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Welcome in Anjou!

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Just arrived in this charming French region called Anjou, I would like to share my experience with all of you and why not ideas and good deals about a site, an accommodation, a restaurant and so on.
Octobre 2017
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Publié le 10 novembre 2017

Chosen as the first French city where it is good to live, Angers and surroundings really have it all.

Starting visiting the city with a famous hot spot, Château d'Angers is well-known all other the world for its medieval Apocalypse Tapestry. A guided tour is possible to get more info about this masterpiece.

Château d'Angers

When you arrive, please take the time to explore remarkable plants and flowers drawn by landscape gardeners.

Château d'Angers

I suggest you to have a look on top of the castle as it offers an amazing view on the city.

From Château d'Angers 

As I told you just above, Apocalypse Tapestry is something impressive I recommend you to see. It is considered as priceless because it represents the unique and biggest work known today in the world.

Apocalypse Tapestry in Château d'Angers  

During your visit, you can discover vineyards; vegetable and aromatic gardens and even beehive!

From Château d'Angers

Place du Ralliement is the heart of the city and the meeting place of locals. From this point, you can admire the fantastic Theatre monument.

Jardin du Mail looks pretty, maintained with various flowers. Ideal for a picnic lunch.

If you want to get a good deal for a restaurant, I suggest you to eat at La Crémaillère, French restaurant specialized in crepes. Dishes are really tasty and team smiley.

But if you want something more spicy, just try Le Farñente, a mexican restaurant with an orange front window and cactus drawn on it... you can not miss it! Chili con carne was so exquisite and team helpful.

La Fleur de Blé, ideally located in front of the train station is a restaurant which proposes various dishes from salads to pizza and pasta. Team is very nice and service was quick and efficient.

La Toscane is an Italian restaurant near Place du Ralliement. Italian team is competent, asking if everything is ok during your meal. Quick service and plate nicely presented. Staff looks careful but strangely not smiley at all.

Baila Pizza... well, an address to remember for people who love italian food. Staff is very nice, helpful and smiley. Tasty food and something well thought out is that you can choose directly the size of your pizza according to your hunger.

La Bigoud'zen... is definitively THE place to be. Specialized in crepes, where dishes are home made. Owners welcome you with open arms and propose exotic and out of the common savours. Irreproachable service, tasty food and relax atmosphere inside.

Eataly is a nice place to eat italian food. Cozy atmosphere, welcoming staff and copious dishes. An address to discover...

I continued exploring the city thanks to few hinking paths.

The first one lasted 45 minutes and took me from Quai du Roi de Pologne to Prieuré de l'Esvière remains, by way of Promenade Jean Turc along the Castle, Promenade du Bout du Monde and Eglise Saint Laud. Promenade du Bout du Monde is worth the visit as it offers a wonderful view on Rivière La Maine.

Roi de Pologne Hotel  
Promenade Jean Turc
Château d'Angers
Promenade du Bout du Monde
Eglise Saint Laud
Prieuré de l'Esvière remains 

The second path took me from Jardin du Musée des Beaux Arts to Château d'Angers for a 30 minute walk.

Jardin du Musée des Beaux Arts 

I suggest you to make a stop at Logis Barrault with its charming slate and tuffeau stones.

Logis Barrault

On the way, what is good to see is Tour Saint Aubin, built in XII century. Its tower was used as an observation tower, then as meteorological observation and today the ground floor proposes an art gallery.

Tour Saint Aubin

Collegiate Church of Saint Martin was one of the next site during the walk and Place Saint Croix was the spot I enjoyed more thanks to its Adam House built in around 1500.

Collegiate Church of Saint Martin 
Adam House 

Time now to advise you to spend a full day in Terra Botanica. Famous theme park based on vegetable and plant life is really worth the visit! If you have children, do not hesitate to visit the park with them because this place is perfect for everyone! I was totally impressed by the diversity and scenery. Luckily, I just came before they closed the park for winter and I saw plenty of pumpkins for Automn Festival. Terra Botanica, it is around 275.000 species of plants from all other the world. We can find activities like short movies explaining specificities about the region; learn more about vegetables and stones as local produce by boat; exploring some of the countless roses present in the garden and its history...

As it was the last opening week-end, not all the restaurants were opened. Be carefull because restaurant Roi René is supposed to close at 2.30pm. When we arrived at 12.30pm it was so crowdy that we decided to explore some activities; hopefully we came back for Lunch before 2pm, otherwise everything was closed except fast-food but maybe not that good for children Lunch...

In few word, the perfect illustration to understand our environment...

Terra Botanica 
Publié le 10 novembre 2017

October was pretty good this year, I made the most of it to discover Angers surroundings and I admit that there is so much beautiful spots in the region! Let me show you some breathtaking views and places from South of Angers, along the Loire River...

La Pointe  

In La Pointe, you can enjoy the stunning view siping a cocktail from one of the bars and restaurants.

Behuard island 
Blaison Gohier 

I really appreciated the creation of a community garden near the town hall of Blaison Gohier.

Community Garden in Blaison Gohier
Saint Rémy la Varenne 
View from Saint Rémy la Varenne on Saint Mathurin sur Loire 
La Bohalle 
Publié le 10 novembre 2017

Starting presenting one of my favourite castle, Château de Brissac, known as "the French tallest castle". This surprising monument combines two different styles of architecture. Built on the XVII century on the remains of a medieval fortification, its facade reflects rigour and preciosity from Renaissance and Baroque styles. The visit of the castle is automatically with a guide.

Château de Brissac 

The visit of the castle ends with a fabulous degustation of wines.

Château de Serrant in the South West of Angers, around 20 minutes drive is a place to visit. It was home of different architects. For example, garden which initially looked like French garden got a new style when castle were bought by an Irish family. Serrant Castle was considered as a strategic position between Angers and Nantes.

Château de Serrant

Plessis Bourré Castle had something special with the particularity that it was built by his owner. Jean Bourré did not like city and was looking for a peaceful place that is why this castle is nestled in the middle of nowhere. He loved nature and hunting so the location was ideal.

Château du Plessis Bourré 

Halloween decoration in all the castle for the event.

Publié le 10 novembre 2017

Doué la Fontaine Wildlife Park really has it all! Just come and admire rock construction... This zoo is the second favourite wildlife park selected by French people and team really takes care about animals trying to adapt the area at best compared to the animals natural habitat. That is why this place is reputed being a troglodytic wildlife park.

Illustration is great in the all park and perfect for children. One day is enough to visit the zoo taking your time.

Doué la Fontaine Wildlife Park  

Have a look to Saumur city for its impressive monuments and architecture.

Saumur city 
Château de Saumur

Mona Pizza Restaurant in Saumur is an excellent italian address to eat. Team knows how to give every visitor a warm welcome and their pizza, cooked wood fire are exquisite.

My trip took me to Souzay Champigny, one of the plentiful troglodytic village of the region. The place was impressive! The view on the Loire River is remarkable too. On my way, I saw Château de Marguerite d'Anjou, Roi René's daughter.

Souzay Champigny 

I hit the road to Château de Montsoreau before going back to Angers. Scenery was spectacular with bucolic flowers around the castle and Loire River. Castle was bought more last year and the monument is now home of modern art gallery. I thought that it was a shame because only one room was related to the castle and its history and price is the same compared to other castles in the region. No guide for your visit but reception desk can tell you some words about the castle if you want.

Château de Montsoreau