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One week in Birmingham

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A one-week to Birmingham in an host family. Thanks to the HLI (Home Language International) organism, I am having one-to-one lessons. Let's see what this experience abroad is going to be.
Octobre 2018
7 jours
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 Let's go for a week abroad! First picture take at the arrival. 

I feel very excited now.

First lesson done for today and we are talking about the activities of the week now. Let's see tomorrow!


Today, 2 Hours of lesson on the morning and a walk along the Canal. Great place to try to catch the light of the ending afternoon.


A great day on the Talkien trail with such a beautiful light. Places that inspired a well-known writer.


Today, I had lesson on morning then a free afternoon on my own. A real good time even if it was a bit cold.


A great day in the Birmingham city center. A cold day but with a lot of beautiful place to discover.


First in the geology museum of Birmingham in the morning then my final assessment in afternoon. 👍


Today, we went to the Cadbury factory: the taste and the smell of the chocolate was actually pretty good. I did enjoy this time inside.

In the evening, we also went for two hours in a photo meeting. It was actually one of my best evening there.