TIM'L -Traveling Is My Life - Florida is the first big travel of my life while I was only eleven years old! Let's have a recap on where, when and what you'll have to see, eat or visit over there!
Avril 2011
2 semaines
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My parents were both already in America during their childhoods and, on april 2011 they decided to take my sister and me by their best friends living in Florida! I felt so excited, it was actually my first "big travel", I mean I was about to leave EU!!😀

The D-day arrived and firstly, we had to drive more than 4 hours to Roissy, in Paris to fly to Philadelphia and finally to lend in Tampa Bay! I just recovered an old picture of Eve (my sister) and me in Paris- Roissy being ready to fly to the US! (lol don't even care about our faces plz😉)

(little) Eve and (little) me.

So, I actually don't remember all our experiences by days (well, it's been almost 6 years ^^'), but I'm going to "show" you my unforgetable memories I've got from there 😀 I'll also advise you some things you really have to do!


Our first "big event" was to rent a car while we was tired about sth like 7h of flight plus the jetlag coming slawly...can't explain how long we waited (seemed like the whole night) but we got a convertible car at the end and we were all happy about it (lol eve and me especially) :')

TO DO THING 🚘: My parents made it directly at the airport which is a great idea. When you'll plan your travel, make sure you can rent a car thanks to a safe company!


TO DO THING 🎢 : All right !! As every grils, at the age of 11 years old, I litteraly jumped out of my trousers when I knew we were driving to Universal studio FLORIDA!!!! Plz just have a day there, it's nothing about the cultural way of the US but perfect to have fun in an amazing amusement park with your friends or with your family! I've been in a lot of amusement park but it's, from far, the best one because there are incredible big attractions I've seen no where else than there!!

me, mum and eve 

OH YEAH!! I'm making a collection of Hard Rock Coffe t-shirt and the one i brought in Universal was my first! Memorable pic to me :

I wanted to put forward the best picture you'll find of this day 😀


TO DO THING 🎢 : Talking about amusement parks, I advise you to go to BUSH GARDEN which is also a great park but more about animals, it's half a park half a zoo infact. I know I personnaly prefered Universal but by taking a look on our pictures and the video I choosed (of my fav attraction EVER), you'll see it looks nice though 😉

And I saw for the first time a white tiger!! 

TO DO THING (if you can) 🛥 : An unforgetable simple zen day with our friends :

Firstly I loved to go boating ! Our friends had a bay of water behind their house :

They just had to put the boat in the water, take some "Mr Pepper" and cookies in a bag and we were ready to explore the waters !!! 😀

It's really a great experience. We stopped on a little irland where people were drinking, jumping from their boats to the water, dancing all together, a crazy and happy atmosphere!! Not nothing to highlight the fact that the water was as hot as the air!! (looked like I was taking a bath though! :'))

TO DO THING ⚾️ : After this adventure, we was lucky to attend a baseball match in Tropicana Fields!

Ok guys, this, you really really have to see, I mean you can't go away from there without having attend a baseball match!! 😀 We was surely supporting The RAYS which is the name of the tampa bay's baseball team 😉 It was as in the American series where you can see people selling popcorn and other stuffs in the terracing, where people has to kiss during the kisscam and so on! (A thing I don't remember is if we won or not....I really can't remember! :'))

Furthermore, once the game was over, we gathered outside and had a "tailgate" together. Google says: A tailgate is a social event held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle. Well, I think it is a great definition of the expression i learnt there! ^^ Actually to make it simple, we had a "picnic" around an open car boot, parked on the Topicana Field parking, after the match 😉

1 Tropicana Dr, St. Petersburg, FL 33705, États-Unis

TO DO THING 🍨: To finish this day, I remember we went to Sarasota, to the St Armands Circle which is a circle (lol) full of shops and restaurants. There, we ate THE MOST FABULOUS ICE CREAMS EVER -> REAL BEN AND JERRYS ! I know you can acquire those in supermarkets almost everywhere nowadays but to compare them to those we ate in Sarasota would be a f*ckin mistake though ^^

372 St Armands Cir, Sarasota, FL 34236, États-Unis


Last unforgetable day in Florida!

At the begining of the day, we decided to jump into the water of our friends' swimming pool! 😀...

...while our dad was canoeing at the same time behind the house...

Then my sis and me wanted to try it as well ^^ :

TO DOT THING 🐬🐟🐠: Later on the afternoon we went to the Florida Aquarium (opened in 1995) It's an aquarium I recomend, perfect for all ages, it is really big and gives a lot of peasure!

701 channelside Dr Tampa

TO DO THING 🐚🌊: Finally, at the end of the day we took a bit of our time to go back to Sarasota and enjoy the beaches full of really thin and white sand!!


Florida Airport, it's the end of an amazing first big travel to me 😀

Let me know if you find that sth is missing please! 😉 Moreover, im openminded to hear about every kind of flaws and bad points I will have to improve for my next Roadtrip! Comment!

See you on the next one ! ;)

Chloé Dupuis