip in Asia. Trip that we first planned together. I can't wait to see her !

Namaste everybody !



Nina is in Kathmandu ! We spent one night in the city & left the morning after to Pokhara by bus because we wanted to do Annapurna treck. I already know the road but it still looks crazy around these mountains.


Second time in Pokhara for me. I really think that this place, especially the lake side, is touristic. There are a lot of hotels & shops which are more expensive than usual. You feel that the city was a hippie one before, it looks chill with the lake & mountains. We started to plan Annapurna treck until we realised that the temperature is really cold up there, around minus 15 & we were not prepared for that. So we cancelled it.. hardly because we were motivated but I think we made the good choice. Summertime is the best for trekking...

But we kept smiling ! 


Raining day in all Nepal, first time I had this weather since I'm here so we stayed one more day in Pohkara & took care about Myanmar visa and fly tickets.. next country we gonna visit.


We decided to go by walk to Sarangkot, a village up to a hill, 9.7 km from Pohkara, famous for the sunrise. This walk was not easy because we had to climb quite a lot but the view was amazing.

Beginning of the treck 

We could see Himalaya range & few villages on the way.

When we reached the place, we found a nice room : Himalaya Guest House.

For 5 euros the night ...

With a funny & also strange owner. He told us about his busy life. He was a guide for many years, did a lot of Himalaya trecks & he could carry more than 30 kg. He is managing the guest house as well & sent his daughters in London & Austria to study.

Swag ! 

In the evening they cook traditional meal : dhaal bat for us & we ate around a fire.


After a sweet early morning in Sarangkot we left the guest house to reach Baglung, a city 68 km west. To start this way, we first walked 2:30 hours until Naudanda village.

As usual in Nepal.. the landscape around us was beautiful.

pictures taken with a smartphone 

After a chai break in Naudanda we jumped in a local bus to Baglung. The bus was really busy.. full of people. We didn't have a seat at the beginning but we were okay because we were really enjoying the nepali music the driver put, until we could sit.

Arriving in Baglung was strange because the town is not use to see foreigners so we had a lot of different looks : curious, malicieux*, indifferent.. After walking a bit in the streets we found a funny hotel.

Open space 

We had a good view of Baglung from the rooftop & could seen local life (shops, markets, restaurant, farming, building..)

Town surrounded by mountains 

There are also some slums around the center...


This morning we've been to Kalika temple.

Nice place 

Behind the temple you can take a path for few minuts which brings you to a view point.

beautiful with a bit of fog

After that we had to take a bus back to Pohkara because we realised that we couldn't go by an other road to Tansen, a city in the south. You just have one big road in Nepal so you don't have the choice. Like I said in the blog before, the lifts are long.. & If you are scared of mountains road, it will be really difficult for you to travel here.. don't think about the danger !

Be funny ! 

We spent the night in the "local side" of Pohkara because we already know the lake side & it was closer to the bus station. It's harder to discuss about the room rate with the owner than the lake side. We finally found a room for 5 euros & for this one you really understand why it's cheap. Dirty wall, broken sink, windows half open, hard matress. We actually laught about the situation & decided to don't pay attention at all these main details.. when we went to bed, a light was turned on outside & we could seen it through our windows, a guy was snoring just next to our room & lot of drops from the bathroom sink.. Worst night ever. Don't be maniac !


We woke up around 6am to take the bus. Locals were friendly with us at the station & helpt us to find the good one. It was not very comfortable because nepali people are in general smaller than europeans not a good deal for our legs. Anyway we are still impressed by the drivers..

High road & pi break easier for men.. 

Tansen is a pretty city up to a hill like a lot of cities in Nepal who has few schools, hospitals, temples & markets.

Foggy winter weather 

You can still see funny & crazy things in the street.

When we were walking we met some students guys & started to talk with them.

In the evening we went with Surat, the oldest to have some street food & he showed us temples around. He is a shy & a friendly guy !

It's different & interesting to visit a temple the night


Surat proposed us in the morning to go with one of his friend by bike to visit some places 1:30 hour from Tansen.

Trust the drivers or you panic ! 

We went first to visit Ridi Bazaar, a holy river with a temple next to the village. People swim in this river to purify themselves & go there as well when they are dying..hindou spirituality.

Surat & his friend asked us many questions about Europe & we shared nice talks even if we are limited with English language. They are just sweet guys like the one I met before with Lea.

We spent an intense & true moment in the temple with the locals. A old guy put tika hindou mark on our forehead & even if we didn't really speak to each other we felt a lot of emotions. They have open mind to share their religion & believers with us.

I think It's also because we were with the guys that people there were close to us .

The second place we visited was Bhairavsthan temple for Shiva God.

There is a lovely garden next to the temple where you can sit & relax.

Thank you guys for this moments, we really appreciated. Tomorrow we will leave Tansen to Lumbini, Buddha birth place in the south.

Tansen area 
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Lumbini - Kavre Guest House

2 nights in this cosy place where we met the owner & his friends. They were really friendly but too much. We suffocated because of this kindness : do you want to eat more ? Drink more ? Are you okay ? Do you wanna dance ? They just don't realise that we are not used of this kind of character in France.

Lumbini is Buddha birth place.


You can also visit a lot of temples from different countries. It's a huge place !

Few of them 

We decided to rent some bicycles to visit it, which was easy because it was one of the flat city we saw in Nepal.

Sweet Nina 

Lumbini attracts a lot of tourist from everywhere and locals as well especially religious people.

Next to this touristic area, there are a lot of slums with very poor people... When we left Lumbini, at the bus stand, we saw 2 childrens with a one month baby in their arms asking for money. The baby was almost naked.. We knew that Nepal was a poor country but seeing them broke our hearts & made me cry. Until where poverty touch people ? Parents are staying home and send their children barking in the street.. We felt really small. What could we do to change that ? Because you can give money, food or clothes on the moment but after you still leave them in the shit... Who goes the money, donation that people give in temples ?


Chitwan - Jungle adventure world lodge

After a long way by bus & a lot of things about life & poverty, we reached Robin's place, the guide & friend we've made with Lea before.

Safari Park 

It was cool to see him again. He became such a nice friend. Being in this park again with Nina after Lea brang me a good feeling. This place is like a little paradise.. very relaxing..

Elephant & rhino in the river 

I still don't like the fact that locals use elephants for tourist safari & they look so use to see them in the streets next to bus, bikes...

We were drinking a tea... 

Anyway thanks again Robin for your hospitality, take care of you my friend.



After 3 buses & 1 tuk tuk we arrived in the evening in this lovely village.

We assisted few minutes to a women wedding celebration next to a bus stand. Happy & colourful moment

We took the first cheap room someone offered us because we were exhausted & it was very bad. The floor was dirty, hard matress, bathroom disgusting & there was a baby goat shouting just next to us. We laughed nervously & decided to stay only one night there (less than 4 euros so...) & look for something better the morning after because we were too tired.

Nice new room in this hotel 

Bandipur is an old medieval place with buildings aged from 1400. It's small & quiet, good to have a rest.

We met there Gido, a 47 years old German guy in a local restaurant & spent few moments together during our stay in Bandipur.

Gido is a calm, helpful & interesting person. He already traveled a lot in Europe, Africa, Asia & was volunteer in different NGO. He learns you things about life with humility. He is also creative & has good ideas to help people. We felt grateful to meet him.

We went the 3 of us to Ramkot village by walk.

It takes 2-3 hours to reach the village.

Beautiful landscape 

Nepal offers amazing view and nature.


Back to Kathmandu

We spent 5 hours at the back of a horrible local bus where our bodies were shaking all the time. It was funny first but it started to make us a bit sick at the end.

You need a good sense of humour to support it 

We've been invited by Bhaskar, a 26 years old Nepalese guy in a north suburb of Kathmandu, Budhanilkantha. We met him in Chitwan & stayed in one of his family flat that they offer on couchsurfing. We took a micro bus to reach it crazier that the first local bus of the day. More than 20 people inside... & Almost all of the people in Nepal are small so it's quiet easy for them to feel comfortable in those transport. But it was not for us with our size, longs legs & bags. Anyway we did it. We had to wait Bhaskar to finish his day work in an IT marketing office so we had food in a yummy small local restaurant.

& A beer that we thought deserve in an other one where we met Sajan, a guide who is learning french since 4 years. He could speak well & we were impressed. We shared with him our feelings about the country & explained us that locals don't have a lot of opportunities & work to survive...

Bhaskar's flat was cosy. Thanks for that even if you didn't know us that much.


We went to Pashupatinah, a holy place with bazaar, temples & the bagmati river. People pay to burn dead bodies & through them in it.

One of the temples 

We had such a strange feeling there & didn't stay for a long time because we felt uncomfortable... So we left & went to Thamel to meet Jimmy & Moise, our football player friends from Africa that I met during my first days in Kathmandu. It was a Friday night, best day of the week to enjoy the night life in Nepal. A lot of locals are off on saturday.

First we went to a bar with a live band.

Then we invited Bhaskar, his brother and friends, Jimmy & Moise for dinner.

Friendly moment 

After we enjoyed a rock live band full of people.. They were crazy about the music by shaking their heads ! Artists are so good here ! And we finished in a night club where we danced for hours. People know how to make party here & it was so unexpected to have one like that in Nepal.


We visited Vishnu temple in Budhanilkantha.

Colourful place 

After we packed our bags & decided to spend our last night in Freak street, old 60's hippie area of KTM. Some parts were destroyed by earthsquake..

Small street with chill coffees & temples 


One the way to the airport we walked through a huge bazaar & market. Plus there was a political manifestation. It was more busy than usual. A last crazy image of KTM. Couldn't have time to take a picture there... I let you imagine !


* Place of the religion especially Hinduism : like in India it rythms people life. All of the events are around god celebrations, blessing.. it brings people together.

* Community life : every space is used, that makes people live closer. Restaurants buy products to shops who buy them in the market, which come from farmers. A lot of family live & work together, there is not really a place for intimacy..

* Pollution everywhere : transport, carbage... Before plastic, people used natural things like lives for plates & through it outside. Now they still do the same but with plastic bottles & all the rest. The landscape is amazing so it's sad to see that. Why the government doesn't provide more beans & recycle companies instead of using black money..

* Building work : you can feel the earthquake damages.. everywhere people are doing new roads, men like women work very hard & carry heavy stuff.. once again it takes a long time because the government is not helpful. It should give more money & materials..

* Poverty : you don't see or realise it straight but people live with almost nothing in villages. They do farm working or have small shops or locals restaurants. They don't have many choices or opportunities. And a lot of villages look the same !

* Danger : we were wondering what is danger for nepaleses ? They look not scared on their crazy roads, not about death because of religion believes..

* Castres : from family surname. There are a lot & even the locals don't know all of them. They can have the same religion but not the same culture or traditions & it starts to be a problem when people from different castres want to be married.. a lot just can't because of their family.. I definitely don't like this system even if I don't know all about it.

* Women : not equal as men.. they take care of all the duties & don't have that much freedom. It's better for the new generation especially in the city where they dress like they want & enjoy night life. It still depends on your castre & money you have.

* Hygiene : it's not easy to have water like we can have from sink back home and it's generally cold so showers are limited. And also apparently for them wash your skin too much damage it. Be careful when you book room, visit it before because of the property... Just my opinion

* Friendly people : even if sometimes you receive strange looks, people are smiling, curious & helpful. They are really lovely and touch you a lot !!!

- This country has so much potential but not enough ressources.. the local life style is unic & far away from other countries. It's mad how traveling in Nepal is cheap. I wish next time I come I could be more helpful. Thanks you Nepal.... <3

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We finally reached Yangon after one night transit in Bangladesh with a stomach disease & lot of moskito. We met Max at the airport, a friend from France who is going to travel with us. We arrived at the end of the afternoon in Four rivers Backpacker where we slept 2 nights.



We visited Yangon by walk. It's strange to be in a developed, organised & quite cleaned city after Nepal.. We went first to China town, a big area with lot of food, fruits.. very big market.

Then to a huge & peaceful lake where locals & especially couples on this day hang out.

After that, we saw a big Buddha statue, that was really impressive.

Under his feat there are some draws who represent all Buddha steps life.. like being an elephant 

& For the sunset, we went to Shwedagon Pagoda, an amazing place with flop of gold temples & pagoda. 79569 diamonds & others precious rocks.

You can spend easily few hours visiting because it's big.

The sunset brings beautiful color reflecting on the monuments.



We decided to go to Kalaw, up north to plan a 3 day trekking until Inle Lake. When we talked with other travelers, it sounded like everybody was moving by private bus. We wanted to take the train & feel the "local vibe" but we didn't expect to do 20 hours.. we left Yangon around 10 am & spent a very nice day in the train enjoying the landscape, smelling the fresh rural air trying food that locals offered us & drinking beers.

Yes people serve beers in the train ! Max was very happy ! 

& The funniest thing was to see a cop smoking next to the entry after have seen a non smoking sign. But it was less cool when we had to sleep in those wood banch.. not very comfortable & the train is moving a lot because of the old railway..

It looks okay for locals ! 

Worst ? We had to wake up at 2 am without knowing it to change the train.. the officer let us sleeping in his kind of office until 7 am, time for us to take the new one. We finally arrived at 3 pm, tired. Kalaw is a nice small city but very touristic (especially french people which was surprising). We knew that it was high season in Myanmar but not that busy..


After booked our 3 days trek with "Ever smile agency" (the cheapest), we started the first day trekking with 11 other travelers & 2 guides. Yann, Coralie, Wendy, Anaïs from France - Arick, Lili, Eli, Elia from Israël - Nick from Holland - Noelie & Amelie from Belgium.

Dry landscape 

After 19 km walking, we spent the night in a local village where a woman cooked yummy food for us. We also had nice talks between travelers.

Max & me _ our matress on the floor in a wood house 


Woke up at 6:30 am, breakfast & back to the walk !

22 km to do ! 

The treck is not so difficult even if the weather is very hot.

Quite flat 

" Anhan" , our main guide told us story about Myanmar especially on weeding. It's not easy between different ethnies like in other countries in Asia. And also that there is a lot of corruption, with the police as well.

We stopped at his village on the road and saw his wife and daughter. He is 22 years old.. 

He cooked rice & lot of vegetables in the evening for us. We tried to help him but he didn't really want to..

Yummy ! 

it's pretty hard to establish contact with the village people because of the language. I spent funny moments playing with some kids & the Belgian girls.


We took a truck in the morning for 30 min because we were late & Anhan was scared that we miss the boat to cross Inle lake.

Then we walked 3 last hours to reach the station.

On the way to Inle Lake 

That was a cool treck around this area.

Nick, Nina, Max & me 

After our last lunch together, we decided to do a sightseeing with 2 boats (it was also cheaper). After few minutes in the boat we realised that the view was amazing.

900 m above the sea level. 22 km long & 10 km wide. 

Many locals live on floating islands of vegetation.

But the beginning of the visit was strange because there were a lot of hand made work shops who expected us to buy.. we understand that's how they can earn money but we are all travelers with small budgets. Anyway it was interesting to see weaving work,

Wood used to build boat,

They are all very hard workers.. impressive ! 

& Tobacco production with leaves.

We also met few "girafe women". Since their young age they are wearing heavy neckless so they have long necks, same for legs. They say it for "tiger protection". I didn't take pictures because first everybody did, I felt in a kind of zoo & also because it disturb me. It must be painful to wear that but they looked proud of it. We finished the day with an amazing sunset on the lake.


We booked a night bus to Bagan. We didn't want to stay one more night in Inle lake because this place is too touristic. The mission of this day was to find a way to remove my nose pin because it was infected during the trek. When I went to the hospital, the doctor said : I can't do it, go to your home ! Friendly. The piercing was locked in my nose & it's a woman in the local market who helped me to remove it. What a story...


We arrived around 4 am at the bus stand out of Bagan & had to take a taxi. We negociated the price a lot & also to not pay the 8$ entry because we didn't want to visit the main temples. We finally had a good deal & he brang us to a temple to watch a nice sunrise.

Bagan is one of the Asia's most amazing & richest archaeological sites. There are more than 3000 temples standing for a thousand years. It was also the capital of first Myanmar Empire.

We rent 2 e-bikes & spend the day visiting the well preserved pagodas & temples.

It's a huge place & we can just be impressed in front of this landscape. I don't know many buddha we saw in the temples, I have a lot of pictures and can't put all of them..

So unic 

We took a night bus to Yangon in the evening because we wanted to visit the south of Myanmar !


5 am in Yangon. We had breakfast & tried to find a way to go to the golden rock Pagoda, next to Kyaikto city. We asked to locals for a bus & they showed us a wrong way ( misunderstanding..) . We realised after 2 hours that we we were in the writing bus & had to go back to Yangon. Frustrated.. then we decided to reach the Central main railway station. We learnt that the next train was at 6:25 pm & that there were no bus anymore. A local guy saw us & invited us to have lunch with him in this center. We didn't really understand what his center was about but we wanted to rest for a moment. We followed him by walk & arrived in a kind of Christian/evangelist secte place. That was crazy ! We would never expected that. Some doctors are part of it & go around Myanmar to take care of people. We had lunch & talked with an American guy about religion.. interesting but weird for atheist like us. After we went back to the train station & waited to take our train. In the train there are lot of locals selling food & drinks. We reached Kyaikto around 11 pm & found straight "Happy guest house". One thing in Myanmar : you pay half price a room when you arrive the night !


Golden rock day trip.. not really how we thought. We took a tuk tuk then a big truck with lot of locals (Saturday) & we were climbing on the road around the mountains.

At the top it was full of of people & shops. Then we started to walk until the rock & realised that we had to pay 6000 kyat each which is 6 euros. Foreigners fees.. it's not a lot but we didn't pay because we can do quite a lot of things with this amount. Plus we could see the rock from where we were standing & it was not that impressive & also we learnt than women are not allowed to touch it (didn't understand why). So we enjoyed the view up there & went back. Finally the best thing was the truck.. we found a nice local pub before taking an other night bus to Hpa An, more in the south, with beers and chips. One funny thing : we ordered a "cheese slide" & they brang us a "vache qui rit" ! Funny !

 Max taking a picture with a local


Golden sky number 2 : a funny guest house in Hpa An with rooms who look like boxes.. very cheap. The owner is really friendly & the travelers we met there were cool & interesting. We realised that a lot of young people are traveling around Asia for a long time. We spent a relaxing day hanging around the town, market & we met 2 nice french girls, Pauline & Marion, in a bakery. We talked about Myanmar & other countries.

Beginning of the market 

A lot of travelers fall in love with Myanmar. We are all a bit confused about it. It's beautiful but we are not touched like we were in Nepal. It's also a rich country with all of this golden pagoda & temples but most of the locals are poor. What is the priority ? You are also as foreigner not allowed to visit some places.. & one more thing there is an extremist Buddhist movement against Muslim.

We feel that that the country is more open to the tourism but it might came too fast so the organisation around it is still slow.. it's our personal feeling.

At the end of the day we took a small boat to cross the river

& Joined villages on this other side..

& Went at the top of a mountain to watch an amazing sunset with a panoramic view.

For one of the first time we felt very good. This landscape was incredible.


The guest house offers a sight seeing tour of Hpa an area with a tuk tuk for 5000 kyats ( less than 5 euros ) which is really cheap. So we booked it & started it at 8:30 am with an old french couple & an Italian woman, & our friendly tuk tuk driver.

We first visited "Kwat La Thaung" cave .

Then Sadan cave : very nice

Great outside view at the end & small boat to come back to the tuk tuk.


The third place was Mount " Zwe ka bin " with lonepanyi garden : 1000 Buddha statue.

4th " Kyat Ka Zat " : lake monastery.

This place offers a rural view from the monastery & pagoda.

5th : " Kwat gone cave " with a great view at the top.

You can climb some steps on the left of the cave to enjoy the view.

6th : " Ya thay pyan " is an open cave with nice light & view of the outside field.

The last stop was Bate cave. 5 min after the sunset, 1000000 bats go out the cave for at list 20 min. Impressive !

We liked this day & all the locals on the road were smiling & weaving to us. Lovely..

Our silly moment 


March.. already.. we took a boat for 4 hours to Mawlamyine

with one stop at the oldest monastery in a village.

We went to Breeze guest house to spend the night in front of the river..


We took a local bus

Full of vegetables 

to see the biggest Buddha statue & you can go inside to learn Buddha story with lot of others statues but it was explained in Burmese & there was no guide..

Then we went back to Mawlamyine and walked around the city.

View of the city 


We visited Shampoo island in the morning

On a small boat  

where Britannic people used to wash themselves.. it's now a religious island where some monks are living.

Then we went to the local market & a crazy commercial center.

At the end of the day we said goodbye to Max who had to come back to Yangon to take his flight back home.. & with Nina & 3 other french (again) we took a night bus to Dawei on the west coast to enjoy the beach.


After 9 hours by bus we reached Dawei aroud 4 am. The beach, Myaung Magan, is at 30 min driving & the taxi to go there was too expensive.. so we had to wait until 7 am to take a bus. We all slept few hours in the street in front of the market. Locals were surprised.. we learnt in the morning that there was no local bus to go to the beach & had to share a tuk tuk, less expensive that the taxi. Finally we found a guest house there where we could sleep in tents for 7 euros..

The water in the sea was warm, very nice

During the day, it was busy (week end) with many restaurants & locals.


Time to leave Myanmar to go to Thailand by Khee tee border. We hitchhiked from the beach to join Dawei center. It worked very well because our last lift brang us to a mini bus station where we paid 20 euros each to go to the border. 6 hours driving in a wild area.. nice last landscape of Myanmar. One stamp on the passport, one picture, 2 buses & we were in Bangkok at 9 pm.

Briefing Myanmar : I don't think I'm able to judge Myanmar because I wasn't deep enough in the culture & didn't have the opportunity to really meet locals.. It's a good place for holidays with you have a nice budget but if you want to go further with the traditions of the country it's quite hard. Generally tourist visit the same area and stay at the same place.. Mysterious Myanmar !

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05/03/17 to 07/03/17

Visiting Bangkok, this crazy city with people from all over the world (chinese, indian, european..)

Shopping in Pratunam area

Hanging around the many markets

Yummy food 

Panoramic view from the highest hotel

Bangkok is never sleepy.. it's a very busy city but we felt very good & could see each other living there. It's also developed with skytrain, subway, taxi with AC. I think if you want to visit Bangkok, take a local bus & watch through the window or just walk around the streets & open your eyes. You have so much to see !

The last night we took a mini bus to go to Krabi, southern part of the country where there are lot of islands. Our purpose was to relax for a while !

08/03/17 to 15/03/17

One week in Paradise : Koh Lanta !

We chose this island because we were really curious about it & a local guy told us that it was a good mix between chill, party & relaxation. & We were not disappointed ! When we arrived we straight felt very good.

Long beach located 100m from our hostel 

The west coast of Koh Lanta is busy of hotel, restaurant & tourist. We were surprised how this island attracts so many travelers.. & at the same time not really.. Blue water, sunny days, bars everywhere, party organised every night, live music, bungalow, good food, fruit shake..

One of the reggae bar 

It brings you everything you need. And this everything is very simple : chilling around the beach !

Sweet sunset 

We rent twice a scooter to visit the other parts of the island. The east coast is more local so less busy which is nice ! And the nature is amazing ! Green everywhere, it's a jungle !

Fell in love with the water 

We also did one day trip on a boat to visit Koh Rock island, a small one next to Koh Lanta & do some snorkeling. It was amazing !

Most of the locals are working in tourism : restaurant, bar, DJ, guest house or resort, shops, massage center (you can have one on the beach), tuk tuk, diving.. they are very friendly ! How you can be angry living on this island ? Even if it's busy of foreigners 3 months a year ! We could stay there months.. you loose time ! It's such a good feeling. & We met nice other travelers & shared good moments. Some of them come almost every year for many weeks.. I really understand why now.. I will come back for sure on this little paradise..

We will miss you ! 

15/03/17 to 18/03/17

1200 km hitchhiking between Krabi & Sukhotai . That was a crazy road trip.. let me talk about it !

The first day, Plow, a 27 years old Thai woman gave us a lift until Surat Thani. It was already a bit late because we left Koh Lanta late morning so she proposed us to spend the night at her home. We were so surprised & happy ! When we said yes to her she was touched. It was cute. We used her app translation to speak because her English was small & our thai.. BAD ! But we had a nice feeling behind this language difficulties. When we arrived at her place she introduced us to her mum who looked happy to meet us & to her 2 small brothers.

Plow drove us to a temple next to her place, it was beautiful.

We also visited an impressive mountain !

Be welcomed like that was just warmly for our hearts. We couldn't expect that. We spent a good night there !

We even slept next to the car.. funny ;) 

The morning after, they offered us breakfast (so generous) & Plow took us to a good place to hitchhike up north. Sad to say goodbye ! Thank you for everything ! We will come back one day to see you for sure, you are such a lovely person..

We waited just 5 min until a big truck stopped & gave us a lift for one hour. The driver was really cool even if we were limited again with the language.

We had a good view of the road & the landscape from the truck !

He just dropped us in a kind of bad place to hitchhike again so a Thai couple proposed to bring us to a good one ! Very friendly.. then a pick up took us for around half an hour !

Then a Thai family stopped on the road. A couple & a small children. We didn't understand where they were going at the beginning but it was not until Bangkok because it was too far. Anyway we had a good vibe with them & decided to follow them. On the road we realised that the woman was taking some pictures of a truck, looking on a book & the man started to drive very fast to follow him. We were confused. Then the truck turned on the left & they followed him. When he stopped they stopped, jumped out the car.. then the woman explained us that it was their job to look after people who didn't finish to pay a car.. crazy ! They told us that they will spend the night in a hotel 5h south to Bangkok & they wanted us to stay with them for the night ! We accepted with pleasure. We wanted to pay for the dinner & the room but they didn't & it was just impossible to give them money.. we spent the night in the same room ! That was funny & unexpected !

Third day of hitchhiking : the family dropped us on the road to Bangkok because they finally had to go to take back money from an other car. 10 min after, a 50 years old Thai stopped. He was on his way home more north than Bangkok, perfect for us ! Still complicated to talk. It was frustrated for him & us.. but we tried with small words.

I'm sorry but it's hard to remember Thai names... Anyway he saved us with a long lift until Ayuttaya ! It was 4pm. Then we tried to hitchhike again & realised that we were not on the good road. Nina asked to a Thai parked next to us if he could just bring us to a better place on the way to Sukhotai. He said yes, thanks to him. After few min, 2 young Thai sister, Phon & Phen stopped. First they didn't understand what we were doing & wanted to bring us to a bus station. We explained our situation but they were just on their way home. We realised that it was a bit late to keep hitchhiking so asked them to drop us to a guest house next to the main road & they proposed to spend the night with their family.. we were thinking : that's not possible that it happens again, it's too friendly !! We arrived at their home, kind of lost & be welcomed there by their parents. No English, no Thai but we used their phone to communicate & the body language & just with that we started to have a strong connection.

We felt part in the family. We can't explain it but it was intense. The fact that they were closed & Nina & me as well created an positive atmosphere. We had rice & slept there. Welcomed like queens.. it's kind of embarrassing because the small you want to bring them, they refused.. they have enormous heart & big smile. Thank you so much for everything, for trusting us & opening your door & your love for one night. They wanted us to stay longer but we ran out of time.. we promised to come back ! We had tears when we said goodbye.. it's crazy how you can share a lot with people in a little while.. much more than you can have back home with french.. we have a lot to learn about hospitality & open mind..

Today was the day where we had to reach Sukhotai & we did ! Again with help of locals ! After a breakfast with Phon, Phen, Pie (the mum) & Moo (the dad) & a lift from them to the road, we were in a car of a Thai couple ! They were going just next to Sukhotai to visit their family, lucky us. On the way they stopped first to have breakfast on the man's family place. We didn't want to disturb them & proposed to wait somewhere.. " No you come ! "

They were happy to meet us.. once again we were so surprising 

They finally decided to drive us until Sukhotai because for them it was "just" 40 km more.. and before they showed us a famous temple !


We are in Sukhotai ! Unbelievable ! We can't realised the days we just spent on the road. We feel rich of love.. thank you Thailand for this magical experience !

And it's not finished.. see you soon !

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Sukhotai - Historical Park center

The city walls form a rectangle about 2 km east-west by 1.6 km north-south. There are 193 ruins & a gate in the centre of each wall. Inside are the remains of the royal palace and twenty-six temples, the largest being Wat Mahathat.

Every year, the park welcomes thousands of visitors who marvel at the ancient Buddha figures, palace buildings and ruined temples.

We rent some bicycle to visit it .

It was really peaceful.


Hitchhiking day to Chiang Mai. Quite easy because locals are helpful even if sometimes they don't really understand what you are doing & think that you are looking for a train or bus station. "No no free car"

On the road

The last lift we had was in a pick up & he dropped us in the city center, next to the guest house we booked.

Exhausted by the sun 

We planned a volunteering next to Chiang Mai but during the road trip I was thinking to come back in Koh Lanta because I still had some nice friends I've made there & also because I needed this break after 6 months traveling. And I realised that the island vibe makes me too happy. So silly was it but I decided to book a flight & come back there for one more week. Nina went to the volunteering so we split without problem.

French, German & Argentina people 

& I spent a relaxing week there, enjoying the sun, the beaches & the music. I know now that I could live easily on an island.


Time to go back in Chiang Mai & meet Nina, Alex her friend from Strasbourg who is going to travel with us for a little while & Alexia a very nice German girl that I met in Koh Lanta who is joining us for the rest of the trip in Thailand & the one in Laos as well.

Alexia & me 


We decided to rent some scooter the 4 of us

Nina & Alex 

& went to the "grand canyon", west of Chiang Mai where you can jump & swim in a fresh water. Cool because the temperature was 38° outside..

We met there 2 Canadians guys from our hostel & hang out together.

Never without music 

Then we went to a nice view point at the end of the afternoon.

Chiang Mai city  


We decided to stay one more day in Chiang Mai to go to Do Suthep Pui, a national park !

On the way to the park. Alexia's neck in the mirror aha

We stop first in a village where it was full of handmade shop & the guys enjoyed a real coffee there.

Village view from the road 

Then we kept driving until Do Pui Peak nature & walked through the park to get to the view point.

Amazing landscape 

And we finally reached the top ! ( After just 2 km walking by the way )

In the evening we had lunch at the night market where the food is yummy !

& We went to the center & we saw Job2do, a reggae couple band that we saw in Koh Lanta weeks ago. They are amazing !!

Good vibration 

Oh be careful to this rhum in Thailand ! You can be drunk easily & his taste is not that good..

Anyway we spent a nice night out ! (Don't go to spicy bar it's small, full of tourist & shitty music)


We took a bus to go to Chiang Rai, 3h30 up north. Next to the bus station we had lunch in a local place. A woman in a pretty dress was cooking with the minimum & the food was amazing.

One thing which was funny as well, she stopped a kind of "vegetables shop scooter" to buy him something. Just easy going !

When we arrived in Chiang Mai we went by walk to the guest house, Chook Dee, that Alex knew 2 years ago. Chilling place. We had a original room with some matress for 9 euros...

We saw a night market & bazaar & went there for dinner. It was really nice ! Good atmosphere with locals, some foreigners, live music & yummy food !


This is the day where I decided to get a new tattoo, one that I wanted since one year & a half. After walking around the center & realised that all the studio were busy I finally found a small place next to our guest house. Guess what ? The man is called : Noe ! He is a really nice guy, peaceful mind.

His studio was a kind of bui-bui, made of wood with a tree inside. He's got 4 dogs & one small bird that he feed with banana.. cute ! Reminds me Africa..

After that we went with him on a local fruit market in his crazy pick up.

Dinner again at the lovely night market.


We decided to spend one more day in Chiang Rai before crossing the border to Laos tomorrow. This city is quite small & relaxing. Locals look chill ! Easy going :)

We rent some scooter to visit the area. We stopped​ first at the White temple, original one !

After that we drove through Sinka Park where there are tea plantations & pretty nature..

Then we went up north to a view point. We spend half an hour there just enjoying the landscape !

Cloudy day 

We came back to the center around 3pm because the weather was bad !

Last night in Thailand.. strange feeling.. I really enjoyed these 3 weeks here. It's an amazing country ! People are kind (very smiley), food is cheap & awesome (you can find it everywhere), landscape is wonderful whatever you go & everything looks easy, at list when you are traveler. We didn't visit that much place because we took our time & everywhere we've been we felt good. I'm really thinking to live here one day ! The north is more authentic than the south but the islands are just paradise. Like the most of the countries I visited during this trip I want to come back for sure !

Chiang Rai Clock tower colors 

Tomorrow Laos !!

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Time to cross the border !

• 2 hours by local bus from Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong

• Tuk tuk until Thai immigration (50 bat)

• Bus few minutes to cross the "Friendship bridge" (25 bat)

• Laos immigration (30$ for 30 days visa)

Then we shared a tuk tuk with others travelers to reach the first town, Huay Xai. Our plan was to take the slow boat for 2 days on the Mekong River to join Luang Prabang. So we spent a night in Huay Xai to take the boat the morning after. Few backpackers also arrived the same day from Thailand. It's low season but still quite a lot of people looking for a good adventure. We are all "same same but different" (thai expression). April is one of the hottest month, it's very warm and humid, the temperature goes until 39°. The sun is shining but the sky stays cloudy, foggy.


By waiting that the boat leaves,

we met Den, a 50 years old man from Myanmar who comes often in Laos to visit a part of his family & now he is also coming to teach kids music & drawings. He had his guitar & a harmonica with him & played with Alex, Nina's best friend who is traveling with his guitar as well. That was a nice moment. Different people, culture, age but sharing emotions on a melody.

Den is an interesting person, calm mind & through his eyes you can feel that his life is full of experience & peacefulness. Thanks to him, he knew all the boat staff (use to meet them) & we could sit with them at the front & not at the back like the others (much more noisy).

6 hours on the Mekong, watching the lovely landscape, relaxing with their music, having discussions.

It's cool to meet others backpackers & telling & listening about travels but at the beginning it's still the same question/answer. Then you have a real feeling or not.

We arrived at the end of the afternoon in a village for a night break, had local food (noodle soup, sticky rice, meat) & went to a bar of one of Den's friends. Nice evening.


On the boat again to Luang Prabang, 7 hours.

The sound of the boat on the river, the green mountains, the smell of the nature, the locals sharing food, the smile of babies, the guitar again..

A good day enjoying Mekong river. How lucky we are to travel on it..

When we reached the city, we looked for a room or dorms in few guest house & finally chose one at 10 min by walk from the center, cheaper & hidden, "Mao Pha Shok". 2 rooms for 11 $.

On the way 

The city, old royal capital, classed by UNESCO is pretty. Also famous for her temples & monastery. Every morning monks are walking in the streets to collect donations (like sticky rice!). But you feel a touristic side & a local part. The night market there is amazing, one of the best I've seen but only made for tourist.

Crazy food 

We realised later that locals have their own out of the center.. there is a distance between people..


We woke up at 5:30 am with Alexia to watch the sunrise from a Wat Chom Si temple , at the top of a hill next to our hostel. It's always nice to have a high view of a place.


For the rest of the day we went to Luang Si waterfall with Den who managed a good price for the tuk tuk.

This place was incredible.

You can climb at the top of the waterfall

Nina & me - Alexia 

& also swim down there in a turquoise water. We were actually in the middle of the jungle. Such a great feeling to visit it.. We all felt good to be here !


We woke again at 5:30 am with Alexia to meet a Japanese mediation teacher in a temple. It was a strange moment, we didn't really meditate how we expected but talked more about the enlightenment. The fact that one day you open your eyes & feel the deepest nature of the world, the life.

In the afternoon we went with Nina & Alexia to Ted Sae waterfall, wanted to swim (hot damn weathering) but it's the dry season & this waterfall was almost empty.

We were a bit disappointed but original to see it at this time. The small boat to join this place was cool.

On the way back we watched a beautiful sunset on the river !

We stayed at the guest house the night, tired by the temperature.


Mini bus to go to Viang Vieng, southern.


The country side there is amazing, lot of mountains with rude vegetation. The city is quite small & attracts many tourists. It's a place to relax next to Mekong River again & enjoy the areas around.


We rent 2 scooter & decided to drive around Vang Vieng. First we had to cross this bridge in bamboo wood. I'm still wondering how it's possible, locals do it everyday so we did it without thinking too much.

Secondly​, we started to drive on those crazy dirt roads with water, rocks, mud.. Crossing activity.. not exactly what you are supposed to do with a scooter. But the only roads with tar are in the city center..


Then we went to Blue lagoon but it was smaller than we thought & full of tourist.. but still good to swim a bit in a cold water.

We didn't stay that long & kept driving further. Everytime I was looking at the view I was saying : waaaa incredible !

But you really have to be careful driving on this road especially when it's getting up & down.. we didn't know where we were going but we wanted to find a no touristic place ! And we found a pretty waterfall at the end of a road ! That was cool even if it was full of insects.. sure we are in a jungle..

Then we drove back to the city ! In the evening we decided to go to a reggae bar. The 2 brothers who work there are 17 years old & go to school the day.. their parents take care of an other bar as well.. we started to speak with them & after few beers & shots Alexia was the DJ, Nina & me were serving alcohol behind the bar. (I realised that I actually miss my job back home). It was very funny ! It's rare to be allowed to do that in France.. good moments !! Unfortunately we don't have pictures of the boys & the bar..


Hard to wake up this morning..

Bye bye Viang vieng, we didn't see everything we could there (lot of caves) but this is not our purpose & especially when you travel in different countries in Asia, landscapes & activities complement each other..

We took a bus to reach Phon Hong, 80km southern & a tuk tuk until Thalade 15km east, a small village where there is a huge lake (200 km2). We just wanted to be in a quiet place for 2 days & see the village lifestyle. There is just one big guest house there & it was almost empty. We realised that it's a place where locals business people have meetings.

I just love these "buibui" shops 

People looked surprised to see us there & we didn't really know how to interpret some looks we received.. We had dinner in a small restaurant where I ate one of the best noodle soup.


It's already super hot at 8 am.. it's insane ! I'm used to warm temperature since Africa but this one is very hard ! We try to adapt ourselves but it's definitely influenced our days & the things we can or cannot do. We hitchiked until the lake, 20 min driving. It's huge & the colour of the water is a mix of green & blue. Let's swim! No possible.. the water was oily & dirty by some wastes.. you can do a boat trip but it's expensive.. disappointed.. so we decided to have a drink to a restaurant & appreciate the view.. we spent the afternoon there, talking together about everything. It's one thing we actually do home so it was cool to have a moment like that, just chilling !


It's time to go to Ventiane, the capital, just 3 hours by mini bus from the village. We booked a guest house the day before because we knew that the city is quite big & didn't want to walk hours with our backpack under this heat. "Backpacker garden" is okay, not that cheap but still good compare to french prices & it's located in the center. We spent the afternoon walking around after a yummy lunch.

Because of the colonisation there are fews french bakery & restaurant. Not really proud of that but couldn't resist against the fo...

We saw a beautiful monument which is a "copy of Arc de Triomphe" but temple version. Very nice !

I don't know why but when we see a beautiful place with Nina, where people try to take good selfies, we like to do funny pictures. That's one of them !

On our way to visit a Pagoda, Few youngs people invited us for a beer in the streets. Actually it's Lao New year soon & some people already start to celebrate !

"This major holiday is celebrated by nearly every Lao family. Lao New Year is commonly referred to as Pii Mai or Songkran. For most Lao people, this holiday is celebrated from April 14 to April 16. In some areas of Laos, the festival can go on for an entire week. For the standard three-day celebration, the first day of the festival is New Year’s Eve, and the last day marks the beginning of the new year. According to Lao traditions, the second day of the festival is in between the new and old years. For most people, Lao New Year is a time of joy and new beginnings. Sand decorations, cleansing with water, freedom with animals, flowers arrangements, dancing & music, food, greetings."

In the evening we went to "Wind West Pub", famous for live music & locals meeting. We arrived early & the pub was empty. But after 1 hour, Full ! We met people & spent an amazing night out! So much fun again !


Alexia left Laos to meet her dad in Cambodia this morning. It was amazing to travel 2 weeks with her. We will meet each other somewhere in Cambodia ! Raining day so we were not able to do a lot & the hangover was quite rude. We had lunch in an Indian restaurant with very nice owners who are living here since 2 years ! Conversations about India & Laos.

See you guys soon to tell you about the festival & the rest of the trip here!!

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We went to Buddha park, 23 km from Vientiane by local bus. Nice place !

Built by only one guy & renovated by locals from villages around. There are lot of different & original statues.


Sabaidee Pee Mai ! Everybody was going crazy in the streets with waterfights, music, dance, beers.. We were walking out of the city center when we met this Lao family & friends who invited us to celebrate with them.

They were really sweet, we spent an amazing moment ! Khop chai (thank you)


Time to leave the capital to Konglor (south east) by hitchhiking. We wanted to try it in Laos to meet people & also to save money because the bus are quite expensive for our budget..

The first car was a pick up with Tui & his friends who were going south to celebrate Pee Mai with other friends. They actually passed us but came back because they felt sorry ! Very nice of them ! They could speak english & we had conversations about Laos, France.. They showed us a beautiful temple on the road. I hope to see you again guys !

The 2nd lift was also a pick up but we didn't speak with the family.. Nina & me were at the back.. we were happy to keep moving on the road but it was very hot.. 40° outside. We burnt !

Nina used one of my short to cover her head ahah 

They dropped us at a petrol station, 40 km far from Konglor & we waited quite a long time until a mini van took us. It was a strange moment because they were all drunk.. anyway we reached the village in one day (around 300km). We joined Alex there (Nina's best friend) !

Stay at "Enjoy boy" guest house in the middle of the village ! Sweet, quiet & cheap place !


Konglor is such a beautiful place, in the middle of "nowhere" surrounded by Kast. Kast is a remarkable & rugged landscape. Formed when soluble rock like limestone is eroded by water. Karstic landscape are characterised by caves. Underground river & steep, pointed picks which are called "tsingy" .

The morning we decided to visit the cave which attracts a lot of people. We took a boat,

& went inside on 7 km. It was so impressive.

Then we came out the cave from her other side for few minut. Magic !

The vegetation is crazy out there ! 

Thanks to our driver who is a superhero to drive in the dark just with a torch !


Hitchiking again to Seno, southern. We had to take a tuk tuk to join the closest city next to the road 13 because the roads were empty.. then a Vietnamese man drove us for 1h. The roads were crazy & the landscape more and more pretty.

On the road trying to find a place with shade to hitchhike 

Then a local guy gave us a lift until Thakek for 2 hours. It was frustrated because we couldn't speak Lao & him english so very hard to communicate.. We met Alex again there for lunch. He is traveling by motorbike which is the best way to travel in Laos if you have time, a bit of experience & money. If I come back one day here I would love to travel with. After a yummy meal we waited 2 hours try to find a car but it was difficult. We were sweating, desperated.. we knew that there was a mini bus to go there but it's full of people.. even a local guy helped by writing us a sign !

"please help us to get to Seno" 

Like in Thailand it's not easy to explain that it's our way of traveling. & Then a girl & her mum stopped. They were actually going further than Seno. Savers !! Hitchiking is a lot of patience but we chose it so we have to deal with it. We realised that all the people who gave us a lift are treasure because see some hitchikers is not common for them.

Seno is a small city where you have nothing to do.. locals looked so surprised to see us..We didn't feel very comfortable but it was just for one night. I should take pictures of the room we had.. dirty one..


We woke up at 6:30 am. Ready to reach Champasak, our destination at 220 km. We asked one guy to drive us 2 km on the main road & he accepted. Then we realised that the road was quite empty.. aie.. but after a little while a local took us for 35 km! He dropped us in a town where the traffic was better. We walked a bit & few minutes after a man, alone in his pick up stopped. We stayed with him for 3 hours until Paksé, a touristic city where we saw Alex walking. Funny ! It was noon so we had lunch & after we walked 2 km to be on the good road to Champasak. Still a very hot weather.. damn ! And we waited there 2 hours even if there were a lot of cars.. it was frustrated because Champasak is just at 30 km from Paksé. Like the day before we finally got a lift by a Lao family at the back of their pick-up.

Holy shit we made it !! Welcome to Champasak !!

Next to Mekong river 

There are many guest house, we stayed at "Khamphouy" . Good one for 3,50 $ each...


We visited Vat Phou world Heritage site, UNESCO.

On the way 

Vat Phu (meaning "mountain temple"), is situated on a hillside and offers stunning views over the surrounding land and Mekong River. Visitors who appreciate art and history will be amazed by the magnificent workmanship in this ruined Khmer temple complex in the form of temple pillars, barays, lintels, pediments, terrace, courtyard, walls, doorways, sanctuary, shrine, library and palaces.

1000 years old..

Some people are renovating the site..

Then you have to climb some steps to see a temple at the top

& enjoy the view !!

Cloudy but still amazing 

There is also one hindu temple next to Vat Phou, 2 km on the left when you arrive. It's a small one & much more destroyed but it stays amazing. What people built in the past through religion is unbelievable..

My mum is a history teacher so I always think about her when I visit this "kind of places" .


Alarm at 7 am. What are we doing today ? Let's go to the 4000 islands, southern of Laos. By hitchiking ? No, apparently it's too complicated because the road to go there is empty & all the cars are almost just mini van for tourist. We don't want to risk it under this shining sun so we do like others : take the mini bus.. For that we have to go first from Champasak to the other side of Mekong river with a boat !

And here we are, on our way to the islands !

It's just crazy when we think that we will spend few days on an island, in Laos, on the Mekong ! Who could believe that one day I will be here with my cousin ? Not me

Arrived in Nakasang, the town from where the boats go to the island. 4000 ? Which one are we supposed to choose ? Apparently we are allowed to visit 3 of them. We chose Done Khon at 30 min by local boat ! Why ? "Done Khon is a big, relaxing & quiet island" . I can already see myself laying down on a hommoc with a fruit shake.. what a hard life !

The vegetation is still crazy here, jungle trip ! Swimming in the Mekong ? Hmm..

Nina : I have to say that when I see what they are fishing I don't really know if I wanna go in..

We remembered of this fisher man who does the tv show "Monster river" & there was one about the Mekong.. Anyway we have to find a guest house first. "Por Boun Phan" guest house owned by a Lao family who was still celebrating Pee Mai. "Do you want beer ?" "Why not ! " Let's have a glass with ice ( yes they put ice in it which is a crime in France..)

It was already the afternoon so we went to a restaurant to catch the wifi & plan our trip to Cambodia (2 days before going there of course..) . And then for a walk around.


We met Alex in the evening & said good bye ! He sell his motobike & has to go back to Thailand & take a flight back home..


What should we do ? Stay in a hommoc all day long ? No, we will feel guilty.. we can't be as lazy as we were in Koh Lanta.. you can visit the island by bicycle, scooter or tuk tuk but we wanted to walk to the other side ! There are also many waterfall to see but you always have to pay entry fees. & We are a bit sick to pay for "nature".. we walked two hours in a small path

in the jungle

to reach a very nice view point where we decided to have a drink on a hommoc for one hour.. we finally did it :) that was relaxing !

Then we walked back to the guest house to take care of papers.. I paid my taxes online on an island in Laos.. sounds crazy ! And for dinner we went to an Indian restaurant, couldn't resist to samosa temptation! At 9 pm, everything was close & quiet ! Early bed time !


Bye bye Laos, time to start our trip in Cambodia. Before writing my opinion about the country, let me explain how we crossed the border..

First we took a boat to Nakasang where we arrived 2 days ago.

Nina - never without our morning fruit shake 

Then we had to find a tuk tuk but mission Impossible! And the motobike tuk tuk didn't want to bring us until there because of the police (we didn't really understand why but they looked like they are not allowed to bring farang (foreigners) there.. which is smart for the bus company because they charge more money for that)

But after talking with one of them "I bring you 3 km further where you can find a lot of tuk tuk for cheap". We shouldn't trust him.. okay he dropped us on the main road, 20 km before the border but there were no tuk tuk. It was 9 am already & we had to move quickly because at 10 am the bus goes & it will be "full" of others travelers.. and it's not a good thing because this border is famous for "black money". I will explain that later. Shit.. we are stucked.. let's hitchike ! One blue truck took us but the driver didn't understand that we wanted to go to the border (even if we repeated Cambodia) & we realised it few miles after when he turned right to a waterfall he was going instead of staying on the main road. Oh damn ! It's 9:30 am. We have to go back to the main road even if we won't find a tuk tuk we will need to catch the tourist bus.. We stopped a pick up with 2 guys !

" Pleeease we need to go to the border to Cambodia "

" No no no "

" Just bring us to the main road it's 3 km please "

" Okok "

Thanks ! When we were on the main road again we saw a van coming & hitchiked straight & the car stopped.

"Yes I'm going to the border"

A local guy who was bringing drinks & food to his restaurant located just before the border. Luuucky us !!

1st step : get an exit stamp from Laos immigration which is normally free !

- 2$ per person for the stamp ?

- what ? We never had to pay for a stamp. This is corruption !

It's not about the amount it's about the fact that we don't want to participate to this black money thing. Illegal ! So we said no and the guys gave us back our passport.

- No pay, no stamp ! Go to Cambodia ! 5$

- Oh now it's 5$ ?!

Yeah going to the second border without Laos exit stamp it's impossible.. smart ! We stayed in front of their office, watched them & asked again : can we please have the stamp ? & after 10 min they did it. Done ! Let's walk to the Cambodia visa border ! (Few meters after )

2nd step : get our visa after escaped 1$ black money because I didn't have my international vaccination paper, the yellow one (in my bag stolen in India). They have no right to ask you money for that.

The funniest was after we filled the form & prepared the 30$ visa.

- 35 $ !

- the visa for french is 30$

- 5$ for the stamp !

- No !

- Okay

One more time, they pushed away our passport.. Hmm they looked nervous & spoke loud but it's cool guys we had time (bus ticket booked in 1 hour) . We went outside for a smoke when the touristic bus arrived. And of course everybody paid the fake extra 5$. In immigration office pocket ! I definitely prefer to give this fucking 5$ to someone who really needs it in Cambodia. They don't ! We waited the group to get their visa & try again. Fail ! We went back outside for an other smoke when 2 of the guys joined us & started to speak & laugh with Nina. And few minutes after we had our visa for the good amount. A couple arrived by motobike and one of the guy told Nina : " if they ask you it's 35 $ " . (Crazy.. we didn't)

We moved just after to get our stamp & joined AVT company, outside the immigration to take our bus to Siem Reap.

So if you don't care about black money & few $ , good for you ! But if not, just be patient & have a lot of humour ! I think they actually liked the fact that we didn't want to forgive ! Good luck !

Briefing Laos :

20 days it's short to understand & have an opinion about a country but the things that I can say are :

- landscapes are amazing & much more in the south. I hope you like green color ;)

- Laos new year proved us that locals like celebrate & party which is so cool ! Be careful to Lao Lao (local alcohol) !

- if you can't support hot temperature don't go there in April !!

- traveling there in motobike is the best way ever (I will do it for sure if I have a next trip in Asia) & it's cheaper than the bus

- prices are not really fixed.. depends on the places & on your face

- we feel french colonisation in some cities & are not proud of it at all...

- hitchiking is not common but can work with patience & time

- hard to communicate with people.. we were frustrated to not speak the local language because all the relation could be different.

- people don't care about you ! If you smile to one person don't expect one smile back everytime. "You are foreigner, you have money, so what ?" This is one thing we liked ! But sometimes it was hard to understand what they were thinking about us..

- the locals we met & could speak english with them were very friendly & helpful !

- negociate if you already have an idea of the price

- good food but same (noodle soup, fried noodles, fried & sticky rice, papaya salad, laap)

- kids are sweet with a strong character (funny)

We really felt that we had one feet inside the country & the other outside.. Laos, interesting place...

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First day visiting Angkor temple site.

‘’ Angkor was the capital city of the Khmer Empire, which flourished from approximately the 9th to 15th centuries. The Angkorian period began in AD 802, when the Khmer Hindu monarch Jayavarman II declared himself a "universal monarch" and "god-king", and lasted until the late 14th century, first falling under Ayutthayan suzerainty in 1351. A Khmer rebellion against Siamese authority resulted in the 1431 sacking of Angkor by Ayutthaya, causing its population to migrate south to Longvek.

The ruins of Angkor are located amid forests and farmland north of the Great Lake (Tonlé Sap) and south of the Kulen Hills, near modern-day Siem Reap city. The temples of the Angkor area number over one thousand, ranging in scale from nondescript piles of brick rubble scattered through rice fields to the Angkor Wat, said to be the world's largest single religious monument. Many of the temples at Angkor have been restored, and together, they comprise the most significant site of Khmer architecture. Visitors approach two million annually, and the entire expanse, including Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom is collectively protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The popularity of the site among tourists presents multiple challenges to the preservation of the ruins.

Angkor is considered to be a "hydraulic city" because it had a complicated water management network, which was used for systematically stabilizing, storing, and dispersing water throughout the area.This network is believed to have been used for irrigation in order to offset the unpredictable monsoon season and to also support the increasing population. ‘’

Look online or in books for more information…

First day : We decided to visit 3 temples around 20 km from the main area, because of a german girl who was looking for some people to go with her by tuk tuk. We thought that it was a good idea to start with the further ones.

The first one we saw was straight incredible. It’s called ‘’Banteay Srey’’, citadel of women. Built during the the second half of the tenth century by King Rajendravarman and Jayavarman V. It’s located 20 km north from Bayon. For me, it’s one of the most beautiful with his reliefs carving of red colored sandstone. Brick and laterite were used only for the enclosure walls and some structur