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Un an aux USA - Octobre

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In this book, I am presenting you what I did in October. I went to Washington DC, Greenville. I had so much fun during the spirit week and at the Homecoming.
Du 1 au 31 octobre 2017
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On Monday, October 2nd, I did a presentation about me in front all the Upper School! I was so stressed but finally everything went well and I think everybody liked it. Some of the students came to talk to me during the week about it. I think that made it easier for them to come see me.

At the beginning that was my idea to do a presentation in front of people who wanted to know me, so Mrs Frazier (who is a counselor at school) proposed to me to do that in front of the Upper School during a Monday assembly. When she said that to me, my first impression was to refuse it; that's too scary! But finally I kind of liked the idea of presenting myself in front of everybody because even if I don't know everybody, people will know me.

So, I described who I am , why I am here and how I was able to come. I also presented my family, some cities and regions that I like in France and at the end I even said that I have this blog!


Andrea, Michael and I went to Washington DC for a few days. That was so cool! We did so many things, we went to memorials, museums... But the thing that I preferred about this trip was just the fact that I spent a very good time with my host family.

We left on Saturday morning and we started our trip to go walk in Georgetown. It was so strange; I really had the feeling that I was in England because of the road, the houses, and the way it was planned. We went into the oldest house of Washington DC, and we bought a cupcake from a really famous store, DC Cupcakes, that was so good!

The end of the day was nice; we went in a boat to go to Virginia and we came back. It was so pretty; there was the sunset in the same time.


The Sunday morning we took a breakfast in a bakery. I took a Belgian waffle, That was so good! After we walk a long way to get a tourist bus with some explanation about the monuments. We stopped at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial (it's the big white dome with the big statue). We also went to the memorials of Martin Luther King, Jr., the Vietnam Veterans, the Korean War Veterans and in the Lincoln one.

After the lunch we went in a Spy Museum, we laughed a lot because Michael was really playing the game! That was also very interesting, we saw all the stuffs, which spies used to have over time and during the two World Wars. When I saw the James Bond car, I thought that I had to take a picture, just for my dad who loves these movies! I also recognized a famous french newspaper in which Zola disputes the decision on the Dreyfus affair.


For our last day in Washington DC we went in the museum of Natural History and in the National Air and Space Museum. We also went see the archives and the constitution. To finish our trip we went see the White House and we walked in the Park and saw the statue of Lafayette.

We ended our trip with having dinner in a French restaurant. It was so good to eat the same kind of bread that we have in France, with butter on it was the best. My plate really looked like it was my grandmother who made my dinner, so many memories!


Our last in DC was not really interesting but I had to show you that! We get a breakfast at Paul and on the wall I saw these pictures, I was so happy to feel in my city just for few minutes!


After my big trip to Washington DC, I went to Greenville with my parents and I invited Mayzie with us. We went there because Ansley is at Furman University and it was their Homecoming. We leaved the Friday after school, and when we arrived we went to a fair in the campus, there was a big fire which remember me my scout camp... That was funny because we saw some students from Porter Gaud, and their parents knew Andrea and Michael.

The next day we started our day by walking around in the campus, we went in the library and try to find Michael on the pictures (we did not find him...) and after we went to the football Game. And we won!


The Homecoming season is a special time during the school year, in which the students have fun during a week. This Homecoming season comprise a spirit week, a pep rally, a football game, a homecoming dance and usually funny activities during all the week.

The spirit week is really different from the others. Everyday there is a theme in which we have to dress up.

Ours themes were "Senior Citizens" for the Monday, Tuesday was "Twins Days", Wednesday "Under the sea" and for the Thursday it was "Rock Stars and Groupies".

The last day of the week was special, we were celebrating Halloween, and all seniors had to find a costume; I choose to be Mickey Mouse. We just had school the morning because at the afternoon a lot of activities were organized! I even helped some seniors to scared some kids in a haunted house, it was really funny!

And the night there was a football game organized, it was the Homecoming football game because it was the last one which was played at home; at Porter Gaud.


The Spirit week is usually ending with a Homecoming game the Friday night and a Homecoming Dance the Saturday Night. Unfortunately we lost the last game at home but it was a really good night, I had so much fun, I stayed with my friends and we were supporting ours players! That night we also knew who were the Homecoming Queen; yeah I know it's like in the movies!

• • •

This long week finally ended with the Homecoming Dance. I had so much fun, it was really cool but you can't imagine how I was stressed! I never had any Dance before so can you imagine in America with people that I only know for two months, it was totally new. Hopefully I had Nelle, she helped me to find a dress and she invited the Saturday afternoon before the dance. I am so glad that she helped me because I would be so lost without her!