I wish i lost my passport when I had to come back home. This country is amazing and exciting.
Avril 2017
18 jours
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We first landed in Bangkok.

I have to say, I didn't expect that.

There is rich and poor, you can do luxurious and be scared of the area in 5 minutes. As soon as we got out of the plane, we went to a really poor area to exchange money. The rate in this area was the best of Thailand, but sincerely I got really scared. We were in a small cabin exchanging money and the kids and people were trying to get in and ask for money. Anyway, after that we went back to our hotel. We stayed at the Kempinski, which is a luxurious hotel in downtown. We decided that we wanted to go out, so we took a cab and went to the SING SING THEATRE. We got there, booked a table and went to a small restaurant the next door for a late dinner. After a good dinner, we went back to the club. The club was amazing, the decor is beautiful, there is a nice show going on, a lady dressed with special clothes on a swing chair, some ladies with aliens costumes. The music was just too good to be true. And the service, wow! 10/10! I loved that place.

The things you can do in Bangkok are totally crazy. Let ur imagination guide you and enjoy your time in the big city.

The city itself is impressive. The smell is very intense though, theres a lot of pollution.

Remember you can always deal your cabs. Take the bus if you can it will save you a lot of money!


Pattaya, what to say?

Well, that city stinks. Literally. But we had so much fun there!

We stayed there for two nights.

Also, if you want to buys gifts ans scarves, they are the cheapest.

In that city, we ate only in restaurants, no street food. If you ever go, you'll understand why. You can not really go for a swim because the water has a smell and there is a lot of pollution there also.

We stayed at the hard rock hotel, which is across the beach and has a nice view. It is also not too far from "the walking street". The walking street is a small street that close access to cars at night. There is many clubs and bars, you can also go see a 'ping pong show' .. I dont really recommend it because you feel like you shouldnt be watching those girls. They are not happy to do that and you can tell.

Anyways, this city is known to be the city of prostitution, so we wanted to go see what it's like. It's a 2 hours cab drive from bangkok, or you can also take a bus.

On the walking street, we went to a nice reggae bar with live singers, they were amazing! We also tried a bar with a -10 degrees room. The staff was not nice at all but well, we got a nice picture!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Phi phi island was the most beautiful beaches of my trip!

The sand is beautiful, the island is so clean. It's amazing

If you ever go there on a low budget, be sure to take an hotel downtown because there is no car or buses or anything on that island, if you want to go somewhere, you have to take a boat. Which is pretty expensive.

On this island, we stayed at the Phi Phi island village. It's a beautiful and cute hotel, about 25 mins of boat ride from there to downtown. All the bars and the fun is downtown. There is massives parties on the beach happening there. The drinks are not too expensive. Many tattoo shops and markets.

If you ever go there, I recommend the excursion on the pirate boat to Maya Bay where the filmed the movie "The beach" of Leonardo Di Caprio. Its was so cheap and so worth it! We also got to do snorkelling and go on an island with monkeys 😀


After our time in Phi Phi island, we were supposed to go back to phuket.

We didn't because we had the occasion to take a boat/train trip to Koh samui instead. The flight to koh samui is much more expensive than the other places because it's a private island. Their rate are not the same as anywhere else. The trip was cheap and we had the opportunity to tan a bit on the big boats!

Koh samui is a nice island, if you want to party! There is many stuff to do there but I wasn't impressed by the beaches. Anyway. We stayed in a hotel pretty far from everything which made us spend a lot of money on cabs. The place to be is Chaweng beach! Young people, fun people! Many bars and clubs. I recommence the Ark bar (and hotel) and the green mango also!

If you go on a friday, There is the fisherman's market. They close a whole street and put many markets out there. Theres is many things to eat (and the street food was really good) and if you want to do shopping, i think it's the best place we did! Not the cheapest.

After 3 nights in our hotel, we took a hostel in chaweng, Behind the scene. It was cute, the price was good. The AC was working perfectly and it was close from everything!

We went to see the big buddha also! Don't forget to cover yourself if you go visit temples!!

In samui, we had the opportunity to visit a dog rescue. A nice lady has many dogs and cats in her home and she takes care of them. She also provides help to people who has injured dogs and cats.

We tried the Nikki beach bar. This place is beautiful! they have a sunday brunch party, we didn't go on a sunday but it was still amazing. The music was good and the food also. Alcohol pretty expensive but food price was ok.

I enjoyed my time in samui but I think 4 nights was a bit too much for me.



It was my favorite place!

The beaches are beautiful, the food was really cheap, the people were nice, the island is full of different things to do.

We stayed in Baan tai - The beaches are not nice there!

We stayed at the Phangan arena for two nights and an other hostel for one night.

The phangan arena is pretty much THE place. Its location is good, many people to party with, pool, soccer field, beer pong tables. I loved it!

We rented a jeep there and went on a tour of the island, we visited many beaches. They are amazing! We also went to the Amsterdam bar! Wow what a view. U must go there for the sunset! You can also smoke and buy joints there. I don't smoke but my friends did and had fun! The place is really high so prepare your legs to climb :P

**The Half Moon Party**

This was one of the most amazing thing I did in thailand! I loved it. The music was crazy, not too crowded.. I suggest you drink before you go because the drinks are pretty expensive.

Most of the hotels have pre-party specials and stuffs!

The bars in koh phangan were not really busy when we went so we did our own parties and it was still fun!

**The Lighthouse Rave Party**

The view and the place are just beautiful! its worth going I swear. Its a rave near the water, you can watch the stars sitting on big rocks by the water. They sell drinks there and food also!

Baan Tai night market---

We went to a night market in baan tai, the food was nice and the prices very low! LOVE!

When we were there, we also did an excursion with snorkelling and kayaking. We found our own private island where we spent maybe one hour taking pictures and admiring the beauty of this place.


After our crazy party time in Koh Phangan, we went back to Koh samui to take a flight to Chiang Mai.

There is no airport on phangan island!

We stayed there for one night only, but i got the chance to get my BAMBOO tattoo out there ! :D


Did you know that with bamboo tattoos you can still go swim and go under the sun? I didnt until that day!

We stayed further in chaweng beach again, at the Cheeky monkey hostel. There was a nice but small rooftop pool with a view of the city!


Chiang Mai

we waited for you our whole trip!

Chiang Mai is beautiful, full of nature and temples everywhere around.

We wanted to go in Chiang Mai especially for the ELEPHANT RESCUE. Why? because they rescue elephants from circus and from the places where you can do elephant rides. What they do to them is so cruel, be informed please.

We did the Elephant trail, it was a full day feeding elephants, washing them, walking with them, playing in the mud with them. The staff was amazing and fun, the elephants seemed so happy! It was only their 5th day of being rescued, this program was a new part of the elephant nature park, which is much bigger.

In chiang mai, we also went to the Tiger Kingdom. I was really excited to see tigers and touch them, but after doing that, I felt really bad for them. Those animals are savage, they should not live in cages like that.

We took a small hotel in downtown chiang mai, the location was good because we had the opportunity of walking 2h and see more than 10 temples, They were all beautiful and intriguing! (once again, dont forget to cover yourself if you do that).

Be careful with the taxi drivers where they bring you, we had a bad experience in a shop where mens where trying to take us appart and hit on us. The taxi driver told us it was her friend's shop and we ended up with two old men trying to kiss us and things like that, alone, in the shop.

The night life in chiang mai was not interesting from our point of view.


We went to chiang rai only to visit the white temple.

We took a 3h buss drive to go and come back to Chiag Mai.

I wished I stayed there a bit longer. The nature is totally amazing out there! Many temples too.

The white temple: what to say?

Well I found this is more like a touristic attraction than anything else. The place is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it's so packed! You don't really get to kneel and to meditate or anything.

The concept is nice, you walk from hell to heaven. You can see the devil's horns on the picture and on the floors, the hands of dead people trying to reach out.

We are not allowed taking pictures inside but the painting are some super heroes and things like that. They wanted to do something modern...


After 3 nights in Chiang Mai, we're back to Bangkok.

This time, we took an hotel in Koh San Road (D&D hostel)

This place was completely crazy, from the people, to the party and the prices are low!

They close the street around 4hpm to allow people to walk. When the party begins, there is some music everywhere on the street, the street is the club! People dance in the middle of it and they have so much fun!

It was our last night in Thailand and it was memorable.

I wished I stayed there longer..