An update of our project in 2020 !
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We are two French adventurers : Fanny, 33, and Jerome, 35 years old who met whilst studying in Strasburg. For a very long time, our dream has been to discover the world. This dream is becoming a reality through the project « Le voyage vert de MICI », in English : ‘The green journey of IBD’.


This project combines respect of the environment, for example, travel without planes (green journey), and communication about a taboo disease : Inflammatory Bowels Disease (IBD).

In January 2014, Jerome was diagnosed with IBD. After six months with a stoma, Jerome’s digestive system was reconnected but without a colon and rectum in 2017.


We have started our project the 9th June 2019 from Strasburg by bike.

During 8 weeks, we have crossed 8 countries along the Danube : Germany, Swiss, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania i.e. 3400 km (2175 miles).

In Romania, we met the association « ASPIIR », IBD association of the countrie. We have created a partnership to discover the country and met other people affected by this disease. ASPIIR provided us assistance in hospital with a nurse and a doctor when we were in need.

Also in Romania, we gave our bikes to an other association in favor of the sustainable development of the lower danube. They will be used to introduce young people to natural spaces.

At the end of August, the next destination should have been Russia, then Mongolia, China, Southeast Asia and New Zeland. A journey of more than a year by foot, bus and train.

BUT … Jerome had complications with his illness which led us to return to France.

After several months of recovery and preparation, we are ready to restart our journey.

This first travel experience allowed us to make great meetings and showed us that we were able to do sporting challenges. Thanks to this project, we have localised 190 toilets essential for people with IBD disease and everyone.


We leave in February by foot, train and bus to Greece, Turkey, Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, Southeast Asia and New Zealand.

We are always ready to meet IBD associations and members, to do woofing in organic farms and of course to identify toilets around the world ! 😉

With the Coronavirus crises, we came back to France in march 2020... let's explore France !


If you are interested to contact us for example for IBD meeting or because you need help in your farm :

@ :

Facebook Profile :

HelpX profile :

Good to hear you're up and ready to continue!!!! From Belgium friends that were biking around Europe with HIV & Climate as driver. We managed 6200km and came safely and satisfied home mid August. Later I had new surgery for a oral cavity cancer and neck ganglion removal. We are hopeful to do a Scotland trip later in the summer, 2000km. HIV & Climate will be central once again.

Looking forward to hear the story and good luck.


dommage que je ne puisse insérer des photos....

Nouveau départ dans 15 jours ???!!!! Génial !!!

Plein de pensées et de good vibes pour ce nouveau périple 😉


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