- by Lucie Wanderlust, 26th May 2018, somewhere between Amsterdam and Cagliari.
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Some of you may be familiar with jet lag.

Jet lag occurs when traveling from one side of the globe to another. Five, eight, twelve hours of time difference. Our body is confused, we cannot fall asleep at the “right time” (our “new time”), we feel dizzy or even nauseous. It can last for a few days, or for a week.

Today, I am going to share my experience with you and – hopefully – help you to beat jet lag before jet lag beats you. The only time I experienced jet lag was in 2013, when I moved to Québec city, Canada. Six hours difference with France. It lasted for three days. I was still a novice by then. Since then, I have always been fine. There are a few tips to adopt.

Last year, I flew from UK to Florida, then from Texas to France, then from UK to Hong Kong and back, and right after that from UK to Turkey to Ghana and back. In two months. I experienced zero jet lag. Good, hey? 😉

Tip 1: Once you sit in the plane, change all the times of your watch, phone, laptop, to your destination time. Your “new time”. And stop thinking about your “old time” (like: “oh, it is noon at home now” – nobody cares). Only your “new time” matters.

Tip 2: Drink plenty of water before your flight and during your flight. Avoid alcohol +++ and coffee. I should admit I am having trouble observing this last rule (coffee, not alcohol), but it is extremely important.

Tip 3: As soon as you land, adopt the habits of your “new country”. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the right times. Force yourself to eat, even if you are not hungry. Try to avoid alcohol and coffee for a couple of days. And, go to bed at the right time. Put an alarm to wake up at the right time. Force yourself. Avoid naps.

That’s it! Easy, no? J Also, try to walk in the plane, and stretch a lot. I usually do some yoga when I have some long flights. Nothing crazy of course, but it feels very good.

Jet lag beaten, yay! 😀

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