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From Geneva to Gold Coast

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Follow me in the Queensland
Janvier 2016
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Publié le 10 février 2017

05:00 am- Cointrin's airport

It's time ! Let the australian's adventure begins !

Before the Queensland, 3 steps, 3 flights with Etihad Airways : Genève -> Zurich -> Abu Dhabi => Brisbane

21 hours in the plane, 9 hours of jet lag ... thanks the long-haul flights

Un grand merci à Marion, Kenann & Loïc pour m'avoir accompagnée à l'aéroport à une heure si matinale ainsi que tous ceux qui m'ont aidé à faire un tri difficile pour pouvoir boucler les valises la veille. Merci à tous les autres pour vos magnifiques attentions avant le grand départ.

I already miss you all, see you in 6 weeks !

Between sunrise and sunset around the world  

05.30 pm - Brisbane's aiport - Outside temperature : 32 °

Finally in Australia ! Direction Gold coast by taxi, Surfer paradise I'm coming !

1st step : The watermark Hotel in the heart of surfer paradise

The view from the bedroom is absolutely amazing by day and by night!

Good night surfer paradise 

The city by night looks really incredible, people are walking down the street and most of them are strolling on the beach, even young children. I'm so excited to visit all the streets of surfer paradise but so tired at the same time. English's lessons will start tomorrow at 08:00am at the Browns School in Southport, I have to be up and ready for the first day !


Surfer paradise is one of the most famous city in the Gold Coast. Well known for his huge buildings like the Q1 and for all the shops, restaurants and bars. I'm ecstatic in front of this huge contrast and paradox between colossal buildings and large ocean.

Some people totally dislike Gold coast for his surface appearance, at 04:00 pm you should move your beach towel if you want to sunbathe due to the skyscrapers's shadows. Even if the landscapes are not the same as the Great barrier reef, I can't get enough of the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises !

Yes, you can call it "Paradise "
My apartment during the first week at the 28 floor... Hi dizziness ! 
View from the balcony on the impressive Q1 - Caville Avenue tram stop- Be careful with the jellyfishes
Breathtakingly , no ?  

If you go to Australia, you have to know 3 sentences to have a good day : "Good morning! How are you ? Do you want a coffee ?" Because here, everybody is asking you if you are fine : at the airport, at the supermarket , even the security at the club and bars! The australians are so friendly and helpful, that's really comforting when you travel alone.

The australian religion ? The coffee ! Not the ristretto as you can see in France or Italy but the american one, even at our school we have the "Barista browns club". You just have to ask which one you prefer and you'll have your free coffee during your next english's lessons. There is no better way to start you day, as George Clooney would say : " What else ? "

The "Piggy back café" situated in brisbane with his famous colored latté coffee

Browns is well known in the Queensland because of his 2 campus : Brisbane and Southport, I chose the second one.

We are about 200 foreign students from Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, is interesting to speak about our different cultures, lifestyles all over, every corner of the world. During one lesson, we used google street views to visite the houses of each student : San Paulo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Madrid, Geneva... quite amazing !

L'école  de Browns dans toute sa modernité  

3 fundamentals rules at the Browns school :

  • "Only english" when you walk through the door, you have to forget your native language. If you need to answer a call, speak french with your friends .. it is outside.
  • Be on time! With Karen teacher, if you are late you have to do 5 push-ups ( I can not do more than 2 ... yeah thank you teacher ! ) or 1 minute of plank . Here we also work our abs ! In fact, Karen is probably the cutest and the most caring teacher that I ever had!
  • Get a coffee and enjoy the most your stay here ! Maybe the most important rule and the one that we respect the most
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After Surfer paradise's place, I had to move to the student apartments located in the Southport Central which are not so bad : 40 level tower, swimming pools, spa, sauna-steam room, gymnasium and BBQ areas

Nous habitons au 21ème étage dans la tour 2 à droite  
Les piscines et barbecue se trouvent au 3ème étage, au dessus des restaurants et des boutiques  

I am sharing my apartment with 3 brazilians girls, and I have to share my bedroom with one of them. Even if I miss my own king size bed, we coexist pretty well and our place is a real huge mess ... Freedoooom ! ( I am kidding mum')

Brazilians people are easy to live with, the place is too quiet when they are not here. But please, stop putting the air conditionner inside at 17°C !

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Byron bay is a small beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales (Jet lag + 1 hour there)

Famous for the wonderful beaches like the White beach, the surf spot, the light house and especially for the sunburst (Biafine, can you come with me please ? )

White beach- La pointe du phare de Byron Bay  
Merci à vous 4 pour ce joli tour, belle équipe !  
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Pacific Fair shopping centre 
Barbour Town-Brisbane airport 

Paradise centre, Harbour Town, Australia Pacific Fair, Oasis shopping centre... Gold coast is full of massive shopping areas. You can find out all the brands that you are looking for, from the cheapest to the most luxurious style!

Pacific Fair is famous for the huge outlet brands : Victoria Secret, Calvin Klein, UGG Australia... we are coming !

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Q1 for " Queensland number 1", this is the highest skyscraper in Australia and it was the world's tallest residential tower ( before The Marina Torch in Dubai on 29 April 2011.) With his 77 floors and 322 high meters, the Q1 lets us the privilege to admire the gorgeous view from the Skypoint.

Aussi impressionnante d'en haut que d'en bas  
Les couchers de soleil sont encore plus beaux depuis là haut